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Recommended Literature

General Literature Caucasus Central Asia Altay & Sayans Far East Carpathians

Recommended reading - floristic and general taxonomic Russian literature, mostly available from United States libraries, e.g. the Missouri Botanical Garden or The New York Botanical Garden.

The bibliography presented here is arranged according to five floristic centers of ornamental plants described above (the Caucasus, Central Asia, south Siberian mountains: Altay & Sayans, the Far East and the Carpathians), and also general botanical literature as an introduction to the flora of the former Soviet Union These publications are available from the United States libraries (e.g. these publications are at the collections of the Missouri Botanical Gardenís library). Given below: 1. Transliterations of the authorís name and title, as it is done in the library catalogs, year and place of publication. 2. Authorís and title name English translations. 3. Short notes as an orientation for readers.

    General literature:

  1. Cherepanov S. K. 1995. Sosudistye rasteniia Rossii i sopredelínyxkh gosudarstv. Myr i semja, St. Peterburg. [Czerepanov, S. K. Vascular plants of Russia and adjacent countries. Updated checklist of the species that occur in the former Soviet Union, including their geographic distribution according to the six major regions of the FSU].
  2. Cherepanov, S. K. 1995. Vascular plants of Russia and adjacent states. Cambridge University Press. [English version of the book first published in Russian].
  3. Komarov, V. L., B. K. Shishkin, E. G. Bobrov (red.). 1934-1960. Flora SSSR. T. t. 1-30. Nauka, Moskva-Leningrad. [Komarov, V. L., B. K. Shishkin, Y. G. Bobrov (eds.). Flora of the USSR. Flora of 1/6th part of the world landmass, treating 22,000 species in 216 families. This is the first flora for so vast an area].
  4. Lavrenko, E. M. & V. B. Sochava (red.). 1956. Rastitelínii pokrov SSSR. T. t. 1-2. AN SSSR, Moskva-Leningrad. [Lavrenko, Y. M. & V. B. Sochava (ed.). Vegetation Cover of the USSR. Maps of vegetation and 2 volumes of explanation. Excellent bibliography in about 50 pages].
  5. Takhtajan, A. 1986. Floristic region of the World. University of California Press, Los Angeles. Extraordinary and unique analysis and source of updated information about floristics in the World.

    The Caucasus:

