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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

swelling (verb); opp. contracting, q.v.; opp. wilting, withering, q.v.; see swollen;

expandens,-entis (part.B) ‘spreading out, spreading apart, expanding;’

extuberans,-antis (part.B), ‘swelling out, swelling up, rising as a swelling;’

extumens,-entis (part.B), extumescens,-entis (part.B), ‘swelling up;’

inflans,-antis (part.B), inflating, swelling: inflans,-antis (part.B);

- caule post anthesin inflante, with the stem after anthesis inflating.

intumescens,-entis (part.B), ‘swelling up;’

praegnans,-antis (part.B), ‘pregnant, swollen, swollen with, full of (with. abl.);’

protuberans,-antis (part.B): bulging, swollen;’ tuberans,-antis (adj.B);

tuberascens,-entis (adj.B), ‘becoming swollen or tuberous;’

tumefaciens,-entis (part.B), ‘swelling, puffing up, inflating, causing swelling;’

tumens,-entis (part.B), ‘swelling, being swollen;’

tumescens,-entis (part.B), ‘swelling up, becoming swollen;’

tumidans,-antis (part.B), ‘causing to swell;’ turgens,-entis (part.B), ‘swelling, swelling out, being tumid;’

turgescens, -entis (part.B), ‘starting to swell up, swelling;’

ventruosus,-a,-um (adj.A), ventrosus,-a,-um (adj.A), ‘bellying outwards.’
swelling with; + abl.;

- herba succo praegnans, herb full of juice (Stearn 1983)

- cellulae latice intumescentes, cells swollen with latex.

- herbae succo aqueo vel lacteo tumentes, herbs swelling-out with a watery [i.e. clear] or milky juice.
Swelling (noun); see thickening (noun); see papilla, mamilla;

dilatatio,-onis (s.f.III), abl. sg. dilatatione: a swelling, a widening, expansion, widened part;

expansio,-onis (s.f.III), abl. sg. expansione, ‘an out-spreading, out-stretching, an expansion.’

- flos per tumentiam capitis augens, flower enlarging through swelling of the head.

- lobi 3, unguiculati, superne dilatati conniventesque, supra dilatationem nudi v. in acumina orasse subulata producti (B&H), lobes 3, unguiculate, above dilated and connivent, above the dilation naked or extended into the acumina thickly subulate.

area,-ae (s.f.I) inflata, pustulata, ventricosa, vesiculosa, etc., ‘inflated ... area.’

- area hyphalis extuberata, a swollen hyphal area.

pars, gen.sg. partis (s.f.III), acc. sg. partem, abl. sg. parte, nom. & acc. pl. partes, dat. & abl. pl. partibus, part, portion, sector, piece + inflata, pustulata, ventricosa, vesiculosa, etc., ‘inflated ... portion.’

- partibus inflatis hyphalibus, with inflated hyphal parts.

- metulae interdum in parte apicali tumidae, metulae sometimes in the apical part tumid.

ampulla,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. ampulla: flask-like bladder, the insectivorous structures on submerged leaves of Lentibulariaceae.

apophysis,-is (s.f.III), abl.sg. apophyse: a process or swelling.

bulla,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. bulla, ‘a hollow swelling, bubble, bladder;’

bullula,-ae (s.f.I), ‘a small swelling or blister;’

colliculus,-i (s.m.II), abl.sg. colliculo: a small hill, elevation.

ganglion,-ii (s.n.II), abl. sg. ganglio, ‘knot, swelling along stem.’

gaster, q.v., in reference to the anatomical belly, with a big belly, such as a vessel.

gibba,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. gibba: hump, swelling.

gibbus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. gibbo: a hump, hunch.

intumescentia,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. intumescentia: an intumescence, swelling, a swelling up;

nodulus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. nodulo (dimin. nodus), ‘nodule, a small knob or knot;’

- valvae typice nodulo centrali singulo rotundato magno nodulisque terminalibus 2 donatae, valves typically with a central solitary rounded large nodule and 2 terminal nodules presented (Stearn).

nodus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. nodo, ‘a knot or knob in wood or the branches of plants,’ implying a dense swelling.

protuberatio,-onis (s.f.III), abl.sg. protuberatione ‘bulge, swelling.’

pustula,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. pustula, ‘pustule, low projection like a blister or pimple, but larger than a papilla.’

struma,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. struma, ‘cushion-like swelling or tumor, like a goiter.’

strumula,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. strumula, ‘a small or indistinct struma or swelling.’

torulus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. toruluo (dim. of torus), ‘a small swelling, a little elevation or protuberance.’

torus,-i (s.m.II), abl.sg. toro, ‘any round swelling, a protuberance, a knot in a rope; the small thickening in the middle of the closing membrane of a bordered pit.’

tuber: ‘swelling, protuberance, hump,’ can mean a knot in wood; roundness, swelling, bump; in animals, it can indicate a bump or other swelling whether indicating disease or not; in plants it may be ‘a knob, hard excrescence on wood.’

tumentia,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. tumentia: a swelling;

- flos per tumentiam capitis augens, flower enlarging through swelling of the head.

tumiditas,-atis (s.f.III), abl. sg. tumiditate, a swelling, tumor.

tumor,-oris (s.m.III), abl. sg. tumore, ‘swelling, enlargement, swollen part.’

- spinae geminae interdum basi in tumorem magnum vel maximum confluentes, spines paired sometimes at base in a large or very large swelling grown together (Stearn 1983).

- petalis interioribus basi tumoribus geminatis instructis, by the inner petals provided with 2 swellings at the base.

turgor,-oris (s.m.III), abl. sg. turgore: a swelling, turgidity.

umbo,-onis (s.m.III), q.v., abl. sg. umbone, ‘a protuberant part, a round swelling part, a knoblike process;’ see nodular thickenings;

utriculus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. utriculo, ‘utricle, a vesicle or bladderlike structure; small bladders or vescicles.’

verruca,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. verruca: wart, wart-like, outgrowth or swelling.

verrucula,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. verrucula: small wart.

vesica,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. vesica, ‘a bladder, a bladder-like tumor, blister

vesicula,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. vesicula, ‘vesicle, small bladder or blister, air-cavity.’


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