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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

still, calm, tranquil (adj.): iners,-ertis (adj.B), inactive, sluggish, inert, stagnant; quietus,-a,-um (adj.A), placidus,-a,-um (adj.A), calm, quiet, still;’ tranquilus,-a,-um (adj.A); stagnans,-antis (part.B), ‘stagnant;’ immobilis,-e (adj.B), immotilis,-e (adj.B), immotus,-a,-um (adj.A), undisturbed, motionless, without motion; opp. agitatus,-a,-um (part.B), ‘driven, put into motion, disturbed, troubled;’ (pro)fluens,-entis (part.B) 'free flowing;' turbulentus,-a,-um (adj.A), ‘full of trouble or commotion, restless, agitated, disturbed; turbulent; stormy;’ cf. stationary;

- in aquis tranquillis, in still waters (Stearn).

- in sinubus profundis tranquillissimis luce minus expositis praecipue exspectandae sunt Dictyotae, in very still, deep bays, exposed to less light the Dictyotas are to be especially expected.

- Hab. in caespites late expansos laxe intricata, in mari substagnanti tranquilliori, it lives in broadly outspread clumps loosely interwoven, in substagnant, more quiet sea.

- Hab. in sinubus tranquillioribus vel in profundiori mari Mediterraneo ad oras Galliae et Italiae, it lives in quieter bays or in the deeper Mediterranean Sea on the shores of Gallia and Italia.

- species ad 35 in aquis puris quietis v. lente fluentibus orbis fere totius vegetantes (B&H) (Nymphaeaceae), species to 35 growing in clear quiet or slow flowing water of nearly the whole world.

- aquis purioribus quietis stagnorum et lacuum, rarius fluviorum Hypnum fluitans innatat, Hypnum fluitans floats in clearer, quiet water of swamps and lakes, more rarely of running water (rivers).

NOTE: ‘still’ may also mean ‘dormant:’ dormiens,-entis (part.B), ‘sleeping, resting;’ e.g. sporae dormientes, resting spores; see ‘resting.’
still (adv. of time): adhuc (adv.)'until now, as yet,' etiam (conj.) ‘as yet, still;’ also with negatives: nondum etiam, vixdum etiam, ‘still not, not yet, scarcely yet;’ still, even now (with respect to past time): etiamnunc (conj.), etiamnun (conj.), etiam nunc (conj.), etiam num (conj.);’ still, even then, etiamtum, etiamtunc

- segmentis mediis paucis ad apices eorum adhuc coalitis differt, with a few middle segments still (as yet) adherent at their apices.

- sub silentio praeterimus: 1. Nomina sectionalia pro generibus propriis a nemine vindicata. 2. Nomina generica plurima in herbariis v. catalogis proposita sed adhuc verbis non definita, nec ab auctoribus recepta (B&H), we pass over in silence: 1. sectional names for proper genera laid claim to by nobody. 2. most generic names proposed in herbaria and catalogues but still not defined by words nor accepted by authors.

- nullae adhuc detectae in Africa et perpaucae in Australia et Nova-Zelandia (B&H), still (as yet) none detected in Africa and very few in Australia and New Zealand.

- gametophyton post ver etiam sporophyta efficiens, gametophyte after spring still producing sporophytes

- sterilis per totum annum reperitur vixdum etiam fertilis autumno, sterile found throughout the whole year, scarcely yet fertile in autumn.

- nondum etiam eam in culmis Anthoxanthi odorati et Holci moiiis legimus, we do not still collect this on culms of Anthoxanthum odoratum and Holcus mollis.

- capsulae dehiscentes etiamnum maturescentes, dehiscing capsules still ripening.

- species etiamnum aenigmatica, a species still enigmatic.

- vitam per hyemem pluviani totam producens etiamnum invenitur Mart. Apr., producing life throughout all the rainy winter yet still found in March, April.
still more, even more: etiam magis (adv. phrase);

- folia cum juvenia pallescens etiam magis cum vetera, leaves when young paleish even more when old.

- vere ineunte sporas efficiens, etiam magis aestate media, producing spores at the beginning of spring, even more in mid summer.
Still, distillery: stillatorium,-ii (s.n.II), abl. sg. stillatorio.


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