  6. Galushko, A. I. 1978-1980. Flora Severnogo Kavkaza. Opredelitelí. T. t. 1-3. Izd. Rostovskiy Universitet, Rostov. [Galushko, A. I. Flora of the Northern Caucasus. A field-guide with a certain amount of information on geographical distribution of almost 3,900 species. Would be beneficial to field collectors].
  7. Grossgeim, A. A. 1949. Opredelitelí rasteniy Kavkaza. Nauka, Moskva. [Grossheim, A. A. Manual of the Caucasian Plants. Written half a century ago, the book is still the best field guide for the whole Caucasus. It consists of very clear keys with short descriptions of plant species, information about their geographic distribution, and endemism].
  8. Grossgeim, A. A. 1939-1967. Flora Kavkaza. T. t 1-7. 2 izdanie. Nauka, Baku. [Grossheim, A. A. Flora of the Caucasus. This is the second edition of an excellent flora with dotted maps for species distribution. However, the second edition was not finished and a lot of new information became available since it was published].
  9. Grossgeim, A. A., D. I. Sosnovskii; & B. K. Shishkin. 1925. Flora Tiflisa. Muzey Gruzii, Tiflis. [Grossheim, A. A., D. I. Sosnovsky, & B. K. Shishkin. Flora of Tiflis. This area, around the capital of Georgia, is a locus classicus for many species, making this old edition still an interesting one].
  10. Dmitrieva, A. A. 1990. Opredelitelí rasteniy Adjarii. T. 1-2. 2 izdanie. Metzniereba, Tbilisi. [Dmitrieva, A. A. Manual of plants of Adjaria. Unique region in the FSU with warm and humid climate; it is a natural refuge, an ancient Colchic. Book includes many endemic species].
  11. Kariagin, I. I. 1952. Flora Apsherona. Nauka, Baku. [Karjagin, I. I. Flora of the Apsheron. This peninsula in the Caspian Sea has been investigated for many years and its publication is of value].
  12. Kariagin, I. I. (Red.). 1950-1961. Flora Azerbaidjana. T. 1-8. Nauka, Baku. [Karjagin, I. I. (Ed.). Flora of Azerbaijan. The author follows Grossheimís treatments which makes it easy to use].
  13. Ketzkhoveli, N. N. & R. I. Gagnidze (ed.). 1971-2001. Flora of Georgia. V.v. 1-13. 2 izd. Metzniereba, Tbilisi. [In Georgian with citations in Russian].
  14. Kolakovskii, A. A. 1980-1986. Flora Abkhazii. T. t. 1-4. 2 izd. Metzniereba, Tbilisi. [Kolakovsky, A. A. Flora of Abkhazia. Updated flora of the northern Colchic, it includes 1,978 species of which many are endemic to Abkhazia].
  15. Nakhutsrishvili, Giorgi. 1999. The vegetation of Georgia (Caucasus). Braun-Blanquetia, 15. Camerino, Italy. [The author gives descriptions of plant communities occuring in the Republic of Georgia. Analyses of different types of vegetation also are presented].
  16. Takhtadjan, A. L., & An. A. Fedorov. 1972. Flora Erevana. Nauka, Leningrad. [Takhtajan, A. L. & An. A. Fedorov. Flora of Yerevan. An excellent volume describing plants around the capital of Armenia].
  17. Takhtadjan, A. L. (Red.). Flora Armenii. 1954-2001. T. t. 1-10. Nauka, Moskva-Leningrad, Koeltz Scientific Books, Germany. [Takhtajan, A. L. (Ed.) Flora of Armenia. The book provides an important contribution to a better understanding of the flora of the Caucasus. The edition includes many drawings, mostly original, which are very helpful for determination].

    Central Asia:

