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Staff and Students in Bryology

Marshall Crosby Marshall Crosby [webpage]
Senior Botanist and Senior Advisor to the Director: Marshall divides his time among various muscological projects and special projects assigned by the Director. In muscology, he is coordinating the production of a worldwide checklist of the species of mosses. The checklist, now about 80% finished, is being compiled by the Garden's bryologists with outside contributions from specialists in some genera and families. It will contain an estimated 10,000 species, with geographical distribution indicated for each. The checklist will be published directly from data downloaded from MOST, the Garden's bryological database.
Robert Magill Robert Magill [webpage]
Curator of Bryophytes and Director of Research: Working on the fourth and final fascicle of his Moss Flora of Southern Africa and is conducting research on several families for Bryologia Africana, an illustrated Flora of tropical African bryophytes. Magill is also studying bryophytes in Madagascar with support from a National Geographic Society grant. His involvement with the computer operations for TROPICOS and the Index of Mosses project continues, and he is revising A Dictionary of Mosses, with Marshall R. Crosby, to provide an enhanced and expanded text for a new edition that will be called Systema Muscorum. Magill edited a multilingual glossary for bryology, Glossarium Polyglottum Bryologiae, that was published in Monographs in Systematic Botany from the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Bruce Allen Bruce Allen [e-mail]
Curator: Working on the Moss Flora of Central America, revisionary studies of tropical and temperate mosses, North American floristic studies, and bibliographic compilation. (updated September 2001)
Si He Si He [webpage]
Curator: Working on the moss taxonomy and floras of Asian countries. He is the Coordinator for the Bryophyte Flora of China, English version project with support from the National Science Foundation. He is responsible for coordinating and editing the manuscripts submitted for publication. The Moss Flora of China is a series of eight volumes dealing with all mosses known to be native to or naturalized in China. Six volumes of the Flora have been published by far. He routinely works on the Garden's Asian bryophyte collections, especially the Chinese ones, providing identifications, curation, and databasing of the existing specimens. He has been carrying out field work in different regions of China, as well as Taiwan, Korea, and Japan over the years and plans to work on the bryophytes of Vietnam in the next few years. (updated April 2007)

Steve Churchill Steve Churchill [webpage]
Associate Curator: Working on a moss Flora of Colombia with support from the National Science Foundation. He recently published Prodromus Bryologiae Novo-Granatensis with co-author Edgar Linares C. (COL) and has compiled a database of nearly 11,000 records with the assistance of Angela Gómez (HUA); both of these efforts will provide the foundation for the Colombian moss Flora project. A checklist for the mosses of the tropical Andes, co-authored with Dana Griffin (FLAS), is now being completed for publication. Another project nearing completion is A Guide to the Bryophytes of Tropical America, with S. Rob Gradstein (U) contributing the hepatics and hornworts (about 194 genera) and Noris Salazar Allen (PMA) and Churchill contributing the mosses (about 395 genera). Intended to promote and stimulate interest in these organisms, this illustrated guide will provide descriptions of all neotropical families and genera of bryophytes, as well as information on their diversity, distribution, ecology, and literature.
Greg Pedano Gregory Pedano [e-mail]
Herbarium Assistant: Greg is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Bryophyte Herbarium.
Leonardo Mourre Leonardo Mourre [e-mail]
Senior Plant Mounter: Leonardo has just received recognition for longstanding service at the Gardens. He is responsible for the preparation of the moss packets and herbarium specimens prior to their filing in the Bryophyte Herbarium.
Christina Casado Christina Casado [website]
Working on aspects of the Pilotrichella PEET grant, including the mapping component of the project. Currently finishing her M.S thesis research on the moss genus Streptopogon.
Zacharia Magombo Zacharia Magombo [website]
Working on aspects of the Pilotrichella PEET grant. Currently working on his Ph.D thesis on the systematic revision of the Diphysciaceae.
Michelle Price Michelle Price [website]
Working on aspects of the Pilotrichella PEET grant, including the production of the website. Also involved in the processing and curation of the Hegewald collection held in the MBG Bryophyte Herbarium, the revision of a small neotropical Hookeriaceaous genus Rhynchostegiopsis and the completion of her Ph.D . thesis work entitled "The systematic revsion of the moss genus Holomitrium Brid.: An integrated study of taxonomy, phylogeny and biogeography". Her other interests include moss ecology and reproductive biology of mosses, especially sexual dimorphism.
All photos on this page taken by Michelle Price.
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