Fragments from the Botanical Frontier:

Demaree Portrait
Demaree defied increasing technology, eschewing automobiles and vascula. Here he is pictured pressing plants on Rich Mountain, Polk County, Arkansas, 1973. Courtesy of Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Inc. Click on image to enlarge. (118 KB)


Demaree Letter

In this 1965 letter Demaree marks out his travel plans: "I am leaving here at five tomorrow afternoon for Phoenix, Flagstaff[,] Frisco[,] Larsen National Park, Omaha and back to Ark. I am on a 99-day $99 ticket." Demaree was such a good bus customer that in a 1982 Sida tribute to him, the president of Trailways wrote that "We at Trailways feel fortunate to have carried Dr. Demaree more than 200,000 miles." Missouri Botanical Garden collections. Click on letter to enlarge. (422 KB)


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Douglas Holland