Additional probable or possible late Cretaceous/early Tertiary Gondwanan Relicts in Madagascar (or the Mascarenes)


Podocarpus (Podocarpaceae); Ascarina (Chloranthaceae)(Coetzee & Muller 1984; Jérémie 1980); Takhtajania (Winteraceae)(Coetzee & Muller 1984; Coetzee & Praglowski 1988; Leroy 1978a, 1980); some Annonaceae (however not an austral dispersal, but rather an early southern Laurasian/N. Tethys dispersal and/or rafting on India); Myristicaceae; Cinnamosma (Canellaceae); Beilschmiedia, Cryptocarya (Lauraceae); Ilex (Aquifoliaceae); Syzygium/Eugenia (Myrtaceae); Pittosporum (Pittosporaceae); Weinmannia (Cunoniaceae); Elaeocarpus/Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae); Brexia (basal Celastrales); Lilaeopsis (Apiaceae); Protium (?) (Burseraceae) and other basal Sapindales, i.e., Rutaceae/Sapindaceae (Cossinia (?) (Sapindaceae) - 1 sp. Mauritius, 3 spp. New Caledonia); Kaliphora (?) (Kaliphoraceae); some Menispermaceae (?) (Burasaia, Spirospermum, Strychnopsis); some Clusiaceae (?) (Garcinia, Symphonia, with Montrouziera in New Caledonia); Arthropodium (Liliaceae); Cohnia (?) (Agavaceae) - 1 sp. Mauritius, 2 spp. New Caledonia; Arecaceae: Borassus (Borasseae) (Borassodendron rafting on India?); Beccariophoenix, Voanioala (Butiinae); Ravenea (Ceroxyloideae); Orania (Oraninae); Iguanurinae (?) (27 genera mainly E. Malesia; absent in Madagascar, Dictyosperma (Mauritius), Bentinckia (S. India)); Oncospermatinae (Oncosperma - Sri Lanka to W. Malesia; absent in Madagascar, 5 genera endemic to Seychelles, 2 to Mascarenes); Pandanus (?) (Pandanaceae); some bamboos (?).

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