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A Checklist of the Mosses of Chile

Welcome | Abstract | Introduction | Acknowledgments
Systematic Arrangement of Genera | Recognized Species
Checklist | Literature Cited

Each accepted taxon in the following pages will be linked to the nomenclatural database, associated authority files, and specimen lists.

Taxon Groups: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Z

Ectropothecium berberidis Dus. =
Rhaphidorrhynchium berberidis fide Brotherus 1925.
E. spirifolium Dus. == Vesiculariopsis spirifolium

Encalypta Hedw. (ENCALYPTACEAE Schimp.)
E. armata Broth. ex Dusén W3Most
(as Encalypta berthoana, Thériot 1923).
Dist. METRO. Santiago.
E. australis Mitt. = Encalypta vulgaris fide Dixon 1926.
E. austro-ciliata Broth. in Dus. = Encalypta ciliata fide Horton 1983.
E. berthoana Thér. = Encalypta armata fide Horton 1983.
E. ciliata Hedw. W3Most
Deguchi 1991a (as Encalypta austro-ciliata, Dusén 1906a; Cardot & Brotherus 1923; Matteri 1985b).
Dist. XI. General Carrera; XII. Magallanes.
E. obtusata Card. & Broth.W3Most
Matteri 1985b.
Dist. XII. Magallanes.
E. patagonica Broth. in Dusén W3Most
Dusén 1905a, 1906a; Cardot 1908; Matteri 1985b (as Eucalypta patagonica, Dusén 1903b).
Dist. XII. Magallanes, Str. of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego.
E. rhaptocarpa Schwaegr. W3Most
Deguchi 1991a.
Dist. XII. Magallanes.
E. vulgaris Hedw. W3Most
(as Encalypta australis, Mitten 1869).
Dist. X. Chiloe.

Entodon C. Müll. (ENTODONTACEAE Kindb.)
E. truncatus (C. Müll.) Mitt. W3Most
Mitten 1869.
Dist. Without exact locality.

Entosthodon Schwaegr. (FUNARIACEAE Schwaegr.)
E. balansae Besch. W3Most
Herzog & Schwabe 1939 ( as Funaria balansae, Brotherus 1900).
Dist. X. Llanquihue.
E. bonplandii (Hook.f.) Mitt. W3Most
Fife 1987 (as Funaria bonplandii, Thériot 1927).
Dist. Without exact locality.
E. chiloensis Mitt. W3Most
Mitten 1869
(as Funaria chiloensis, Thériot 1927).
Dist. X. Chiloe.
E. laevis (Mitt.) Fife W3Most
Fife 1987 (as Funaria berteroana, Herzog 1922, 1927; as Funaria suberecta, Williams 1915; Thériot 1927).
Dist. METRO. Santiago (Mahu 23392a); IV. Choapa, Limari (Mahu 21848, Mahu & Tapia 23550); V. Valparaiso (Mahu 23450); X. Valdivia.
E. laxus (Wils. & Hook.f.) Mitt. W3Most
Fife 1987; Deguchi 1991a (as Funaria cavifolia, Cardot & Brotherus 1923; as Funaria pungens, Bartram 1946; Matteri 1985b).
Dist. XI. Aisen; XII. Magallanes, Tierra del Fuego.
E. mathewsii var. integer (C. Müll.) C. Müll. W3Most
Fife 1987 (as Funaria integra, Thériot 1927; Herzog 1954).
Dist. METRO. Chacabuco (Moreno 24139), Santiago (Mahu 5108, 11765); IV. Limari (Mahu 21040, 21864); V. Quillota (Mahu 23807), Valparaiso (Mahu 12106).
E. obtusifolius Hook.f. in Hook. W3Most
Fife 1987 (as Funaria acutifolia, Thériot 1927).
Dist. VIII. Concepcion; X. Valdivia (Mahu 12327a).

Ephemerum Hampe, nom. cons. (EPHEMERACEAE Schimp.)
*E. argentinicum Schiavone & Sarmiento W3Most
Dist. IV. Limari (Mahu 21967).

Eriodon Mont. (BRACHYTHECIACEAE Schimp.)
E. conostomus Mont. W3Most
Dusén 1903b; Cardot 1908; Thériot 1918; Herzog 1922, 1954; Reimers 1926; Bartram 1952 (as Hypnum conostomum, Mitten 1869).
Dist. VIII. Bio-Bio (Mahu 10447); IX. Cautin (Mahu 11309, 23096), Malleco; X. Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 8520, 21550), Valdivia (Mahu & Mahu 11924, 22360); XI. Aisen.
E. conostomus fo. latifolia Herz.
Herzog 1954.
Dist. XI. Aisen.

Eriopus apiculatus (Hook.f. & Wils.) Mitt. ==
Calyptrochaeta apiculata fide Vitt 1979.
E. apiculatus var. spathulatus Matteri
Matteri 1975b.
Dist. VI. Colchagua.
E. bescherellei Thér. W3Most
Matteri 1975b (as Distichophyllum molle, Dusén 1903b; Cardot 1908; Thériot 1917, 1925; Herzog 1954).
Dist. VI. Colchagua; IX. Cautin; XI. Aisen; XII. Cape Horn, Magallanes.
E. flexicollis (Mitt.) Jaeg. == Calyptrochaeta flexicollis fide Vitt 1979.
E. grandiretis Broth. in Skott. ==
Calyptrochaeta grandiretis fide Robisnon 1975.
E. leptoloma Broth. in Skott. == Calyptrochaeta leptoloma fide Robinson 1975.
E. odontoloma Dus. ex Matteri ==
Calyptrochaeta odontoloma fide Boelcke et al 1985, Deguchi 1991a.

