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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Quisquiliae,-arum (pl.f.I); also quisquilia,-orum (pl.n.II), (of both genders) dat. & abl. pl. quisquiliis; litter; “the waste or refuse of anything, the droppings of trees, sweepings, off-scourings, dejecta, rubbish; filth; odds and ends, fallen matter; trash, rubbish” (Lewis & Short);

- non tantum in truncis ramisque dejectis putredine tactis vulgaris est; sed et in foliis aliisque quisquiliis humi jacentibus udis, quibus basi mucida laxius tantum adnata loco facile movetur, neutiquam rara habetur (S&A), not only on the trunks and fallen branches touched by putrefaction is it common; but also on leaves and other dejecta fallen down on moist soil, on which by the mucid base only more laxly adnate it is easily moved in place, it is considered not altogether rare.

- (fungus) cortici muscoso quisquiliis tecto — arborum praesertim frondosarum duriorum, Quercus, Fagi etc. exoletarum putrescentium (S&A), on mossy bark covered with the droppings of trees, especially the leafy, harder [trees] of mature, diseased Quercus, Fagus etc.

- semel inventa species pulchra terrestris, foliis siccis aliisque quisquiliis superfusa (S&A), a beautiful terrestrial species found one time, spread over dry leaves and other fallen matter.

- pedicellus constans fungillum sustentat, etiamsi brevissimus saepe ac intra corticis fissuras aliasve quisquilias delitescens primo obtutu deficere videatur: est tamen etiam, quando paullo longior ac distincte prominulus in oculos statim incurrit (S&A), an evident little foot-stalk [i.e. pedicel] supports the fungillus, even if often very short and sheltering within the fissures of the bark or other refuse, it at first sight may appear to be absent: however it is also, seeing that it is somewhat longer and distinctly prominulous, immediately that it appears to the eye.

- praeter ligna alias etiam quisquilias varias epigaeas occupat: ita v. c. praegrandem in amentis populinis dejectis putrefactis vidimus etc. (S&A), in addition to woods, it occupies also various refuse lying on the ground: thus very large [vidi cultam, I have seen it grown] on the rotted, fallen catkins of Poplar.

- frequens viget species excentrica locis praesertim suffocatis, intra acervos v. c. quisquiliarum variarum humi collectarum degens, aestate madida (S&A), a common excentric species especially in smothered [i.e. airless] places, [vidi cultam: I have seen it grow] living within heaps of the various collected refuse on the ground, in a moist summer.

- truncos abietinos aliosque praeamat vulgatior a, folia ac varias quisquilias humi degentes locis praesertim tectis b; utraque aestiva et autumnalis (S&A), it loves very much fir-tree trunks and other [trees], more common a, leaves and various litter living on the ground, especially roofs b; each one of summer and autumn.

- ramulos aliasve quisquilias locis udis umbrosis dejectas (S&A), branches or other litter fallen down in wet, shady places.

- in quisquiliis vegetabilibus humi jacentibus hortorum , agrorum etc. coelo pluvio minime infrequens (S&A), on discarded plant litter on the ground of gardens, fields, etc., least infrequent in wet weather.

- praeamat folia, stipulas, aliasve quisquilias locis frondosis umbrosis nemorum, sepium subpaganarum etc. dejectas (S&A),it loves above all leaves, small stalks [e.g. straw] or other fallen litter in leafy [i.e. broad-leaved] shady places of glades, rustic hedges.

- pervulgatus locis sylvaticis udis est fungillus, ubi in ramis dejectis, stipitibus, muscis, aliisve quisquiliis parasitatur (S&A), the fungillus is very common in wet, forested places, where it is parasitic on fallen branches, stalks, mosses or other litter.

- sebum exacte aemulatur in statu recenti, muscos, ramulos, aliasque quisquilias humi jacentes incrustans (S&A), it precisely resembles grease in its fresh state, encrusting mosses, twigs and the other fallen litter on the ground.

- plura semel exempla reperimus fungi rarioris, radicibus arborum, muscorum aliarumque quisquiliarum farragine leviter obtectis, adhaerentia (S&A), one time we found many specimens of the rather rare fungus, adhering to the roots of trees, lightly covered with a jumble of mosses and other refuse.


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