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During Shaw’s lifetime, the Garden contained a formal "par terre" garden and an observation tower.

Observatory with people on both levels and on path. View is to the north with Juno and the Main Conservatory visible through Observatory entry way.

Statue of 'Juno' in the parterre in the 1890's.

As one entered the garden through the main gate in Shaw’s time, one came immediately upon the "par terre." This elegant and geometrically arranged garden was in the style of the ornate pleasure gardens that Shaw had seen on his trips to England and Italy. At the center of this garden stood a statue of the Roman goddess Juno. This statue has been moved to many locations in the Botanical Garden over the years. The statue, by Italian artist Carlo Nicoli, was copy an ancient Roman work. To the North stood the Main Conservatory and behind it, the Linnean House.

From the Juno statue at the center of the parterre, one stood directly in line with the front door of Tower Grove House to the South. In this line of sight, Shaw built an observation tower in an area north of the grove. From this tower, one had a good view of the garden in all directions. Surrounding the observation tower was a maze of shrubs.


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