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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Sylva,-ae (s.f.I): woodland, forest, wood; ‘silva,-ae (s.f.I)’ is usual in classical Latin, ‘sylva,-ae’ in Bot. Latin; ‘sylva’ has a greater abundance of trees, so is more representative of a forest than nemus,-oris (s.n.III) q.v., an open woodland with glades; a lucus,-i (s.m.II) is a sacred grove, a wood; a saltus,-us (s.m.IV) is a montane forest, also a pass through a mountain or forest, a glade, a mountain forest or pasture; see hyl-, hyle-, hylo-: in Gk. comp. wood, pertaining to the woods; see forest; see wood; cf. nemus,-oris (s.n.III), saltus,-us (s.m.IV),

- in nemoribus, in silvis et locis apertis, in woodland groves, in forests and exposed places.

- Patria: Terra Natal Africae, in faucibus silvarum primitivarum ad flumen Umslutiae detexit (JaegerSauerb.), native land: the Natal region of Africa, discovered in the primitive forested gorges at the river Umslutia.

- sylva jugosa, mountainous forest, montain forest.

- Prope Tergestum, in muro sylvam quercmim loci Melara cingente (Mueller), near Tergestum, on a wall surrounding a forest of oaks of a locality in Melara.

- [mosses] at plurimam muscorum cohortem, Hypna, Leskias, Neckeras, Fissidentes etc. saepium vicinia, pomaria, fruticeta, luci, nemora, sylvae, sub umbris suis educant (Bridel), and also the neighborhood of hedges, orchards, thickets, groves, open woodlands, forests nurture many a company of mosses beneath their very shades: Hypnums, Leskias, Neckeras, Fissidens, etc.

NOTE: Sylva = “applied to an account of the trees of a district, or a discourse on trees” (Jackson), same as arbustum,-i (s.n.II), abl.sg. arbusto, q.v., “an account of the woody plants of a country” (Jackson).

Aestatisilvae,-arum (pl.f.I), abl. pl. aestatisilvis (silva,-ae (s.f.I), a wood): deciduous forests, that is, that lose their foliage in winter and are leafed out in summer; opp. hiemisilvae,-arum (silva, a wood): woods in which the trees shed their leaves in the dry summer season (Jackson), hence, with foliage in winter.

SILVA: TheLaw.com Law Dictionary & Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed. Latin: In the civil law. Wood; a wood (March 25, 2018).

Silva,-ae (s.f.I) caedua (adj.A): “In the civil law. That kind of wood which was kept for the purpose of being cut In English law. Under wood; coppice wood. 2 Inst 642; Cowell. All small wood and under timber, and likewise timber when cut down, under twenty years’ growth; titheable wood” [The Law.com Dictionary March 25, 2018); see coppice.

Sylva atlantica (adjlA): Atlantic forest (eastern Brazil);

- perdistincta a speciebus Ixorae sylvae atlanticae atque regionis montano-campestris brasiliensis corolla longa; similis speciei amazonicae Ixorae graciliflorae, very distinct from species of Ixora of the atlantic forest, and also of mountain-grassland region of Brasil by the long corolla; similar to the Amazonian species Ixora graciliflora.

Faramea atlantica J. G. Jardim & Zappi, "The species epithet refers to the singular biome Atlantic forest from eastern Brazil."
Sylva (-ae (s.f.I) nebularis, abl. sg. sylva nebulari; sylva montana pluviosa (adj.A), ‘mountain rain forest; sylva montana pluvialis (adj.B): cloud forest.

Nubicola,-ae (s.f.I), 'cloud-dweller,' as in plants living in cloud forests in the tropics; as an epithet it is a noun in apposition to the generic name.

Corydalis nubicola Z.Y.Su & Lidén, sp. nov. "The specific epithet is based on Latin nubes (cloud) and the suffix -cola (dweller), referring to the high altitude of the type locality;" Deprea nubicola N.W. Sawyer.

Sylva caducifolia, abl. sg. sylva caducifolia: deciduous forest.

Sylva pluviosa (adj.A), abl.sg. sylva pluviosa; sylva pluvialis, abl. sg. sylva pluviali; sylva ombrophil (adj.A), a rain-loving forest: rainforest.
Sylva amazonica, the amazonian (rain)forest.


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