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The Garden contained an arboretum and a farm during Shaw’s lifetime.

Arboretum planted by Henry Shaw. The view is to the south east looking from what is now the corner of Vandeventer and Shaw Ave. Tower Grove House, Museum, and the Main Gate are visible in the background. This is a copy of an old photograph taken about 1866. Copied in March, 1909.

During Shaw’s time, the garden included more than just the main garden. To the west, there was a large area known as the arboretum. This area contained a collection and display of different species of trees. There was also working farm on the grounds. Of course, in the 1800s there were no motor vehicles or tractors, and so animal driven equipment worked the farm. The farm included a house and barns in which the animals could be housed. This farm produced food, of course, but there was also a vegetable garden in Shaw’s private garden behind the house. In the garden proper, there was a large area of plants of economic importance, although these plants were more for display than to produce food.


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