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A Checklist of the Mosses of Chile

Welcome | Abstract | Introduction | Acknowledgments
Systematic Arrangement of Genera | Recognized Species
Checklist | Literature Cited

Each accepted taxon in the following pages will be linked to the nomenclatural database, associated authority files, and specimen lists.

Taxon Groups: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Z

Glyphomitrium ligulatum Mitt. == Ptychomitrium ligulatum
G. fernandesianum Mitt. == Ptychomitrium fernandesianum

Glyphothecium Hampe (PTYCHOMNIACEAE Fleisch.)
G. gracile (Hampe.) Broth. W3Most
Mitten 1869; Thériot 1915; Reimers 1926; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog 1954, 1960; Seki 1974; Hattaway 1984; Deguchi 1991b (as Cladomnion gracile, Mitten 1869; Dusén 1903b; as Glyphothecium gracile var. nanum, Herzog 1922).
Dist. V. Valparaiso; VI. Colchagua; VII. Curico (Landrum 5118), Linares; VIII. Nuble; IX. Cautin, Malleco (Mahu 6109); X. Llanquihue, Osorno (Mahu 21159), Valdivia (Mahu 23433); XI. Aisen; XII. western Pagatonia.
G. gracile var. nanum Herz. = Glyphothecium gracile fide Hattaway 1984.
G. sciuroides (Hook.f.) Hampe   W3Most
Hattaway 1984; Deguchi 1991b (as Cladomnion valdivae).
Dist. X. Chiloe, Llanquihue, Valdivia; XI. Aisen.

Goniobryum Lindb. (RHIZOGONIACEAE Broth.)
G. reticulatum (Hook.f & Wils.) Lindb. W3Most
Cardot 1908; Thériot 1934b; Herzog & Schwabe 1939; Herzog 1954; Seki 1974; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. X. Valdivia; XI. Aisen, Coihaique; XII. Hermite Is., Hoste Is., Magallanes, Str. of Magellan.
G. subbasilare (Hook.f.) Lindb. W3Most
Cardot 1908; Cardot & Brotherus 1923; Matteri 1985b (as Rhizogonium subbasilare, Mitten 1869; Dusén 1903b).
Dist. XII. Hermite Is., Hoste Is., Str. of Magellan, Tierra del Fuego.

