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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Rostrum,-i (s.n.II), abl.sg. rostro: beak, bill, snout, muzzle; “any beak-like extension; as in the stigma of some Asclepiads” (Lindley); ); “1. any beak-like extension; 2. the inner segment of the coronal lobes in Asclapiads” (Jackson); (mosses) the elongate apex of the operculum, in liverworts, the apex of the perianth may have a rostrum, as in Frullania spp. [> L. rostrum,-i (s.n.II), “the bill or beak of a bird; the snout, muzzle, mouth of animals” “the curved end of a ship’s prow, a ship’s beak” (Lewis & Short)]; see beak;

- [Caltha] capsulis rostro adunco vel recto(DeCandolle), with the capsules with a hooked or straight beak.

- galea sub conica in rostrum elongatnm producta (DeCandolle), with the galia nearly conic, prolonged into an elongate beak.

- rostro brevi horizontali, with the beak short, horizontal.

- fructus cylindraceus, apice in rostrum 4–8 mm longum transiens, fruit cylindric, at the apex passing into a 4-8 mm long beak.

- perianthia auriculis post rostrum superpositis, perianths with auricles behind the beak overlapped.

- perigyniis apice in rostrum breve sensim contractis, acheniis ellipsoideo-obovoideis, apice in rostrum tenue contractis, with the perigynia with the apex gradually contracted into a short beak, with the achenia ellipsoid-obovoid, with the apex contracted into a delicate beak.

- siliqua brevis, turgida, gibba, rostro late linguiformi (B&H), silique short, inflated, gibbous [i.e. hunch-backed], with a beak broadly tongue-shaped.

- siliqua brevis, turgida, rostro foliáceo (B&H), the silique short, swollen, with a leafy beak.

- siliqua parva, oblique ovoidea, rostro elongato obliquo late ensiformi (B&H), silique small, slantingly ovoid, with a slanting, elongate broadly sword-shaped beak.

- siliqua transverse ovoidea, in rostrum pugioniforme attenuata, 1-sperma (B&H), silique transversely ovoid, tapered into a dagger-shaped beak.

- (algae) motu inchoante sporidia rostro, semper praeeunte, instruuntur — an rostri origo in punctis granulorum membrana adhaerentium quaerenda sit?—, quod motu evanescente denique radix sporidii germinantis evadit (Agardh), the sporidia with a commencing stage, are provided with an always preceding rostrum - or perhaps the origin of the rostrum should be sought in spots of granules adhering to the membrane? - because with the stage fading, in the end, the foundation of the germinating sporidium ends.

- (algae) A Dudresnaja differt favellidiis pone apicem ramulorum — hinc fere ut in Naccaria in rostrum excurrentium—subsolitariis (Agardh), from Dudresnaja it differs by the favellidia nearly solitary, behind the apex of the branchlets - here nearly as in Naccaria, running out into a beak.-

- (algae) et ad veritatem nostrarum observationum probandam, immo testem citare potuerimus Cel. Risso, cui non tantum motum sporidiorum in interno tubo, sed etiam rostrum, quo muniti sunt, mamillam per quam egrediuntur et motum vivacissimum in liquido circumjacente monstrare felices fuimus (Agardh), and for the demonstrating the truth of our observations, indeed we had been able to cite the testimony of the celebrated Rosso, for whom we had the good fortune to show not only the motion of the sporidia in an internal tube, but even the beak, by which they are armed, the mamilla through which they issue and the most vigorous motion in the surrounding liquid.

(fungus) Rostrella, Rostrocoronophora, Rostrosphaeria, Rostrospora


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