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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Sorus, (in ferns) fruit-dot; [as ‘sori’] “the patches of spore-cases found in Ferns” (Lindley); ‘a: cluster of reproductive bodies or spores on a lower plant, as a clump of sporangia on a fertile frond of a fern; b: a mass of spores bursting through the epidermis of the host plant of a parasitic fungus; c: a cluster of gemmae on the thallus of a lichen” (WIII); (in fungi) “a heap or aggregation; a heap of spores; the spore mass of the Acrasieae, a group of fruit bodies in the Synchytriaceae, or especially the erumpent spore mass in the Uredinales and Ustilaginales” (S&D) [> Gk. SOros (s.m.II): a heap = Lat. cumulus; a heap of wheat or corn or grain; a heap, quantity, store; a heap or mound of earth (Liddell & Scott)]: sorus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. soro, nom. pl. sori, gen. pl. sororum, dat. & abl. pl. soris: "synonymous with sporothecium" (Stearn); see telium,-ii (s.n.II); see synangium; - sori ex mediano supramediani, the sori from middle to above the middle. - sori inframediani, secus costulam dispositi, the sori below the middle, arranged along the costule. - sori nudi, apice venarum simplicium, sori naked, at the apex of simple veins (Stearn). - sori numero et loco irregulares plerumque conferti seriemque nervo intermedio approximatam irregularem formantes, sori in numbers and position irregular, most of them crowded together and forming an irregular series close to the intermediate nerve (Stearn). - sori uniseriati exacte inter marginem et costulam intermedii, sori in a single series exactly halfway between the margin and costula (Stearn). - sori varii, nempe globosi, lineares, oblongive, indusiati aut nudi, saepissime dorso venarum, interdum parenchymati insidentes, sori various, namely globose, linear, or oblong, with an indusium or naked, most often at the back of the veins, sometimes situated on the parenchyma (Stearn). - sori simplices pauci obliqui vel fere recti, in venulis superioribus insidentes et HANC OB CAUSAM a costa valde remoti et margini approximati, sori simple few oblique or almost straight, on the upper veinlets situated and for this reason very remote from the costa and near to the margin. - sori inter costam et marginem uniseriati denique confluentes et excepto angusto margine totam paginam inferiorem obtegentes, sori between costa and margin in a single series at length confluent and except for a narrow margin the whole lower surface covering Stearn). - sori inframarginales, in dorso dentium vel in sinu dentium (aut dentis dorsum vel illius sinum occupantes), sori inframarginal, on the back of teeth or in the recess of teeth (the back of a tooth or its recess occupying). - sororum series segmentorum apicem haud attingentes, series of sori the apex of the segments not reaching. - soris marginalibus linearibus, with sori marginal linear (Stearn). - Androecia saepe regulariter seriata vel in soros plus minus regulares aggregate (Steph.), androecia often regularly seriate or aggregated into more or less regular sori. Indusium, “the proper (often shield-shaped) covering of the sorus or fruit-dot in Ferns” (Fernald 1950): indusium,-ii (s.n.II), abl.sg. indusio, nom. & acc. pl. indusia, dat. & abl. pl. indusiis. Symplocium,-ii (s.n.II), abl. sg. symplocio: “(obsol.) the spore-case of a Fern” (Lindley). Telium,-ii (s.n.II), q.v., abl. sg. telio: a pustule-shaped sorus formed on the tissue of a plant infected by a rust fungus, producing teliospores; a sorus producing teliospores; Arthur’s term for teleutosorus (Jackson). NOTE: soros (s.f.II): a vessel or urn to hold the ashes of the dead; a coffin (Liddell & Scott); note gender; the first ‘o’ is an omicron.


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