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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Snow: nix (s.f.III), gen. sg. nivis, abl. sg. nive; see nix (s.f.III) gen.sg. nivis, abl. sg. nive; in Gk. comp. chion-, chiono, snow-, white [> Gk. chiOn, gen.sg. chionos (s.f.III), snow];

- ad nives deliquescentes, at the melting snows (Stearn).

- species ad 6, in uliginosis montium altiorum Andium Americae australis vigentes, usque ad limites nivium aeternarum extensae (B&H), species to 6, in the wet places of the higher mountains of the Andes of South America flourishing, extended up to the limits of perpetual snows.

- primordia ejus sero jam autumno obvia: sed vigoris tempus primum ver, inter ipsam nivem deliquescentem, its primordia is found already in late autumn, but the time of vigor is the onset of the spring amid the melting snow itself.

- in scopulis et pratis montium excelsorum Europae ad nivem deliquescentera (DeCandolle), on cliffs and pastures of the high mountains of Europe on melting snow.

- inter scopulos summarum Alpium prope nives deliquescentes (DeCandolle), among the cliffs of the high Alpa near melting snow.

- in Alpium Pyrenaeornmque scopulis nivi aeternae contiguis. (DeCandolle), on the crags of the Alps and Pyrenes near to eternal snow.

- ad limites nivium aeternarum extensae, extended to the limits of perpetual snows.

Cardamine glacialis, in locis udis Terrae del Fuego fere sub nive (DeCandolle), in wet places of Terra del Fuego almost beneath the snow; see glacialis,-e (adj.B).

Chionanthus L. Fringe-tree [> Gk. chion, snow, and anthos, flower; "alluding to the light and snow-white clusters of flowers" (Fernald 1950); Anaphalis chionantha DC; Arnica chionopappa Fernald 'with snowy pappus' (Fernald 1950); Arnica chionophila Greene, snow-loving.

in L. comp. niv-, niveo-, nivi-;

- niveocaulis, with a snow-white stem; niveocuspis, with a snow-white cusp; niveocoronatus, with a snow-white crown; niveolimbatus, with a snow-white margin; niveopappus, with a snow-white pappus; niveotomentosus, with snow-white tomentum.

- nivigenus,-a,-um (adj.A), born of the snow; snow-bearing.

in Gk. comp. chion-, chiono-; also chio-; chio-, chion-: in Gk. comp. 'snowy', snow-, white- [> Gk. chiOn, gen.sg. chionos (s.f.III), snow];

- chionanthus, having snow-white flowers, chionopappus, with snowy pappus, chionophilus, snow-loving.

- Chiococca (s.f.I), Snowberry, > Gk. chiOn, snow + kokkos, a berry. “the berries of one species are snow-white. Rubiaceae” (Stearn 1996).

- Chionophila (s.f.I), + Gk. chiOn, snow + phileo, to love; “it grows at high elevations in the Rocky Mountains. Scrophulariaceae” (Stearn 1996).
Snow-dweller: nivicola,-ae (s.c.I), snow-dweller (a noun, often used in apposition to another noun); nivigenus,-a,-um (adj.A): born of or native to snows or snowy e.g. alpine regions.
Snow-flake: stiria,-ae (s.f.I), q.v.: a frozen drop; an ice-drop, icicle; snow, snow-flake; cf. stilla,-ae (s.f.I), a drop, as of rain.
Snow-patch: locus ubi nix longe perdurat, 'place where snow persists a long time.'
snow-white; pertaining to or of the snow: nivalis,-e (adj.A), niveus-a-um (adj.A)

- lobis mediis calycis niveis (F. Mueller), with the middle lobes of the calyx snow-white.

- pappus niveus (F. Mueller), the pappus is snow-white.

- Anemone alpina var. nivalis, floribus mediocribus albis subtus subpurpurascentibus (DeCandolle), with the flowers middle-size, white, somewhat purplish below.

- Aconitum albiflorum: floribus laxe spicatis niveis (DeCandolle), with the flowers loosely spicate, snow-white.

- [Pyrenopsis fuliginea, lichen]] in Finmarkia Lapponiae norvegicae ad rupes calcareas aqua nivali suffusas (Nyl.), in Finmark of the norwegian Lapponia on calcareous rocks washed over with snow water.

- [Macropodium nivale] in summis montibus Altaicis prope nives perpetuas (DeCandolle), on the highest Altae mounts near eternal snow.

Hesperis nivea, Silene nivea
snow-white, of the whiteness of snow: niveus,-a,-um (adj.A);

- CHIOCOCCA. bacca subrotunda, leviter compressa, nivea, coronata, disperma (Swartz), the berry somewhat round, slightly compressed, snow-white, crowned, with two seeds.

- flores umbellati, coccíneo - fulvi, 1. [= ‘vel’] nivei (Swartz), flowers umbellate, scarlet-fulvous or snow-white.

- Hîeraciun foliis latis leviter dentatis subtus niveis (Swartz), a Hieracium with the leaves broad, lightly dentate, snow-white underneath.

Begonia nivea; Bidens nivea; Schoenus niveus
snow, full of; snowy: nivosus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v.


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