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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

uterque, utraque, utrumque (pronoun): either, each of two, each member of a pair, both (considered separately), used in the singular to consider each one of two things 'applied to two subjects regarded severally, while [ambo, ambae, ambo, numerical adj. 'both'] regards the two as a pair' (Lewis & Short); see utroque (adv.); see ‘two;’

NOTE: the plural is used when

a) two pluralities are indicated:

- utrique latera et margines bistratosi, both the sides and margines bistratose.

b) also to express two individuals together;

- capsulae duae, utraeque sub maturitate dehiscentes, capsules two, each in age dehiscing.

- India utraque, both East Indies and West Indies.
             singular                            plural 
         m.     f.           n.          m.        f.        n. 
Nom.  uterque utraque   utrumque      utrique,  utraeque   utraque 
Gen.        utriusque               utrorumque utrarumque utrorumque 
Dat.        utrique                             utrisque 
Acc. utrumque, utramque utrumque     utrosque   utrasque   utraque 
Abl.  utroque, utraque, utroque                 utrisque
- mericarpiis subaequalibus, utroque foecundo subaequaliter acute 4-5-costato (F. Mueller), with the mericarps nearly the same, each one nearly equally acute, 4-5-ribbed.

- heterocyta ad utrumque polum intercalaria, heterocytes at each pole intercallary.

- in utroque latere costae, on each side of the costa.

- regiones temperatas utriusque orbis incolunt, paucae amphigaeae, dwelling in temperate regions of both worlds (i.e. old and new), a few amphigean.

- ad arborum corticem in Carolinis utrisque; on the bark of trees in both Carolinas [North and South Carolina].

- in regionibus utriusque hemisphaerii, in regions of either hemisphere (utr. hemi. both in genitive singular neuter).

- ab specie utraque valde distincta, from each species strongly distinct.

- testa duplex, utraque saepissime membranacea, test (outer seed coat) double, each one most often membranaceous.

- flores utriusque sexus capitati, the flowers of both sexes capitate.

- antheris glandulis baseos ad utrumque latus saepe stipitates, with anthers with often stipitate glandules at the bases at each side.

- species in utroque orbe inter tropicos diu culta, originis incertae, species on both sides of the globe in tropical [regions] long cultivated, of uncertain origin.

- genus a Glycine differt imprimis inflorescentia nodoso-racemosa, a Galactia calyce, ab utroque habitu. The genus differs from Glycine primarily by the nodose-racemose inflorescence, from Galactia by the calyx, from both by the habit.

- cellulae chlorophylliferae utroque latere foliorum liberae, chlorophyll-bearing cells free on each side of the leaves.

- amphigastria anguste in latere altero vel utrisque connata, underleaves narrowly on one side or both connate.

- superficies folii abaxialis atque adaxialis utraque papillosa, abaxial and adaxial surface of the leaf each papillose.

- species per regiones calidiores utriusque orbis dispersae, the species throughout the warmer regions of each (half or hemisphere) of the world.

- [fungus] peridii cortex duplex est, cinereus uterque: exterior , prorsus ut in Physaro squamuloso, in squamas luculentas majusculas mox solutus , interior diutius integer (S&A), the cortex of the peridium is double, each one grayish-white: the outer, entirely as in Physarum squamulosum, soon separated into rather large, bright scales, the inner [remains] entire longer [i.e. for a longer time].

NOTE: - superficies folii abaxialis atque adaxialis ambae papillosa, both abaxial and adaxial surfaces of the leaf papillose.

- superficies folii abaxialis atque adaxialis utraque papillosa, abaxial and adaxial surface of the leaf each papillose.

NOTE: utroque (adv.),q.v.: to both sides, in both directions.


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