The distribution of subtribe Dicoryphinae mirrors that of the Hedycaryeae (Monimiaceae). Unique tetrasporangiate anthers that dehisce by a single valve per theca constitute a synapomorphy for Trichocladus (3-5 spp., mid-altitude E./S. Africa), Malagasy endemic Dicoryphe (13 spp.), and monotypic Noahdendron, Neostrearia, and Ostrearia in N.E. Australia (Endress 1989a,b).

Similar univalvate anther dehiscence, albeit with a reduction to only one locule per theca is known in Archamamelis from the Upper Cretaceous of Sweden (Endress & Friis 1991), as well as modern-day Hamamelis, indicating an early Laurasia/Gondwana split in the family.

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