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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Style, the typically narrowed portion of the pistil connecting the stigma to the ovary; “the narrowed upper end of a carpellary leaf; the part which bears the stigma” (Lindley): stylus,-i (s.m.II), acc. sg. stylum, dat. & abl. sg. stylo, nom. pl. styli, acc. pl. stylos, dat. & abl. pl. stylis [> Gk. stylos (s.m.II), a supporting or bearing pillar];

- stylis distinctis v. rarissime in columnam coalitis at facile solubilibus (B&H), with the styles distinct or more rarely fused into a colum and easily coming apart.

- styli basi 0, faciei interiori carpellorum affixi nec vere terminales (B&H), the styles zero at the base, attached to the inner face of the carpels, not truely terminal.

- stylus tenuis inferne glaber superne clavatus hirsutusque, style slender below glabrous, above club-shaped and also hirsute.

- stylus rectus nunc brevis vel brevissimus nunc filiformis elongatus, in ovario uniloculari saepius excentricus mox lateralis in ovario biloculari centralis, stigmate parvo capitato, style straight sometimes short or very short sometimes thread-like elongated, on a one-chambered ovary often off the center and soon lateral, on a two-chambered ovary central, with the stigma small capitate (Stearn).

- stylus staminibus triplo longior, style than the stamens three times longer.

- styli a basi usque ad medium coaliti, apice brevissime 2-3-fidi glabri ad 3 mm. longi vel breviores, styles from base up to the middle fused, at the apex very shortly 2-3-divided, up to 3 mm. long or shorter.

- styli divaricati crassi ochro-leuci, aetate superne purpurascens, ab apice usque ad supra medium vel etiam usque fere ad basim immaculati, non maculis, style divaricate thick creamy-white, with age in the upper part becoming purple, from the tip to above the middle or even almost to the base spottless, not with spots.

- stylis apice breviter nunc minute 3-fidis, with the styles at the tip shortly sometimes minutely 3-fid.

- stylus apice aequalis, globosus v. demum in discum peltatum intus v. supra stigmatosum expansus (B&H), style at the apex symmetrical, globose or ultimately expanded into a peltate disc inside or above stigmatose .

- Antherae erectae, basi v. alte circa stylum connate (B&H), anthers erect, at the base or high connate around the style.

- stylus exsertus curvatus, cum stigmate ad 2 cm. longus, ad 2 mm. latus, style exserted curved, including the stigma to 2 cm. long, 2 mm. broad (Stearn).

- stylis protuberationem breviter conicam ad discum elevatum formantibus, with styles forming a short conic protuberance at the elevated disc.

- stylus supra ovarium abrupte inflexus inferne glaber superne plus minus longitudinaliter barbatus, intra rostrum carinae incrassatus et cum eo tortus, stigmate obliquo, style above the ovary abruptly bent inwards below glabrous above more or less longitudinally bearded, within the beak of the keel thickened and together with this twisted, with stigma oblique (Stearn).

- discus epigynus crassus styli basin cingens, disc epigynous thick the base of the style surrounding, styli purpurascentes antheras superantes vel staminibus aequilongi, apice stigmatoso unilaterali 3 mm. longo distincte falcato, styles purplish the anthers overtopping or as long as the stamens, with the one-sided 3 mm. long stigmatic tip distinctly falcate (Stearn).

stylus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. stylo: (bryology) “a column; a one-celled, uniseriate or multiseriate, subulate to triangular strucure found between the lobule and the stem in certain leafy liverworts; archaic term for the archegonial neck” (Magill 1990).

stylus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. stylo: (liverworts) “the small subulate, or filiform, or broad-based third lobe of the three-lobed leaf in the genus Frullania, situated between the ventral lobe and the stem” (Damsholt).

NOTE: systylus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v., when the styles are united into one body; astylus,-a,-um (adj.A), lacking styles.
Style branches, sometimes called ‘style arms:’ ramus (s.m.II) styli (gen.sg.), abl. sg. ramo styli; rami stylorum (gen.pl.), abl. pl. ramis stylorum; cf. stylodium,-ii (s.n.II), a ‘stigma branch;’

- stylorum ramis liberis manifestis (non stigmatibus sessilibus vel stylis rostrum longum vel protuberationem breviter conicam ad discum elevatum formantibus), with the branches of the styles manifest, free (not with the stigmas sessile or with the styles forming a long beak or a short conic protuberance at the elevated disc (Stearn).


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