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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

scrobicularis,-e (adj.B), scrobiculatus,-a,-um (adj.A): marked by numerous small pits or depressions, minutely pitted; distinct from lacunosus, ‘with large pits;’ “marked by little depressions” (Lindley); “marked by minute or shallow depressions, pitted; (fungi) “roughened, furrowed; pitted” (S&D) [> scrobiculus,-i (s.m.II), a little trench]; note that foveolatus,-a,-um (adj.A) seems to be a synonym, e.g. foveolatus = slightly pitted (Stearn 1996), although some authors make some distinction, perhaps on size; see pitted; cf. punctatus,-a,-um (adj.A);

NOTE: not scobiculatus,-a,-um (adj.A), scobiformis,-e (adj.B), ‘in fine grains like sawdust.’

- sed semina laevia, nec ut in Passifloreis scrobiculata (DeCandolle), but the seeds are smooth, not pitted as in the Passifloreae.

- testa crustacea, fragilis, saepius laevis, interdum striata, rarius scrobiculata (DeCandolle), the seedcoat with a crust, fragile, more often smooth, sometimes striate, more rarely pitted.

- testa membranacea coriacea v. crustacea, laevis striata punctata scrobiculata v. cristata (B&H), seedcoat membranaceous, leathery or crusty, smooth, striate, punctate, pitted or crested.

- semina angulata, testa spongiosa scrobiculata, seeds angled, seedcoat spongy, minutely pitted.

- receptáculo semiovato scrobiculato (F. Mueller), with the receptacle half-ovate [i.e. ovate on one side only], pitted.

- arbuscula, cortice sordide cano scrobiculato, ligno flavescente (F. Mueller),small tree, with the bark a dirty whitish-gray, pitted.

- rachillae valde scrobiculatae (F. Muller), the rachillas strongly pitted.

- rachillae scrobiculato-squamulosae. (F. Mueller), the rachillas pitted-squamulose.

- [lichen] Thallus expansus, passim fenestrato-dissectus, scrobiculatus saepeque granuliferus (Nyl.), the thallus spread out, everywhere fenestrate-dissected [i.e. deeply divided with broad openings], scrobiculate [i.e. minutely pitted] and often bearing little grains.

- [Leptogeum reticulatum; lichen] thallus obscure sordide olivaceo-virescens, laciniato-lobatus, reticulatim intricato-rugulosus vel tenuiter crebreque scrobiculato-foveolatus et inter foveolas costatus et conferte ruguloso-reticulatus (Nyl.); the thallus a dull dirty olive-green, laciniate-lobed, reticulately intricately wrinkled or thinly and closely scrobiculate-foveolate and costate between the foveolae, and densely rugulose-reticulate [i.e. wrinkled in a network].

scrobiculato-inaequalis,-e (adj.B), scrobiculose inaequalis: unevenly pitted, unevenly roughened by minute pits, with pits of different sizes or shapes; more or less scrobiculate or scrobiculose;

- [lichen] cephalodia podicellata vel subpodicellata parum discolora, saepius scrobiculato-inaequalia (Nyl.), cephalodia stalked or somewhat stalked, a little of different colors, more often pittedly-unequal [or unevenly pitted, or with pits of different sizes or shapes].

- [lichen] interdum obsolete scrobiculato-inaequalis (Nyl.), sometimes weakly unequally scrobiculate [or unevenly pitted or with pits of different sizes.

- [lichen] variat thallus quoque superne in axibus saltem latioribus nonnihil scrobiculose inaequalis (Nyl.), the thallus also varies at least above in the wider axes somewhat unevenly pitted [i.e. uneven due to minute depressions or pits, or with pits of various shapes or sizes.]

scrobiculato-impressus,-a,-um (part.A);

- [lichen] Ita simile est Stereocaulo stricto, ut cum eodem jungerem, nisi obstaret textura cephalodiorum ; haec laeviuscula (parum scrobiculato-impressa) (Nyl.), similar in this way is Stereocaulon strictum, such that I might have joined it with the same, except texture of the cephalodia would oppose it; this [i.e. the texture] is almost smooth, somewhat scrobiculate-impressed.

scrobiculato-rugosus,-a,-um (adj.A): pittedly wrinkled, although the word may indicate small furrows or wrinkles grading to larger ones;

- [lichen] cephalodia pallida vel albida scrobiculato-rugosa (Nyl.), cephalodia pale or whitish, pitted-wrinkled.

Lactarius scrobicuatus, a mushroom whose stalk has depressed shiny spots; Paspalum scrobiculatum; Sticta (Lobaria, Stictina) scrobiculata, a lichen that is “smooth to more or less pitted.”

“The common Receptacle, (receptaculum commune), is of wide circumference, and contains a multitude of flowers. It is of the following kinds: Scrobiculate, (receptaculum scrobiculatum), when there are deep round pits on the surface (Willdenow); see receptacle.


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