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Bryophyte Collections of Eberhard and Pirkko Hegewald

Processed and Organized by M.J. Price in collaboration with Dr. S.P. Churchill, E & P Hegewald and G. Pedano


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The Marshall R. Crosby Herbarium acquired the personal herbarium of Eberhard and Pirkko Hegewald, in 1994. This collection consists of over 100,00 moss and liverwort specimens from all over the world. One of the most significant collections is from Peru, a country that is under-known in terms of mosses and liverworts diversity. This Peruvian collection is therefore a significant contribution to the South American moss and liverwort specimens here at Missouri Botanical Garden and is extremely valuable in terms of extending the knowledge of the Peruvian Bryophytes. Dr. S. P. Churchill Missouri Botanical Garden is currently working on the Moss Flora of the Northern Andean region of South America and the Peruvian collections have been important in this project. Dr. Churchill and M.J. Price worked closely on entering the Peruvian collections into the TROPICOS database here at Missouri Botanical Garden and on obtaining coordinates for all the collections for the purposes of mapping the data.

Collection localities from the Hegewald Collection include Europe (Germany, Ireland, Finland), USA (Alabama), Mexico, Peru, Seychelles, New Zealand and Tahiti.

Michelle Price, a graduate student at Missouri Botanical Garden, organized the integration of the Hegewald collection into the Marshall. R. Crosby Bryophyte Herbarium at Missouri Botanical Garden. She processed the bulk of the specimens, entered the locality information into the database from the Hegewald field notebooks so that speciemen data records could be entered and labels could be printed, entered specimens into the database, worked on identifying Hegewald collections from Alabama and distributing certain genera or geographical sets of the collection to experts for identification. She also worked closely with Pirkko and Eberhard Hegewald the specimens and field notebooks during their visit to Missouri Botanical Garden, during 1999. This was an extremely valuable experience in collection processing and management, Herbarium management and in the use of databases for collection organization and

Greg Pedano, Herbarium Manager, was integral in the printing of labels for the specimens where they were needed and in the overseeing of the preparation and mounting of the Hegewald specimens. The two graduate students, C. Casado and Z. magombo assisted in the by sorting several boxes of specimens for mounting and entereing data for several hundred of these processed specimens. Back to TOP

Eberhard and Pirkko Hegewald


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