Didymeles integrifolia J. St.-Hil.

Affinities of the Malagasy endemic Didymeles (Didymelaceae) (3 spp.) have yet to be determined. Nevertheless, distinctive, unique pollen (3- zonocolporate, with 2-orate, operculate colpi and a reticulate, columellate tectum with spinulose muri) has permitted unequivocal identification of the fossil pollen Schizocolpus marlinensis as Didymelaceae. Schizocolpus is known from the Paleocene to Oligocene along the now-submerged Ninety East Ridge (Kemp & Harris 1977), the Paleocene to lower Eocene of New Zealand (Mildenhall 1980) and the middle Eocene Gippsland Basin of Australia (Stover & Partridge 1973), indicating a formerly much larger late Cretaceous/early Tertiary distribution.

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