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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Bibliography and Sources

Definitions of terms come from various sources, and are commonly cited in the Dictionary. Latin classical definitions are those of Lewis and Short, Glare, Cassell's, and Stearn. Greek classical definitions are those of Liddell, H. G. & R. Scott. Additional important sources include Crum & Anderson, Stephani, Webster’s III, Ainsworth and Bisby, Snell & Dick, and Fernald.

Wikipedia, the Online Encyclopedia, has been a rewarding source for various issues, especially in quickly identifying Latin verb forms (number, tense, voice). Principal parts of Latin verbs derive from Lewis and Short. Although the present dictionary of Botanical Latin is based on use of the book version of Lewis and Short, published by Oxford University Press, attention should be called to the digitally enhanced and annotated resource of that work produced on-line in the Perseus Digital Library, Gregory R. Crane, Editor-in-Chief, through Tufts University.

Original text citations from the primary manuscripts, when an (unsearchable) hard copy is not available, derive from the following digital sources:

Biblioteca Digital. Real JardĂ­n BotĂĄnica. Madrid.

Biodiversity Heritage Library. Smithsonian Institution.

Google Books.

Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Wiktionary. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

Abbreviations used in the text are in bold face type:

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