  18. Baitulin, I. O. 1991. Flora vostochnogo Kazakhstana. Gylim, Alma-Ata. [Baytulin, I. O. Flora of the eastern Kazakstan. Annotated list of species of the Kazahstanís Altay].
  19. Fedshenko, B. A., M. G. Popov, B. K. Shishkin & V. V. Nikitin (red.). Flora Turkmenii. 1932-1960. T. t. 1-7. Izd-vo Akad. Nauk, Moskva-Leningrad, Ashkhabad. [Fedchenko, B. A., M. G. Popov, B. K. Shishkin & V. V. Nikitin (ed.). Flora of Turkmenia. This publication serves as a good back-up reference for practicing botanists, although the first three volumes were published dozens of years ago].
  20. Goloskokov, V. P. (Red.). 1969-1972. Illustrirovannyi opredelitelí rastenii Kazakhstana. T. t. 1-2. Nauka, Alma-Ata. [Goloskokov, V. P. (Ed.). Illustrated manual of the Kazahstan plants. Despite the name, the drawings give a very vague impression of the appearance of the species, yet it has many clear descriptions].
  21. Goloskokov, V. P. 1984. Flora Dzhungarskogo Alatau. Nauka, Alma-Ata. [Goloskokov, V. P. Flora of the Dzhungar Alatau. It presents a list of 2,168 species and an analysis of the rare plants of this region bordering China].
  22. Granitov, I. I., O. N. Korovina i dr. 1982-1983. Opredelitelí vysshikh rastenii Karakalpakii i Khorezma. T. t. 1-2. Fan, Tashkent. [Granitov, I. I., O. N. Korovina et al. Manual of the vascular plants of Karakalpakia and Khorezm. The region south of the Aral Sea, now a matter of urgency. The book presents descriptions of many interesting plants].
  23. Ikonnikov, S. S. 1979. Opredelitelí vysshikh rastenii Badakhshana. Nauka, Leningrad. [Ikonnikov, S. S. Manual of vascular plants of Badakhshan. The high mountain region in the Pamir, Badakhshan, is of extreme interest. The book contains diagnostic descriptions for genera and keys to species].
  24. Kamelin, R. V. 1979. Kuhistanskii okrug gornoi Srednei Azii. Nauka, Leningrad. [Kamelin, R. V. Kukhistansky Region of the mountain Central Asia. This is a remarkably carefully researched book about the vegetation of the mountain region of Central Asia].
  25. Kamelin, R. V. 1990. Flora Sirdaríinskogo Karatau. Nauka, Leningrad. [Kamelin, R. V. Flora of the Syrdarinsky Karatau. The author produced a fascinating, thoroughly researched and scholarly work. Its great strengths lie in its in-depth exploration of both the floristics of the area as well as the taxonomic relationship of its elements].
  26. Karmisheva, N. H. 1982. Flora i rastitelíností zapadnykh otrogov Talasskogo Alatau. Nauka, Alma-Ata. [Karmysheva, N. Kh. Flora and vegetation of the western ranges of the Talassky Alatau. A very good resource of information for anybody visiting northern Kyrgystan].
  27. Nikitin, V. V. & A. M. Gelídihanov. 1988. Opredelitelí rastenii Turkmenistana. Nauka, Leningrad. [Nikitin, V.V. & A. M Geldykhanov. Manual of the Turkmenian plants. The descriptions of plants are based mostly on personal experience and so the volume is a good field guide].
  28. Nikitin, V. V. 1965. Illystrirovannyi opredelitelí rastenii okrestnostei Ashkhabada. Nauka, Moskva-Leningrad. [Nikitin, V. V. Illustrated manual of plants at Ashkhabad environs. The manual is a good tool for plant determination in the southern part of Central Asia, around the capital of Turkmenia].
  29. Ovchinnikov, P. N. (Red.). 1957-1991. Flora Tadhzikskoi SSR. T. t. 1-10. Nauka, Leningrad. [Ovchinnikov, P. N. (Ed.). Flora of Tajikistan. Prepared in collaboration with the Komarov Botanical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, includes many new treatments].
  30. Pavlov, N. V. 1938. Flora Tsentralínogo Kazakhstana. Nauka, Moskva. [Pavlov, N. V. Flora of the Central Kazakstan. Written many years ago by a botanist who was very familiar with the vegetation of this region. This publication is still of great value].
  31. Pavlov, N. V. (Red.). 1956-1966. Flora Kazakhstana. T. t. 1-9. Izd. AN KSSR, Alma-Ata. [Pavlov, N. V. (Ed.). Flora of Kazakstan. It covers the vegetation of one of the largest republic of the FSU, including detailed species descriptions, geographical distributions and keys. Thanks to this book, Kazakstan has become a botanically well-documented area].
  32. Shishkin, B. K. (Red.). 1952-1966. Flora Kirgizskoi SSR. T. t. 1-11. Dop. 1. Ilym, Frunze. [Shishkin, B. K. (Ed.). Flora of Kyrgyzstan. This is a flora of the most mountainous Republic of the FSU].
  33. Vvedenskiy, A. I. (Red.). 1941-1962. Flora Uzbekistana. T. t. 1-6. FAN, Tashkent. [Vvedensky, A. I. (Ed.). Flora of the Uzbekistan. The treatments are of varying quality, yet many descriptions are very informative].
  34. Vvedenskiy, A. I. & R. V. Kamelin (Red.). 1968-1993. Opredelitelí rasteniy Sredney Azii. T. t. 1-10. Fan, Tashkent. [Vvedensky, A. I. & R. V. Kamelin (Ed.). The Manual of the Central Asian plants. It covers all of the Central Asian Republics of the FSU and is a compilation of many revised and updated local floras. It is a very useful, well-done reference publication].

