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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

thin: opp. thick, q.v.; cf. tender;

1. thin, not thick: attenuatus,-a,-um (part.A) 'attenuated, narrowly tapered, thinned;' tenuis,-e (adj.B), subtilis,-e (adj.B), gracilis,-e (adj.B) 'slender, thin;' in Gk. comp. lept-, q.v., lepto-,-leptus,-a,-um (adj.A), slender, thin, narrow, fine, delicate; opp. crassus,-a,-um (adj.A), ‘thick;’ opp. in Gk. comp. pachy-, q.v. thick, stout; cf. diaphanus,-a,-um (adj.A), diaphanous, clear, colorless, usually thin and nearly or quite translucent;

- thallus tener et tenuis aetate durior et crassior, the thallus delicate and thin, with age harder and thicker.

- torus in cornu v. appendicem postice productus, depressus v. in stipitem longum v. brevem crassum v. gracilem attenuatus (B&H), the torus postically lengthened into a horn or appendage, depressed or tapered into a long or short thick or thin stipe.

- styli ventrales, oblongi, gráciles, apice attenuati et acuti (B&H), styles ventral, oblong, thin, at the apex attenuate and acute.

2. thin, not fat or rich, scanty, poor, skinny, thinner than normal: exiguus,-a,-um (adj.A) 'scanty in measure or number, small, little, weak;’ opp. copiosus, numerosus; exilis,-e (adj.B), ‘small, lean, meagre, weak, feeble, thin, slender; insignificant, inadequate;’ macer macer, macra, macrum (adj.A), ‘lean, thin, meagre, as of poor animals or infertile soil;’ vescus,-a,-um (adj.A), 'not having food hence, small, little, thin, weak;' opp. pinguis,-e (adj.B), fat, fatty, rich; note that tenuis and gracilis may also be used in this sense of ‘thin;’

- solum (s.n.II) exile, poor i.e. sterile soil.

- racemi laterales et terminales, bracteis bracteolisque exiguis eglandulosis, racemes later and terminal, with bracts and bracteoles scanty, eglandulose.

- flores exigui, flowers scanty.

- Sphaeria exilis, pilis sparsis patulis hispida, minima omnium, oculo inermi vix visibilis, punctillum exilissimum referens, Sphaeriolam Pezizulamve exiguam ostendit, Sphaeria exilis, hispid with scattered spreading hairs, the smallest of all, scarcely visible with the naked eye, representing the tiniest little dot, exhibiting a little Sphaeria or Peziza.

Note: tenuis and gracilis may also be used in this sense of ‘thin;’

- semen pendulum, testa membranacea, albumine carnoso tenui v. copioso (B&H), seed pendulous, with a membranaceous testa, with the albumen fleshy, thin or copious.

3. thin, not dense, sparse, scattered, dispersed: rarus,-a,-um (adj.A,) ‘of things, (standing) far apart, here and there, scattered, dispersed, thin, scanty;' opp. densus, confertus, solidus; opp. creber, crebra, crebrum (adj.A) 'thick, crowded together;’ cf. sparsus,-a,-um (part.A), ‘sparse, scattered, dispersed;’

- epicarpiis praeter glandulos raros glabris, with the epicarpia except for scattered glandules glabrous.

- foliis maculis sparsis ornatis, with leaves ornamented with scattered spots.

- Sphaeria pilis sparsis patulis hispida, Sphaeria hispid with scattered spreading hairs.

- caules saepe extus pulvillis lanatis aculeatis seriatis v. sparsis praediti, stems often provided with lanate pads, prickly, in a series or scattered.

4. thin, diluted, watered down (used of colors): dilutus,-a,-um (part.A) 'pale, diluted;’

- coloribus validis pilei aetate dilutis, with the strong colors of the pileus with age thinned.

somewhat thin: subtenuis,-e (adj.B), tenuiusculus,-a,-um (adj.A).

very thin: perexiguus,-a,-um (adj.A), perexilis,-e (adj.B), persubtilis,-e (adj. B); pertenuis,-e (adj.B), praegracilis,-e (adj.B); gracillissimus,-a,-um (adj.A), exillimus,-a,-um (adj.A), subtillimus,-a,-um (adj.A).

thin (prefix): in L. comp. tenui-, q.v.; in Gk. comp. lepto-, q.v.
thin-walled: leptodermus,-a,-um (adj.A), leptodermicus,-a,-um (adj.A), with the wall of the cell thinner than the cavity; leptopleurus,-a,-um (adj.A), with thin sides or ribs; leptotichus,-a,-um (adj.A), tenuitunicatus,-a,-um (adj. A).


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