Grimmia Ehrh. ex Hedw. (GRIMMIACEAE Arnott)
G. alpicola Hedw. var. rivularis (Brid.) Broth. ==
Schistidium rivulare fide Deguchi 1987.
G. amblyophylla C. Müll. ==
Schistidium amblyophyllum fide Ochyra & Hertel 1990.
G. anodon Bruch & Schimp. in B.S.G. W3Most
Deguchi 1984.
Dist. METRO. Santiago (Mahu 12166).
G. apocarpa Hedw. == Schistidium apocarpum
G. arachnoidea Dus., nom. nud. =
Grimmia orbicularis var. patagonica fide Cardot 1908.
G. chilensis Thér. ex Herz. = Grimmia navicularis fide Deguchi 1987.
G. consobrina Kunz. ex C. Müll. = Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. crassiretis Card. & Broth. = Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. depressa var. terrestris C. Müll.
Dusén 1903b.
Dist. Patagonia australis.
G. dicksonii (Dus.) Dus., illeg. hom. = Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. donati Herz. == Schistidium donatii fide Ochyra & Matteri 1996.
G. fallax Dus. = Schistidium apocarpum fide Bremer 1980.
G. fasciculata Dus., hom. illeg. = Schistidium falcatum fide Deguchi 1984.
G. fastigiata Card. W3Most
Cardot & Brotherus 1923.
Dist. XII. Tierra del Fuego.
G. flexicaulis C. Müll. var. dicksonii Dus. ==
Grimmia dicksonii fide Seki 1974 = Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. flexiseta Dus., nom. nud. = Grimmia reflexidens fide Dusén 1906b.
G. grisea Card. W3Most
Thériot 1934b; Matteri 1985b.
Dist. METRO. Santiago; XII. Magallanes.
G. humilis Mitt. W3Most
Mitten 1869; Dusén 1903b; Cardot 1908; Bartram 1952; Deguchi 1984.
Dist. METRO. Santiago; XI. Coihaique; XII. Str. of Magellan.
G. hyalinocuspidata C. Müll. == Schistidium hyalinocuspidatum fide Bell 1984.
G. imberbis Kunz. ex C. Müll. W3Most
Mitten 1869; Dusén 1906b; Herzog 1960.
Dist. VIII. Bio-Bio.
G. laevigata (Brid.) Brid. W3Most
Deguchi 1984, Deguchi 1991a (as Grimmia murina, Dusén 1905a).
Dist. METRO. Chacabuco (Mahu 20487), Santiago (Mahu 12166, 13547); IV. Choapa (Mahu 20957); V. Petorca (Mahu & Mahu 13272). VIII. Bio-Bio.
G. macropulvinata Dus. = Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. murina C. Müll. = Grimmia laevigata fide Deguchi 1984.
G. navicularis Herz. W3Most
Deguchi 1991a (as Grimmia chilensis, Seki 1974; Deguchi 1984).
Dist. METRO. Chacabuco (Mahu 20523), Cordillera (Mahu 22191, 23062), Santiago (Mahu 23350); V. Petorca (Mahu 10277, Mahu & Mahu 13247); VII. Linares (Taylor & Gereau 11044); VIII. Bio-Bio; IX. Cautin (Mahu 23784), Malleco; X. Osorno, Valdivia (Crosby 11732); XI. Aisen.
G. nivea Dus. = Grimmia plagiopodia fide Deguchi 1984.
G. occulta C. Müll. = Schistidium apocarpum fide Bremer 1980.
G. orbicularis Bruch W3Most
Dusén 1905a, 1906b; Cardot 1908; Cardot & Brotherus 1923.
Dist. XI. Aisen; XII. Tierra del Fuego.
G. orbicularis var. patagonica Card. W3Most
Cardot 1908 (as Grimmia arachnoidea, Dusén 1903b).
Dist. XI. Aisen.
G. pachyloma Mont. == Vittia pachyloma fide Ochyra 1987b.
G. pachyphylla Dus. = Grimmia dicksonii fide Dusén 1906b =
Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. perplexa Thér. = Schistidium apocarpum fide Bremer 1980.
G. phyllorhizans Broth. in Skottsb. W3Most
Brotherus 1924b; Robinson 1975.
Dist. Juan Fernandez Is.
G. plagiopodia Hedw. W3Most
Deguchi 1984
(as Grimmia nivea, Dusén 1905a, 1906b; Seki 1974).
Dist. XI. Aisen.
G. pulvinata (Timm ex Hedw.) var. africana (Hedw.) Hook.f. & Wils. W3Most
Deguchi 1984.
Dist. METRO. Chacabuco (Mahu 21117, Robres 7511), Cordillera (Mahu 5981, 23730), Santiago (Mahu 5539, 10362); V. Aconcagua, Los Andes (Mahu 6426, 23593); VI. Colchagua (Mahu 3825, 9686); XI. Aisen (Mancilla 8510).
G. pycnophylla Dus., nom. nud. =
Grimmia flexicaulis var. dicksonii fide Dusén 1905a = Grimmia trichophylla fide Deguchi 1984.
G. reflexidens C. Müll. W3Most
Mitten 1869; Dusén 1906b; Deguchi 1984; Deguchi 1991a (as Grimmia flexiseta, nom. nud., Dusén 1903b).
Dist. METRO. Cordillera (Mahu 3833), Santiago; VIII. Bio-Bio.
G. scabripes Bartr. == Schistidium scabripes fide Deguchi 1984.
G. serripila Dus., Thériot 1923, invalid, no description
G. trichophylla Grer. W3Most
Deguchi 1984, 1991a (as Grimmia consobrina, Mitten 1869; Dusén 1906b; Thériot 1917, 1921, 1935; Reimers 1926; Roivainen 1934; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Herzog & Schwabe 1939; Bartram 1952; Herzog 1954; Seki 1974; as Grimmia crassiretis, Cardot & Brotherus 1923; as Grimmia dicksonii, Dusén 1906b, Cardot 1908; as Grimmia flexicaulis var. dicksonii; as Grimmia macropulvinata, Dusén 1903b, 1906b; as Grimmia pachyphylla, Dusén 1905a; as Grimmia pycnophylla, Dusén 1903b).
Dist. METRO. Chacabuco (Mahu 20492, 22627), Cordillera (Mahu 22169, 23355), Maipo (Mahu 20858, 22128), Santiago (Mahu 8619, 23542), Talagante (Mahu 10575); IV. Choapa (Moreno 13827), Limari (Mahu 23127); V. Petorca (Mahu & Mahu 13188, 13301), Quillota (Moreno 20549, Tapia 21134), San Antonio (Mahu 13450, 13562), Valparaiso (Mahu 11338); VI. Cachapoal (Mahu 10312, 24028), Cardenal Caro (Mahu 13429), Colchagua (Mahu 23059); VII. Curico (Mahu 5549, Landrum 5119), Linares (Taylor & Gereau 11016, 11081); VIII. Arauco, Bio-Bio (Mahu & Mahu 11072), Nuble (Mahu 22991, Queirolo 13618); IX. Cautin (Mahu 11269, 23943), Malleco (Crosby 13071, Mahu 6022); X. Llanquihue, Osorno, Valdivia (Crosby 11577, Mahu 23798); XI Aisen, General Carrera.

Gymnostomum Nees & Hornsch., nom. cons. (POTTIACEAE Schimp., nom. cons.)
G. aeruginosum Sm. W3Most
Matteri 1985b; Deguchi 1991b.
Dist. VIII. Bio-Bio, Nuble; X. Valdivia; Juan Fernandez Is.
G. calcareum Nees & Hornsch. var. calcareum W3Most
Dusén 1906a; Thériot 1921; Brotherus 1924b; Herzog & Hosseus 1938; Robinson 1975; Deguchi 1991b, (as Weissia calcarea, Mitten 1869).
Dist. V. Valparaiso; X. Valdivia; XI. Aisen; Juan Fernandez Is.
G. calcareum var. tenellum Schimp. in B.S.G. W3Most
Herzog 1954.
Dist. METRO. Santiago.
G. tenerrimum (C. Müll.) Wijk & Marg. W3Most
(as Anoectangium tenerrimum, Mitten 1869).
Dist. VIII. Nuble.

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