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Mananara River gallery forest
Mananara River gallery forest
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Spiny desert begins just beyond the row of trees along the Mananara River here in the Andohahela Reserve. Rainforest lies just to the east, beneath not-so-distant clouds, an indication of the sharp transitions in climate that are characteristic of this region.

This is one of the finest remaining stretches of riverside gallery forest in the spiny desert region, but its understory is severely degraded by overgrazing.

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1.Large moth
2.Plateau village
4.Clearing primary rainforest
5.Disappearing forest
6.Rainforest disappearance map
7.Air view of erosion
8.Red river (Betsiboka)
9.Roadside charcoal
10.Cissus takeover
11.Mananara River gallery forest
12.Poles from Ankarana
13.Galapagos tortoise
14.Reserves and vegetation map
15.Ranomafana entrance station
16.Masoala view
17.Black and White Ruffed Lemur
18.Black and White
Ruffed Lemur call

19.Madagascar Periwinkle
Golden Mantella, Mantella aurantiaca

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