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Total Area: 1,908,296 ha
Population: 1.776.331
Provincial Capital: Buon Ma Thuot Town
Districts: Kien Duc, Dac Nong, Tuy Duc, Krong No, Dac Min, Lak, Krong Ana, Krong Bong, M'Drac, Krong Pach, Chu Mgar, Ban Don, Easup, Eah Leo, Krong Nang, Ba Ka

ETHNIC DIVERSITY Although the population of Dac Lac is fairly low compared to the overall size of the province it includes several ethnic minorities such as the Kinh, E De, Gia Rai, and M'nong.

PHYSICAL Dac Lac is the largest province in Viet nam. The highest elevation within the province is below 1200m

CLIMATE The region experiences a tropical climate with a distinct dry and rainy season. The rainy season lasts from May until November with a temperatures between 20 and 25 C. The dry season is protracted from December until April with cooler temperatures.

BIOLOGICAL The forests of Dac Lac are of two ecoregions; the wetter areas support Eastern Indochina Moist Forests and, extending into Cambodia, Central Indochina Dry Forests; the largest representative area of this forest type in Viet Nam. A large area of this semi-deciduous forest type is under protection at Yok Don National Park. The province also has four other protected areas; the Nature Reserves of Chu Yang Sin, Nam Ca, and Nam Lung with one Cultural and Historical site at Ho Lac. Approximately 1,061,020 ha (or nearly 56%) of the total provincial area is covered in natural forest but only 185,933 ha (9.7%) is under some protection. The forests of Yok Don support and protect populations of the endangered Black-shanked Douc Langur, Asian elephants, tiger, banteng, and the vulnerable gaur.