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Total Area: 471,055 ha
Population: 757,637
Provincial Capital: Hoa Binh Town
Districts: Da Bac, Kim Boi, Ky Son, Lac Son, Lac Thuy, Luong Son, Mai Chau, Tan Lac, Yen Thuy

ETHNIC DIVERSITY The province supports six major minorities, the Muong, Kinh, Thai, Tay, Dao, H'Mong and Hoa, each with their own language, festivals, and traditional literature.

PHYSICAL The province of Hoa Binh is located in the mountainous region of just south of Ha Noi in north central Viet Nam. Elevation rarely exceeds 700m.

CLIMATE The climate is hot and humid with high levels of precipitation during the rainy season. The weather is extreme in Hoa Binh causing heavy rains, flooding, violent storms, and even drought.

BIOLOGICAL The natural vegetation of Hoa Binh has been severely degraded through land conversion to support agriculture and extensive logging. Only 36% (or 170,297 ha) is under natural forest cover and less than 17% (29,681 ha) is under protection in special use forest areas. Much of the protected forest areas a located in three areas Dao Ho Song Da (Cultural and Historical site), Pa Co Hang Kia Nature Reserve, and Thuong Tien Nature Reserve. These reserves are quite small and do not contain large enough forest areas to protect wildlife. The forest that once covered the lower elevation areas of Hoa Binh are classified as Red River fresh water swamp forests in the flood plain areas and Northern Viet Nam Coastal Moist Forest.