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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

White Color:

1. Album,-i (s.n.II), abl.sg. albo, albedo,-inis (s.f.III), abl. sg. albedine, albor,-oris (s.m.III) abl. sg. albore, whiteness; the color 'white;' albumen,-inis (s.n.III), abl.sg. albumene, albumentum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. albumento: the white of an egg, albumen.

albatus,-a,-um (adj.A): clothed in white, opp. atratus,-a,-um, clothed in black); dealbatus,-a,-um (part.A): whitened, covered with a white powder, lit. 'whitewashed.'

albus,-a,-um (adj.A): white, particularly a dull rather than a glossy white; opp. ater,-tra,-trum (adj.A) (black lacking luster); candidus, a pure, glossy white, the opposite of which is niger,-ra,-rum (adj.A) (lustrous black).

albidus,-a,-um (adj.A), albulus,-a,-um (adj.A): whitish, somewhat white.

Albidella Pichon; Albophoma, a fungus; Albomyces,-etis; Albosynnema Morris, a fugus genus; Albotricha Raitviir albicantius (adv., comparative degree): 'somewhat in the way of white' (Lewis & Short).

white, being: albens,-entis (part.B).

white, becoming: albicans,-antis (part.B), albescens,-entis (part.B).

- juventute (young state), aetate (in time), maturitate (at maturity): (abl. of time within which): pileus juventute albus, pileus in youth white.

- bruised: contusus,-a,-um (part.A): pileus ubi contusus albescens, pileus when bruised becoming white.

- cut: scissus,-a,-um (part.A), sectus,-a,-um (part.A): pileus postquam sectus albescens, pileus after having been cut turning white.

- exudatum colore albo, exudate with the color white

white-: in L. comp., albi-, albo-, [lact-, lacti-, lacto-]

- albicomus, white-haired; albilepis,-e (adj.B), with white scales; albinervis,-e (adj.B), with white nerves, with a white nerve

- albocostatus, with a white costa or rib; albolanosus, white-wooly; albomarginatus, white-margined; albonervius, white-nerved; albonitens,

-entis (part.B), white-shining; albovillosus, white-villous.

alb-, albi-, albo-: in L. comp. white-, superl. albissimus,-a,-um (adj.A); in Gk. comp. cf. leuc-, leuco-; see white;

- albicolor,-oris (adj.B): of a white color; albicomus,-a,-um: white-haired; albiflorus (adj.A), with white flowers; albocinereus

2. candidus,-a,-um (adj.A): of a shining, dazzling white, white, clear, bright; pure, clean, clean spotless; candidus, a pure, glossy white, the opposite of which is niger,-ra,-rum (adj.A)(lustrous black).

candens,-entis (part.B): shining, dazzlig, white, bright.

Candidentia,-ae (s.f.I): a white clear lustre, whiteness

- canadidantia lunae, the clear white of the moon.

candifactus,-a,-um (part.A): made dazzling white; candificans,-antis (part.B): making dazzling white; candificus,-a,-um (adj.A): that makes dazzlingly white.

candicans,-antis (part.B): to be whitish or white; being brilliantly white.

candidatus,-a,-um (adj.A): clothed in white.

3. lacti-: in L. comp., milk, milking, referring either to milky color or production of latex;

- lacticolor, milk-colored; lactiflorus, with milk-white flowers.

4. in Gk. leuc-, leuco-, -leucus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v.;

- leucosporus, chionosporus, white-spored;

- ochroleucus, ochre-white (white mixed with yellowish brown), yellowish-white.

- xantholeucus, yellowish-white

5. in Gk. chion-, chiono-, q.v., 'snowy';

- chionanthus, with snowy-white flowers, chionopappus, with snowy pappus, chionosphaerus, with white capitula.

6. in Gk. gal-, gala-, galact-, galacto-, q.v., 'milky';

- galactanthus, galanthus, with milk-white flowers; galachrous, galactochrous, milk-colored; galactites, 'white as milk' Jackson.

- galactinus, milky, milk-white

becoming white; becoming pale: exalbescens,-entis (part.B):

Myriophyllum exalbescens, the stems are purple, but when dry become white.

bone-white: osseoalbus,-a,-um (adj.A);

Hypotrachyna osseoalba

brown-white: albobrunneus,-a,-um (adj.A).

chalky white: calceus,-a,-um (adj.A), cretaceus,-a,-um (adj.A), gypseus,-a,-um (adj.A); dead-white, like chalk: calcareus,-a,-um (adj.A).

clothed in white: albatus,-a,-um (adj.A opp. atratus,-a,-um, clothed in black); dealbatus,-a,-um (part.A): whitened, covered with a white powder, lit. 'whitewashed.'

cream white: cremeus,-a,-um (adj.A), cremicolor,-oris (adj.B)

dull white (no gloss): albus,-a,-um; candicans, canescens, cerussatus,-a,-um (adj.A), ermineus,-a,-um (adj.A), virgineus,-a,-um (adj.A).

glossy, shining white: candidus,-a,-um (adj.A), candens,-entis (part.B) 'becoming glossy white.'

greenish white: chloroleucus, greenish-white; viridialbus,-a,-um (adj.A), alboviridis,-e (adj.B).

