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Canisius Kayombo,
Curator at Forestry Training Institute's
Herbarium-Olmotonyi-Arusha, Tanzania


Presented Papers

Tanzanian grass specimen
  • Giliba, R.& Kayombo, C. J. 2009. Non-Timber Forest Products in Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Forest Management in Nou Catchment Forest Reserve. The Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment.
  • Kayombo, C.J. Giliba, R. & Mpinga, I. 2009. An inventory of Tree Species in Arusha Municipality, northern Tanzania. 7th TAWIRI Conference. 2-4th December, 2009.
  • Kayombo, C.J. 2009. An inventory of Food Plant species in the Forestry Training Institute's Arboreta-Olmotonyi, Arusha Municipality, northern Tanzania. 7th TAWIRI Conference. 2-4th December, 2009.
  • Wakibara, J. Mwangomo, & Kayombo, C.J. 2009. Impact of Fire in Montane Natural Forest at Kilimanjaro National Park, northern Tanzania. 7th TAWIRI Conference. 2-4th December, 2009.
  • Kayombo C. J. "Local Uses of the East African Mpingo Tree" 2004. International Dialogue on Sustainable Development Inaugural Conference, 2004. College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute, Greenbay, Wisconsin.
  • Kayombo C. J., Likonombo A. H., Pascal P. and Nguma F. J. "Feed Value and Selected Toxicity of Amorphophallus maximus (Engl.) N.E.BR. [Araceae Family] Plant: Case Study from Kilwa District, Southern Tanzania" 2003. Proceeding of the Fourth Annual Scientific Conference, Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, Arusha, Tanzania.

Papers Accepted for Presentation

  • Kayombo, C.J. Status of natural woody plant species composition and diversity at Malala riverine forest in northern Tanzania. Accepted as poster presentation at International Conferences on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wild Plant Diversity in Crete, Greece, 4-8 May 2010.
  • Kayombo, C.J. Status and disturbances endangering mangrove tree species at Chumbageni deep sea shore in Tanga Municipality, Tanzania. Accepted as oral presentation at International Conferences on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Wild Plant Diversity in Crete, Greece, 4-8 May 2010.

Papers Appearing in the Tanzania Association of Foresters Newsletter

  • Kayombo, C. J. 2005. "Plant Species Used as Fodder in Arumeru District, Northern Highlands of Tanzania"
  • Kayombo, C.J. 2004. "A Natural Plant Species (Dioscorea hirtiflora Benth) Brought into Staple Food, in Kilwa and Lindi Districts, Southern Tanzania"
  • Kayombo C. J. and Nguma F. J. 2004. "A Survey of Indigenous Plants Utilization in Nachingwea District, Southern Tanzania-East Africa." Submitted to the Ninth International Congress of International Society of Ethno botany, University of Kent-UK.
Tanzanian Grass Specimen

Reports for National Herbarium

  • Wakibara, J. Macha, A. and Kayombo C. J. 2006 "Report on the Control Fire plots at Nanjara-Arusha National Park"
  • Wakibara, D., Kayombo, C.J. and Albert. 2005. "Report on the Impact of Tourism on Trail and Campsites Along Lemosho and Machame Trails"
  • Kayombo, C. J. 2004. "Survey of Zugunati Community Forest Reserves in Korogwe District, Tanga Region-Tanzania"
  • Msuya, C.A., Sangu, G.M., Kayombo,C.J., Howell, H.J., Ndangalasi, H.J., Selemani, H., Ngalasoni, H.J. and Kihaule, P.M. 2004. "Biological Diversity Survey of the Mbarawala and Ruawa-Likonde Plateaus in Lindi Region, Tanzania." Submitted to the Royal Danish Embassy-Tanzania.
  • Kayombo, C.J., Mboya, E.I. and Shiyo, H. 2003. "Analysis, Classification, Identification, Checklist of Terrestrial and Aquatic Plant Species from Lake Duluti Forest, Romero District, Aretha Region-Tanzania"
  • Yahya, A., and Kayombo, C.J. 2003. "Botanical Survey of Kilwa Kisiwani, Kilwa District, Lindi Region-Southern Tanzania." Submitted to the Kilwa District Natural Resources Office.


  • Kayombo, C.J. 2005(?) "Establishment and Improvement of Herbarium Training at Forestry Training Institute: Herbarium Layout, Design and Proposed Budget." Accepted and to be funded by the Institute.
  • Bamwenda, G., Njau, E. and Kayombo C. J. 2004. "Restoration of Natural Forests in Kilolo District-Iringa region southwestern highlands of Tanzania"
  • Bamwenda, G., Njau, E. and Kayombo C. J. 2004. "Botanical Survey of Kwamwondo Forest Patch, south western highlands of Tanzania"
  • Kayombo C. J., Mboya, E. I., Shiyo, H. and Bakari. J. 2003. "Propagation of Plumbago zeylanica at Duluti Lake, Arusha Region-Tanzania"

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