Michelle J. Price

Graduate Student in Bryology

Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299, USA

Ph.D candidate at University of Missouri -St Louis



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Ph.D thesis on Holomitrium in the Dicranaceae

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Work Information

Ph.D. graduate student on the NSF-PEET project on Pilotrichella  in the Pilotrichelloideae (Meteoriaceae). Missouri Botanical Garden, MO

Ph.D Candidate at University of Missouri - St. Louis, MO         Back to TOP


Thesis Research

A systematic revision of the moss genus Holomitrium Brid. (Dicranaceae).

My thesis research is a worldwide systematic treatment of the pantropical genus Holomitrium (Musci: Dicranaceae). It will be an integrated study based on traditional taxonomical methods and involving aspects of phylogeny, biogeography and reproductive biology. Link to information on Holomitrium project.

My Ph.D. research at Missouri Botanical Garden is supported by the NSF-PEET initiative.                                                                                      Back to TOP



Current projects

A revision of the Neotropical moss genus Rhynchostegiopsis Mull. Hal. (Leucomiaceae).

Link to summary of Rhynchostegiopsis revision

Curation of the Hegewald Collection

Revision of the genus Macrodictyum (Dicranaceae).

Revision of the two neotropical genera Eucamptodontopsis and Schliephackea (Dicranaceae)

NSF-PEET project on Pilotrichella

Webpage development for NSF-PEET project on Pilotrichella

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Other research work

Cladistic analyses of the Dicranoideae*

Molecular phylogeny of Holomitrium and allies*

Moss Ecology *

Moss Reproductive Biology *

Back to TOP *Under development

Biographical Information

'El Cajas', Ecuador

B.Sc. in Ecology and Environmental Management. University of Wales, College of Cardiff, June 1993.

M.Sc. in Ecology. University of Wales, College of Bangor, July 1995.

During my Ecology masters I developed an interest in mosses; moss systematics and moss ecology. My M.Sc. thesis research was on the life-forms of epiphytic bryophytes in montane Polylepis spp. (Rosaceae) woodlands. I spent three months in El Cajas National Recreation Park, Ecuador doing my field research.

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Contact Information

Email address: michelle.price@mobot.org

Current Address: Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O. BOX 299, St. Louis, Missouri 63166-0299, USA

Office phone: (314) 577-5180                                                       Back to TOP

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NSF-PEET Projects on Bryophytes

Calymperaceae (Musci) at UNC-Berkeley

Pilotrichella (Meteoriaceae: Musci) at Missouri Botanical Garden

Fossombroniinae (Hepaticae) at SIU-Carbondale

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Personal Interests

Systematics and ecology of mosses, especially in tropical montane regions

Systematics and phylogeny of the Dicranaceae

Reproductive biology in mosses, specifically sexual dimorphism

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