    Altay and Sayans:

  35. Fedchenko, B. A. (Red.). 1913-1920. Flora Aziatskoi Rossii. T.t. 1-15. Tipogr. Frolovoi, Petrograd [Fedtshenko, B. A. (Ed.). Flora of Asian Russia. The Flora was not completed and published almost one century ago, but is still of interest, because the author was the early explorer in this region].
  36. Fedchenko, B. A. 1929-1941, V. I. Grubov (red.). 1966-1980. Flora Zabaykalíia. T. t. 1-10. Izd. Tomsk University, Geograficheskoe Obshestvo, Kyakhta-Leningrad, Leningrad, [Fedtshenko, B. A. & V. I. Grubov (ed.). Flora of Transbaykalia. The publication was broken off during the War II and continued later. All descriptions were made based on field trip investigations and excellent collections at the Komarov Botanical Institute and Tomsk University Herbaria].
  37. Kamelin, R. V. 1998. Materialy po istorii flory Azii. Altaisky Gos. Universitet, Barnaul. [Kamelin, R. V. Contributions to the history of the Asian flora. The book is recognizable as a classic in its field; it focuses on the Altay mountain system situated in Siberia and China, discussing its floristic elements and history].
  38. Krasnoborov, I M. i dr. 2000. Onredelitelírastenii Novosibirskoi oblasti. RAN, Novosibirsk [Krasnoborv, I. M. et al. Manual of the Novosibirsk Regionís plants. Keys, descriptions for all plants are given. The book is based on the authorís personal experience and so the volume is a very good field guide].
  39. Malyshev, L. I. 1965. Vysokogornaia Flora Vostochnogo Saiana. Nauka, Moskva-Leningrad. [Malyshev, L. I. High mountain flora of the East Sayan. It is a very important piece of work, being one of the first modern attempts at the study of the flora of this Siberian region].
  40. Malyshev, L. I. 1968. Opredelitelí vysokogornikh rasteniy juzhnoi Sibiri. Nauka, Leningrad. [Malyshev, L. I. Manual of high mountain plants of the southern Siberia. Concise descriptions laid out in an easy-to-read format, with clear diagnostic features. Good as field guide].
  41. Malyshev, L. I. 1972. Vysokogornaia flora Stanovogo Nagoríia. Nauka, Novosibirsk. [Malyshev, L. I. Alpine flora of the Stanovoye Nagorye Uplands. A manual of higher plants for the mountain region in the eastern Siberia].
  42. Malyshev, L. I., I. M. Krasnoborov & G.A. Peshkova (red.). 1987 - 1999. Flora Sibiri. T. t. 1-14. Nauka, Novosibirsk. [Malyshev, L I., I. M. Krasnoborov & G. A. Peshkova (ed.). Flora of Siberia. This is an updated compilation of many local floras and new treatments also].
  43. Popov, M. G. 1957-1959. Flora Srednei Sibiri. T. t. 1-2. AN SSSR, Moskva - Leningrad. [Popov, M G. Flora of the Central Siberia. The publication includes 2,000 species, many of them new. There are no keys, however, the book presents original pictures that help to identify plants].
  44. Shumilova, L. V. 1962. Botanicheskaiia geografia Sibiri. Izd. Tomskiy Universitet., Tomsk. [Shumilova, L. V. Botanical geography of Siberia. The region occupies 60% of the territory of Russia and had been poorly known before. Geological history, climate and carefully made descriptions of different types of vegetation are given].

