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During the later years of his scientific career, A. H. Gentry recorded his specimen determinations in a computerized database. This was done with a series of computers and database software with the assistance of a series of volunteers, students and staff of the Missouri Botanical Garden. While Gentry was careful of the determinations he made, he was often absent for lengthy periods, so much data was entered without supervision. Following his death, the computer database was examined, corrected, and added to TROPICOS, the Missouri Botanical Garden taxonomic database.

Files of specimens in the Gentry Bignoniaceae database can be downloaded at:

The original Gentry database included just over 42,500 items, representing specimens he had examined from 122 herbaria around the world. All specimens are from the New World. His Old World material was not entered.

The Bignoniaceae database material provided here comprises the items from Gentry's database with the addition of specimens that were in TROPICOS up to the last update, or just over 43,200 items in all.

Correction of this database material and other efforts to make Gentry's data available to the scientific community is supported by NSF Grant DEB-9509270.