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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

quivis, quaevis, quodvis (indefinite pronoun): (abl. quivis), who or what you please, anywhatever, any one, any sort of thing, any thing.

joined with unus: ’any one you please, any one whatever;’

- una harum quaevis causa, for any one of these reasons you please.

- non quaevis una species ex grege distincta, not any one of the species out of the group is distinct.

quidvis (as substantive): anything whatever, no matter what; e.g. quidvis anni (+ genitive sg.), at any season of the year (Lewis & Short);

- quidvis humoris, any sort of moisture
                singular                              plural   
       m.         f.       n.                   m.     f.        n.   
Nom.  quivis   quaevis  quodvis              quivis  quaevis   quaevis   
Gen.       cuiusvis (of whomever you please) quorumvis quarumvis quorumvis   
Dat.       cuivis (to, for whomever you please)      quibusvis   
Acc.     quemvis  quamvis  quodvis           quosvis  quasvis   quaevis   
Abl.  quovis [quivis]  quavis   quovis               quibusvis   
      (by, with,from whoever or whichever you please)
NOTE: although classically the abl.sg. masc. was quivis, all citations for this form noted below are ‘quovis.’

NOTE: quovis (adv.): quovis (adv.): to any place whatever; to any where, anyplace, anywhere; - quovis admittunt aves, the birds gain access to anyplace they want.

- ad quemvis numerum foliorum, to whatever number of leaves.

- quaevis capsulae, all sorts of capsules.

- [fungi] cortex super quovis poro in ostiolum hemisphaericum (S&A), the cortex [i.e. skin] is usually elevated above by some kind of pore into a hemispheric ostiole.

- planta ab quivis fructu beneficium gaudet, the plant enjoys the benefit from any sort of fruit.

- fungus ope cuiusvis madoris crescens, a fungus growing with the help of any sort of moisture.

- quivis modo, in any sort of manner.

- ovarii placentae v. semisepta 3; ovulis in quavis placenta oo [= numerosis] (B&H), the placentae or half-septa 3; with the ovules in any one placenta numerous.

- bractea e quovis nodo solitaria radici opposita cymbiformi-ovata pedunculum suffulciens (F. Mueller), the bract solitary from any one node, opposite to the root [i.e. descending axis], cymbiform-ovate, subtending the peduncle.

- floribus 1-3 ex quovis foliorum verticillo (DeCandolle), with the flowers 1-3, from any verticel of the leaves.

- floribus in quovis axi paucls pluribusve (F. Mueller), with the flowers in any one axil few or many.

- semina in quovis lóculo plura, nec numerosa (F. Mueller), the seeds in any one locule many, [in general:] not numerous.

- Conostylis seorsiflora. C. miserae aemula, ab omnibus aliis flore quovis solitario longe diversa (F. Mueller),[resembling] Conostylis misera, from all others distinct by any solitary flower whatsoever.

- seminibus 4-7 in quovis lóculo (F. Mueller), with the seeds 4-7 in any one locule.

- bracteae sub quovis flore vel grege florum solitariae (B&H), the bracts under any one flower or group of flowers solitary.

- tertio quovis anno copia prodire videtur abundantissima (S&A), in any third year it seems to spring forth in the greatest number.

- e quovis enim tuberculo enascitur cornu crassiusculum, for from any tubercle arises a rather thickish horn.

Quivisia,-ae (s.f.I) Comm. in Juss. Gen. 264; Meliaceae: a genus of vascular plants of Mauritius and Madagascar (B&H); (phytochemistry) quivisianthone, an evodulone limonoid from the Madagascan (Meliaceae) Quivisia papinae: quivisianthonum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. quivisianthono.


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