    The Far East:

  45. Kharkevich, S. S. 1985-1996. Sosudistye rasteniia Sovetskogo Dalínego Vostoka. T.t. 1 -8. Nauka, Leningrad. [Kharkevich, S. S. Vascular plants of the Soviet Far East. Updated flora with new floristic division and distribution map for each species].
  46. Komarov, V. L. 1927-1930. Flora poluostrova Kamshatki. T.t. 1-2. AN SSSR, Leningrad. [Komarov, V. L. Flora of the Kamchatka Peninsula. One of the first classic floras of the Far East Region].
  47. Komarov, V. L.; E N. Klobukova-Alisova. 1931-1932. Opredelitelí rastenii Dalínevostochnogo kraia SSSR. T.t. 1-2. AN SSSR, Leningrad. [Komarov, V. L., & Y. N. Klobukova-Alisova. Manual of the plants of the Soviet Far Eastern Region. One of the famous floras that has served as an example for many others].
  48. Urusov, V. M. 1995. Geografia khvoinykh Dalnego Vostoka. Dalínauka, Vladivostok. [Urusov, V. M. Geography of the Coniferous in the Far East. Devoted to Coniferous group book presents a very good analysis of its representatives].
  49. Vorobíev, D. P. 1966. Opredelitelí rastenii Primoríia i Priamuríia. Nauka, Moskva-Leningrad. [Vorobjev, D. P. Manual of the Plants of Maritime and Amur Regions. A very well done field guide].
  50. Vorobíev, D. P. 1982. Opredelitelí sosudistikh rasteniy okrestnosteiy Vladivostoka. Nauka, Leningrad. [Vorobjev, D. P. Manual of the vascular plants at Vladivostok environs. Manual includes many drawings, which help to identify plants].
  51. Vorobíev, D. P., V. N. Voroshilov i dr. 1974. Opredelitelí vysshikh rasteniy Sakhalina i Kurilískikh ostrovov. Nauka, Leningrad. [Vorobjev, D. P., V. N. Voroshilov et al. Manual of vascular plants of Sakhalin and Kuril Islands. Book includes descriptions of species, many of which do not occur on the mainland; it has keys to species].
  52. Voroshilov, V. N. 1962. Flora Sovetskogo Dalínego Vostoka. Nauka, Moskva-Leningrad. [Voroshilov, V. N. Flora of the Soviet Far East. It covers a large territory where vegetation varies very much].
  53. Voroshilov, V. N. 1983. Opredelitelí rastenii Sovetskogo Dalínego Vostoka. Moskva, Nauka. [Voroshilov, V. N. Manual of the plants of the Soviet Far East. Presents all plants of this large territory, keys and short descriptions but no pictures are given].

    The Carpathians:

  54. Chopik, V. I. 1958. Rastitelínost zapadnikh rayonov Ukrainskikh Karpat. Naukova Dumka, Kiev. [Chopik, V. I. Flora and vegetation of the western regions of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The flora of this region is close to other parts of the Carpathians which are situated in other European countries].
  55. Chopik, V. I. 1976. Vysokogornaia flora Ukrainskikh Karpat. Naukova Dumka, Kiev. [Chopik, V. I. High mountain flora of the Ukrainian Carpathiens. The author is a specialist in the high mountain Carpathian flora, book includes floristic analysis].
  56. Chopik, V. I. (Red.), 1977. Viznachnik roslin Ukrainskikh Karpat. Naukova Dumka, Kiev. [Chopik, V. I. (Ed.) Manual of the plants of the Ukrainean Carpathiens. Generic and specific keys are given].
  57. Fedorov, An. A. (Ed.). 1999-2000. Flora of Russia. The European part and bordering regions. T. t. 1-3. Translated from Russia. Balkema/Rotterdam/Brookfield. The publication includes parts of two regions of five mentioned here: Carpathians and the Northern Caucasus. The Russian edition consists of 8 volumes, 1974-1994 and is not finished yet.
  58. Fomin, A.V. i dr. (Red.). 1936-1965. Flora Ukrainskoi SSR. T. t. 1-12. Kiev. Naukova Dumka [Fomin, A. V. (Ed.). Flora of Ukraine<. The publication includes the Carpathians].
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