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Missouri Exotic Pest Plants

This website is no longer in use!

A list of non-native plants that threaten Missouri's native biodiversity

Category B

Plant species that are occasional invaders with low levels of impact on native Missouri plant communities, or species which are invading and disrupting the native plant communities of other states, in habitats similar to those found in Missouri.

Click on to see distribution in Missouri.

Click on to see an image of the plant.

Click on MDC for MDC vegetation management information.

Click on PCA for links to the Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group: Weeds Gone Wild webpage.

Click on PLANTS for a link to the USDA PLANTS National Database (contains images, plant description, distribution maps, etc.).

Ailanthus altissima tree of heaven Simaroubaceae PCA PLANTS
Anagallis arvensis scarlet pimpernel Primulaceae PLANTS
Barbarea vulgaris garden yellowrocket,
common winter cress
Brassicaceae PLANTS
Belamcanda chinensis blackberrry lily Iridaceae PLANTS
Berberis thunbergii Japanese barberry Berberidaceae PLANTS
Dactylis glomerata orchard grass Poaceae PLANTS
Daucus carota wild carrot, Queen Anne's-lace Apiaceae PLANTS
Dianthus armeria Deptford pink Caryophyllaceae PLANTS
Euonymus alata burning bush Celastraceae PLANTS
Galium pedemontanum bedstraw Rubiaceae PLANTS
Glechoma hederacea ground ivy Lamiaceae PLANTS
Hedera helix English ivy Araliaceae PCA PLANTS
Heliotropium indicum Indian heliotrope Boraginaceae PLANTS
Hypericum perforatum goatweed,
St. John's-wort
Clusiaceae PLANTS
Ipomoea hederacea blue morning glory Convolvulaceae PLANTS
Iris pseudacorus yellow iris Iridacea PLANTS
Kummerowia striata Japanese lespedeza Fabaceae PLANTS
Kummerowia stipulacea Korean clover Fabaceae PLANTS
Leonurus cardiaca motherwort Lamiaceae PLANTS
Lespedeza thunbergii tall bush clover Fabaceae PLANTS
Leucanthemum vulgare ox-eye daisy Asteraceae PLANTS
Ligustrum obtusifolium border privet Oleaceae PLANTS
Lolium perenne perennial ryegrass Poaceae PLANTS
Lotus corniculatus birdfoot deervetch Fabaceae PLANTS
Maclura pomifera Osage orange Moraceae MDC PLANTS
Medicago lupulina black medic Fabaceae PLANTS
Microstegium vimineum Nepalgrass Poaceae PCA PLANTS
Morus alba white mulberry,
silkworm mulberry
Moraceae PLANTS
Myriophyllum aquaticum parrotfeather,
Haloragidaceae PLANTS
Najas minor brittle waternymph Najadaceae PLANTS
Ottelia alismoides ducklettuce Hydrocharitaceae PLANTS
Pastinaca sativa wild parsnip Apiaceae PLANTS
Phalaris canariensis canary grass Poaceae PLANTS
Phragmites australis common reed Poaceae PLANTS
Plantago lanceolata narrowleaf plantain Plantaginaceae PLANTS
Poa annua annual bluegrass Poaceae PLANTS
Poa compressa Canada bluegrass Poaceae PLANTS
Poa pratensis Kentucky bluegrass Poaceae PLANTS
Polygonum cuspidatum Japanese knotweed,
Japanese bamboo
Polygonaceae PCA PLANTS
Polygonum persicaria spotted ladysthumb Polygonaceae PLANTS
Potentilla recta rough-fruited cinquefoil,
sulphur cinquefoil
Rosaceae PLANTS
Prunus mahaleb perfumed cherry Rosaceae PLANTS
Pueraria lobata kudzu Fabaceae MDC PCA PLANTS
Rhamnus davurica Dahurian buckthorn Rhamnaceae PLANTS
Robinia hispida bristly locust Fabaceae PLANTS
Robinia pseudoacacia black locust Fabaceae * MDC PCA PLANTS
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum watercress Brassicaceae PLANTS
Rosa multiflora multiflora rose Rosaceae MDC PCA PLANTS
Rumex acetosella sheep sorrel, red sorrel Polygonaceae PLANTS
Salsola collina slender Russian thistle Chenopodiaceae PLANTS
Sedum sarmentosum yellow stonecrop Crassulaceae PLANTS
Stellaria media common chickweed Caryophyllaceae PLANTS
Tragopogon dubius yellow goats-beard Asteraceae PLANTS
Trifolium campestre field clover Fabaceae PLANTS
Trifolium pratense red clover Fabaceae PLANTS
Trifolium repens white clover Fabaceae PLANTS
Ulmus pumila Siberian elm Ulmaceae PLANTS
Verbascum thapsus common mullein Scrophularicaeae PCA PLANTS
Vinca minor common periwinkle Apocynaceae PLANTS
Wisteria sinensis Chinese wisteria Fabaceae PCA PLANTS
Yucca smalliana Spanish bayonet,
Adam's needle
Liliaceae [Agavaceae] PLANTS

*native to certain areas of Missouri, but some populations in non-native areas.

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