Haplopappus viridialbus

ivory white (i.e. with yellow tinge): eburneus,-a,-um (adj.A); see cream-colored.

lead white, colored with or as white lead: cerussatus,-a,-um (adj.A).

milk-white: gal-, gala-, galact-, galacto-: in Gk. comp. 'milky' (referring either to milky color or production of latex, white; see lacti-, milk-; galactanthus, galanthus, with milk-white flowers; galachrous, milk-colored.

milk white (i.e. with bluish tinge): lactaneus,-a,-um (adj.A), lacteus,-a,-um (adj.A), lactineus,-a,-um (adj.A), lacticolor,-oris (adj.B); see milk. somewhat milk-white: lacteolus,-a,-um (adj.A)

nearly white: see whitish.

off-white: not quite white, resembling white but tinged with a gray or other pale hue (as cream, oyster, beige); yellowish or grayish white: exalbidus,-a,-um (adj.A).

orange-white: aurantiablus, crocinalbus.

pale, pallid, q.v.

pure white: virgineus,-a,-um (adj.A); vivide (adv.) albus,-a,-um; immaculate (adv.) albus,-a,-um.

purple-white: albopurpureus,-a,-um (adj.A).

silver-: in Gk. comp., argyr-, argyro-;

- argyranthus, with silvery flowers.

snow white: niveus,-a,-um (adj.A); becoming snow-white: nivalis,-e (adj.B), nivescens,-entis (part.B), niveus,-a,-um (adj.A), nivosus,-a,-um (adj.A);

snow-white: in Gk. comp. chion-, chiono-, 'snowy', snow-, white-.

Chionanthus L. Fringe-tree [> Gk. chion, snow, and anthos, flower; "alluding to the light and snow-white clusters of flowers" p. 1150.

violet-white: alboviolaceus,-a,-um (adj.A).

wax white, whitish yellow: albiceratus,-a,-um (adj.A), albiceris,-e (adj.B) or albicerus,-a,-um (adj.A) (albus + cera).

yellow-white: alboluteus,-a,-um (adj.A); luteoalbus, yellowish-white;

white-stuffed, stuffed with a (whiteness): albofarctus,-a,-um (adj.A).

white, being, to be white: albens,-entis (part.B); albicans,-antis (part.B) 'making white, becoming white, being white;' being dazzling or bright white: canens,-entis (part.B).

white, becoming: (ex)albescens,-entis (part.B); albicans,-antis (part.B); (in)canescens,-entis (part.B); note the prefices ex- and in- denote 'becoming whitened' in the sense of 'gray.'

whitened: dealbatus,-a,-um (part.A): whitened, covered with a white powder, lit. 'whitewashed.'

whitened: such colors may be said to be 'grayed;' see 'gray;' also some colors may be 'whitened' by means of a dust or powder; see powdered, powdery.

whitish: albescens,-entis (part.B), albidus,-a,-um (adj.A), albidulus,-a,-um (adj.A), albulus,-a,-um (adj.A); candidulus,-a,-um (adj.A), exalbidus,-a,-um (adj.A), subalbus,-a,-um (adj.A), subalbidus,-a,-um (adj.A).

whitish-gray, white with age, gray with age, hoary, q.v., whitish-haired as in the indumentum of leaves: canus,-a,-um (adj.A), incanus,-a,-um (adj.A), canescens,-entis (part.B), exalbescens,-entis (part.B), incanescens,-entis (part.B).

whitish yellow: albogilvus,,-a,-um (adj.A) (gilvus,-a,-um (adj.A): dull yellow, yellowish tan, but also applied to reddish or grayish colors found on horses (Stearn).

- albogilvus, whitish-yellow; gilvocanescens, yellowish-gray.

whitish-yellow: albogilvus,-a,-um; albiceratus,-a,-um (adj.A), albiceris,-e (adj. B), albicerus,-a,-um (adj.A) all 'wax-white;' xantholeucus,-a,-um (adj.A)

wholly white, all-white: hololeucus,-a,-um (adj.A)
White Blister, white rust: a disease of plants by species of the fungus genus Albugo, especially A. candida (Hook.) O. Kuntze on crucifers; Albugo,-inis (s.f.III), abl. sg. albugine, classically 'a white spot, a disease of the eye,' albugines oculorum (Lewis & Short).

- brassicis per tabem Albuginis canadidae (Hook.) O. Kuntze consumptis, with mustards wasted by a pestilence of Albugo candida.

Whiteheads, a cereal disease caused by Ophiobolus graminis (Sacc.) Sacc., (graminis = gen.sg. of gramen,-inis (s.n.III), grass);

- plantae per tabem Ophioboli graminis (Sacc.) Sacc. consumptae, plants by the disease of Ophiobolus graminis wasted.

White of an egg: album (s.n.II) ovi (gen. sg.), abl. sg. albo ovi.

White of the eye: album oculi (gen.sg. of oculus).


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