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Total Area: 16,371 sq. km
Population: 2,858,265
Provincial Capital: Vinh
Districts: Anh Son, Con Cuong, Dien Chau, Do Luong, Hung Nguyen, Ky Son, Nghi Loc, Nam Dan, Nghia Dan, Que Phong, Qui Chau, Qui Hop, Quynh Luu, Tam Ky, Thanh Chuong, Tuong Duong, Yen Thanh

Economic potentialities: agriculture.

ETHNIC DIVERSITY More than 90% of the population belongs to the Kinh ethnic group.

CLIMATE The tropical monsoon climate has an annual average temperature of 23C.

OTHER Nghe An is a large province in the central part of Vietnam that connects the North and South. Nghe An offers several historical sites such as the native land of President Ho Chi Minh and poet Nguyen Du. Other sites include Cua Lo, the Lam River, and the Ben Thuy Wharf.