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A Checklist of the Mosses of Chile

Welcome | Abstract | Introduction | Acknowledgments
Systematic Arrangement of Genera | Recognized Species
Checklist | Literature Cited

Each accepted taxon in the following pages will be linked to the nomenclatural database, associated authority files, and specimen lists.

Taxon Groups: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Z

Zygodon Hook.f. & Tayl. (ORTHOTRICHACEAE Arnott)
Z. bartramioides Malta W3Most
Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog 1954; Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. IX. Cautin, Malleco (Mahu 23165); X. Osorno; XI. Aisen.
Z. corralensis Lor. W3Most
Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog 1954; Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. X. Chiloe, Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 21688, 22477), Valdivia; XI. Aisen.
Z. curvicaulis Dus. =
Zygodon intermedius fide Malta 1926.
Z. denticulatus Tayl. in Hook.f. =
Zygodon reinwardtii fide Malta 1926.
Z. gracillimus Broth. ex Fleisch. W3Most
Dusén 1903b.
Dist. IX. Malleco (Dusén s.n.).
Z. hookeri Hampe W3Most
Matteri 1985b.
Dist. XII. Magallanes.
Z. hyadesi Besch. ==
Zygodon reinwardtii var. hyadesii fide Malta 1926.
Z. inermis Malta W3Most
Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. VII. Curico (Mahu 8629, 9274); X. Llanquihue; XI. Aisen.
Z. intermedius Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G. W3Most
Cardot & Brotherus 1923; Thériot 1927a; Herzog 1954; Bartram 1957; Seki 1974; Robinson 1975; Deguchi 1991b (as Zygodon curvicaulis, Dusén 1903b; Cardot 1908; Cardot & Brotherus 1923).
Dist. VII. Linares (Taylor & Gereau 11042); X. Chiloe, Llanquihue, Osorno, Valdivia; XI. Aisen, General Carrera; XII. Str. of Magellan; Juan Fernandez Is.
Z. jaffuelii Thér. W3Most
Thériot 1921; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog 1954; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. V. Valparaiso (Jaffuel s.n.); IX. Cautin; X. Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 22214, 22321), Valdivia (Mahu 23395, 23865); XI. Aisen.
Z. magellanicus Dus. ex Malta W3Most
Seki 1974.
Dist. XI. Aisen.
Z. menziesii (Schwaegr.) Arnott W3Most
Mitten 1869; Brotherus 1924b; Herzog 1954; Robinson 1975.
Dist. XI. Aisen ; Juan Fernandez Is.
Z. obovalis Mitt. in Hemsley
Brotherus 1924b.
Dist. Juan Fernandez Is.
Z. obtusifolius Hook.f. W3Most
Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. X. Llanquihue.
Z. papillatus Mont. W3Most
Mitten 1869; Herzog 1960? Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. VIII. Bio-Bio; IX. Cautin; X. Osorno; XI. Aisen; XII. Magallanes.
Z. pentastichus (Mont.) C. Müll. ==
Pentastichella pentasticha
Z. pentastichus var. crispaulus (Thér.) Malta ==
Zygodon porteri var. crispaulus
Z. pichinchensis (Tayl.) Mitt. W3Most
Seki 1974.
Dist. XI. Aisen.
Z. porteri Thér. var. porteri W3Most
Thériot 1926 (as Pentastichella jaffueli, Thériot 1921).
Dist. V. Valparaiso.
Z. porteri var. crispatulus Thér. W3Most
Thériot 1926 (as Zygodon pentastichus var. crispaulus, Malta 1926).
Dist. X. Chiloe.
Z. reinwardtii (Hornsch.) Braun var. reinwardtii W3Most
Bartram 1952; Matteri 1985b (as Zygodon denticulatus, Mitten 1869).
Dist. X. Llanquihue; XI. Aisen; XII. Magallanes.
Z. reinwardtii var. hyadesii (Besch.) Malta W3Most
Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991b (as Zygodon hyadesi, Dusén 1903b; Cardot 1908; Cardot & Brotherus 1923).
Dist. X. Llanquihue, Osorno; XI. Aisen; XII. Hoste Is., Str. of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego, Wellington Is.
Z. therioti Herz. in Herzog & Hosseus W3Most
Herzog & Hosseus 1938.
Dist. IX. Cautin; X. Llanquihue.
Z. tristis Herz. W3Most
Herzog 1960.
Dist. Southern Chile (Hacienda Freire).
Z. uncinatus Mitt. =
Zygodon pentastichus fide Malta 1926 == Pentastichella pentasticha
Z. ventricosus C. Müll. ==
Ulota ventricosa fide Deguchi 1991b.


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