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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

vicis: see vice (adv.).

Vicis (= genitive sg., nom. sg. does not occur) (s.f.III), acc.sg. vicem, abl. sg. vice, nom.& acc. pl. vices, (gen.pl. does not occur), dat. & abl.pl. vicibus: "change, interchange, alternation, alternate or reciprocal succession, vicissitude" (Lewis & Short); turn; place, stead; succession, course; state, condition, fortune; vicissitudes, ups and downs; duty, office; a time, turn;

        Singular   Plural
Nom.    ----       vices
Gen.   vicis       ----
Dat.   vici        vicibus  
Acc.   vicem       vices
Abl.   vice        vicibus

vice, abl. (used adverbially), instead of (Bennitt); also pro (prep. + abl.), 'instead of, for.’

vice (prep) + genitive: instead of, on account of, like.

ad vicem: instead, in place of.

in vicem (or invicem), in vices: in turn, by turns, reciprocally; alternately;

per vices, taking turns, alternately

pro hac vice “for this particular turn;’

vice quadam (adv. phrase): once.

vicem (prep.) + genitive: for the sake of, in the manner of, in place of (Follett 1967).

NOTE: (pharm.) vicissim (adv.), alternately, on the other hand (Bennitt).

- tribus per diem vicibus: for three times throughout the day.

- ager tertia vice arabitur, the field shall be plowed for the third time.

- prima vice, the first time (abl. of time within which).

- una tantum vice, sed frequens, reperta in ramis emortuis Sambuci racemosae Junio (S&A), found only one time, but frequent, on the dead branches of Sambucus racemosa, in June.

- [fungus] Erynium pyrinum] Rarissimum item unica solum vice inventum in pomario domestico ad folia Pyri Mali (S&A), very rare, likewise encountered only a single time in a household orchard on the leaves of Pyrus Malus.

- [fungi] una tantum vice, sed frequens, reperta in ramis emortuis Sambuci racemosae (S&A), only one time, but frequent [i.e. numerous], found on the dead branches of Sambucus racemosa.

- [fungi] una solum vice, sed perfecta frequensque (S&A), found only one time, but perfect and numerous.

- [fungi] una tantum vice inventa in ramis emortuis semiputridis salignis (S&A), encountered only one time on dead, half-rotted willow branches.

- [Fissidens; moss] folia conferta, basi se invicem subtegentia, complanata vel unum versus latus dejecta, the leaves compact, nearly concealing each other alternately [i.e. one after the other] at the base, complanate or one [leaf] lowered toward the side.

- Usnea vulgaris, loris longis implexis. “Stringy Tree-Moss.” Quos vero villos vocat J. Bauhinus, fila sunt satis, crassa, invicem implexa & involuta (Dill.), Usnea vulgaris, with the [straps] long, intertangled. “The stringy tree-moss.” Those things which J. Bauhin calls villi [i.e. long, weak hairs] are filaments, this way and that entangled and intricate.

- [fungi] Primordialem prima vice lectam, mollem, amorpham, Mesentericam coeruleam esse suspicati, domum tuleramus: ubi maturata metamorphosi inopinata hanc sese prodidit (S&A), collected the first time primordial [i.e. first-formed], soft, amorphous, having suspected it to be Mesenterica coerulea, we had brought it home: when matured by an unexpected metamorphosis it revealed itself to be this [Cribraria macrocarpa].

Pharmacological (Bennitt): ‘times, turns;’

- (pharm.) vic. (vices), times.

- (pharm.) vices (pl.f.III; defective), vicem, vice, vices, vicibus, time, times; lit., ‘changes.’

- partitis vicibus, at different times (at divided or parted times).

- ad 2 vic. (= ad duas vices), for two times successively, in succession (twice).

- ad 3 vic. (= ad tres vices), for three times (thrice) in succession.

- ad tres vices, three times successively. - tribus per diem vicibus (for three times a day.) - ad secund. vic. (= ad secundam vicem), for the second time.

- ad tertiam. vic. (= ad tertiam vicem), for the third time.

- (pharm.) usque ad quartam vicem, until the fourth time.

- pars tertia injiciatur hora somni ad tres vices. Let a third part be injected at bedtime on three occasions (Bennitt).

- una hora somni sumenda et dosis alternis noctibus repetatur, ad duas vel tres vices, One to be taken at bedtime, and let the dose be repeated every alternate night, for two or three times (Bennitt).


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