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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Quercus,-us (s.f.IV), acc. sg. quercum, dat. sg. quercui, abl.sg. quercu; oak; see Fourth Declension; note the ablative and dative plural is quercubus and the noun otherwise consistent with fourth declension endings;

NOTE: in classical language, “an oak-tree, specifically the common or pedunculated oak, Quercus robur” (Glare).

- Q. alba L.; Q. coccinea Muenchh.; Q. macrocarpa Michx.; Q. velutina Lam.; Q. borealis Michx.f.
      singular      plural          Quercus,-us (s.f.IV)   
Nom.  Quercus      Quercus   
 Gen. Quercus      Quercuum   
Acc.  Quercum      Quercus   
 Dat. Quercui      Quercubus   
Abl.  Quercu       Quercubus   
- species nova Quercui macrocarpae simillima, sed Quercu velutina differt, new species most similar to Quercus macrocarpa, but differs from Quercus velutina.

- genus a Quercu sect. Chlamydobalano differt, the genus differs from Quercus section Chlamydobalan[us] (Bentham and Hooker Vol.III).

- ad cortices et ligna quercus, on the barks and woods of the oak.

- basidiomata sub quercibus in humo foliorum dispersa, basidiomes dispersed under oak trees in a soil of leaves.

- sub quercubus, ad fruticeta frondosa varia (S&A), under Oaks, in various leafy [i.e. deciduous] thickets.

- provenit hinc inde in sylvarum graminosis, sub quercubus etc. (S&A), it occurs here and there in the grassy places of forests, under oaks, etc.

- (moss) on truncis arbor, sylvat., praeprimis quercuum et castanearum (Mueller), on the trunks of forest trees (arborum sylvaticorum), most especially of oaks and chestnuts.

- Prope Tergestum, in muro sylvam quercmim loci Melara cingente (Mueller), near Tergestum, on a wall surrounding a forest of oaks of a locality in Melara.

- ad truncos decorticatos et cortices Coniferarum in sylvis majoribus totius fere Europae, rarius ad quercus et betulas. (Nyl.), on the decorticated trunks and bark of Conifers in the larger forests of nearly the all Europe, more rarely on oaks and betulas (beeches).

- ad cortices, praesrtim quercus, in Europa media frequens (Nyl.), on the barks particularly of oak, common in central Europe.

- ad truncos arborum variarum, in primis quercuum, passim in Germania. Helvetia et Gallia (Nyl.), on the truks of various trees, in particular of oaks everywhere in Germany, Switzerland and France.

- frequentissimum in maxima parte Europae, saltem in regionibus ubi quercus vigent. Ad corticem et lignum vetustum praesertim quercuum (Nyl.), most frequent in the greatest part of Europe, at least in the regions where oaks flourish. On the bark and old wood especially of the oaks.

- Locus: supra basin residuam, truncorum dejectorum Quercus, putrilaginosam, circa Lipsiam haud infrequens (Hedw.), situation: above the putrid residual base of the fallen trunks of an Oak, not infrequent around Leipzig.

- in foliis Betulae, Fagi, Platani etc. etiam Quercus, copiose passim obviam (S&A), everywhere encountered copiously on the leaves of Betula, Fagus, Platanus, etc., also of Quercus.

- (fungus) cortici muscoso quisquiliis tecto — arborum praesertim frondosarum duriorum, Quercus, Fagi etc. exoletarum putrescentium (S&A), on mossy bark covered with the droppings of trees, especially the leafy, harder [trees] of mature, diseased Quercus, Fagus etc.

Melogramma quercuum Schw. [gen. pl.], a fungus growing on the dead branches of oak; Crepidiastrum quercus, ‘of oak’, ‘of quercus’ appears to be a noun in the genitive singular; as is Ixeris quercus, Lactuca quercus; and other such epithets.

NOTE: Quercus is a heteroclitic noun: see Heteroclitic and Heterogeneous Nouns.


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