Eucalpyta patagonica Broth., nom. nud. ==
Encalypta patagonica fide Brotherus 1905.

Eucamptodon (Mont.) Mont. (DICNEMONACEAE Broth.)
E. perichaetialis (Mont.) Mont. W3Most
Mitten 1869; Dusén 1905c; Cardot 1908; Herzog 1922; Brotherus 1924b; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Seki 1974; Robinson 1975; Matteri 1985b; Allen 1987a; Deguchi 1991a.
Dist. IX. Cautin (Crosby 11834); X. Chiloe (Crosby 12304, 12621, 12681), Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 21543, 22512), Valdivia (Crosby 12926, Mahu 12265); XI. Aisen; XII. Str. of Magellan; Juan Fernandez Is.

Eucladium Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G. (POTTIACEAE Schimp., nom. cons.)
E. verticillatum (Hedw. in Brid.) Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G. W3Most
Roivainen 1934.
Dist. VIII. Nuble.

Eurhynchiella Fleisch. (BRACHYTHECIACEAE Schimp.)
E. acanthophylla (Mont.) Fleisch. W3Most
Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog & Schwabe 1939; Herzog 1954, 1960; Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991a (as Hypnum acanthophyllum, Mitten 1869; as Rhynchostegiella acanthophylla, Thériot 1915, 1918; Brotherus 1924a; Herzog 1922).
Dist. METRO. Cordillera (Mahu 12467, Mahu & Mahu 20366), Santiago (Mahu 6370, 10371); IV. Choapa (Moreno 13929); V. Petorca (Mahu 18848), Quillota (Mahu 20930), San Antonio (Mahu 20867, 23335), Valparaiso (Mahu 12097, 23449); VI. Cardenal Caro (Mahu 13430, Moreno 12848); VII. Curico (Mahu 8628, 23078), Linares (Taylor & Gereau 11048); VIII. Bio-Bio (Mahu 11144, 23500), Concepcion (Mahu 20212, Skottsberg 10488), Nuble (Mahu 10545, Queirolo 9430); IX. Cautin (Mahu 11288, 24097), Malleco; X. Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 21188, 22213), Valdivia (Mahu 12362, 23048); XI. Aisen.

Eurhynchium Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G. (BRACHYTHECIACEAE Schimp.)
E. confusum Thér. W3Most
Thériot 1918.
Dist. VIII. Concepcion (Mahu 20149); IX. Malleco; X. Valdivia (Mahu 20372, 24302).
E. corralense (Lor.) Jaeg. W3Most
(as Oxyrrhynchium corralense, Reimers 1926; Thériot 1934a; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; as Rhynchostegium subsquarrosum, Herzog 1922; Brotherus 1924a).
Dist. IV. Limari; VIII. Bio-Bio (Elgueta 23197, Mahu 22312), Nuble; IX. Cautin (Mahu 5120, 23485), Malleco; X. Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 22470), Valdivia (Mahu 11722).
E. fuegianum Card. W3Most
Cardot & Brotherus 1923; Herzog & Hosseus 1938 (as Oxyrrhynchium fuegianum, Herzog & Schwabe 1939; Herzog 1954).
Dist. IX. Cautin; XI. Aisen, General Carrera; XII. Tierra del Fuego.
E. flavidulum (Dus.) Ochrya W3Most
Ochyra 1987a (as Sciaromium flavidulum, Dusén 1905a; Cardot 1908).
Dist. Fuegia australis.

Eustichia (Brid.) Brid. (EUSTICHIACEAE Broth., nom. cons.)
E. longirostris (Brid.) Brid. W3Most
Dusén 1903b; Robinson 1975; Matteri 1985b; Deguchi 1991a.
Dist. V. Valparaiso (Mahu 7520); VII. Linares (Taylor & Gereau 11020); VIII. Bio-Bio (Mahu & Mahu 11055), Nuble (Elgueta 12445, Mahu 23146); IX. Cautin (Crosby 11816, Mahu 10755); X. Chiloe (Crosby 12561), Llanquihue, Osorno (Crosby 12254, Mahu 22984), Valdivia (Crosby 12172, Mahu 24192); XI. Aisen; XII. Magallanes, Juan Fernandez Is.
E. poeppigii (Hook.f.) Paris W3Most
Cardot 1908; Cardot & Brotherus 1923; Brotherus 1924b; Reimers 1926; Roivainen 1934; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog & Schwabe 1939; Bartram 1952, 1957; Herzog 1954, 1960 (as Diplostichum poeppigii, Thériot 1921).
Dist. METRO. Santiago (Mahu 12392); V. Petorca (Moreno 13856); VIII. Bio-Bio (Mahu 5988, 22315), Nuble (Queirolo 9311); IX. Cautin, Malleco; X. Llanquihue, Valdivia (Mahu 23462, Mahu & Mahu 12005); XI. Aisen; XII. Str. of Magellan; Juan Fernandez Is.

Exodokidium Card. (BARTRAMIACEAE Schwaegr. in Willd.)
E. donati Herz. W3Most
Herzog 1937.
Dist. XI. Aisen.

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