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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Process, any protuberance, appendage, q.v., outgrowth, projection, eminence or projecting part; “any extension of the surface” (Lindley); “any projecting appendage” (Jackson); (in mosses) endostome segments, “the main divisions of the diplolepidous endostome (also called segments), generally alternating with the outer peristome teeth” (Magill 1990): processus,-us (s.m.IV), abl. sing. processu, nom. & acc. pl. processus, dat. & abl. pl. processubus, lit. 'a going forth, a prolongation;' [> L. procedere, to proceed]; cf. protuberatio,-onis (s.f.III), protuberance, bulge, swelling; see appendage, projection, prominence; see boss, umbo;

- semina in placentae processubus pulposis involuta in Geniostomo (B&H), the seeds enveloped in the pulpy processes of the placenta in Geniostomum.

- spadicis appendix processubus conicis onusta (B&H), the appendage of the spadix burdened with [i.e. full of] conical processes.

- drupa carnosa, ovata, putamine osseo, loculo e processu dependente (B&H), drupe fleshy, ovate, with the stone bony, with the locule hanging from a process.

- valvis fere in latere apicum in processus adparenter cavos magnos et in directiones oppositas inclinatos terminantibus, with valves almost at the side of the tips in processes (projections) apparently hollow large and turned in opposite directions terminating.

- valvae ellipticae processibus conspicuis basi inflatis opposite inclinatis truncatis vel rotundatis, spatio inter bases processuum convexo, valves elliptic with processes conspicuous at base inflated oppositely inclined truncate or rounded, with the space between bases of processes convex.

- peristomium internum e processibus subulatis superne papillosis irregularibus compositum, inner peristome made from processes subulate above papillose irregular (Stearn).

- lamina in quoque latere processu dentiformi vel subciliiformi praedita, lamina on each side provided with a process dentiform or subciliiform.

- stylis protuberationem breviter conicam ad discum elevatum formantibus, with styles forming a short conic protuberance at the elevated disc.

- semen circa processum internum induplicatum v. hippocrepicum, rarius rectum laminam intra sulcam lateralem recipiens (B&H), the seed around the internal process induplicate or hippocrepiform, more rarely straight receiving the lamina within a lateral furrow.

- processu ad faciem interiorem plus minus hemisphaerico, peltato v. laminaeformi intra cavitatem intruso (B&H), with the process [i.e. appendage] on the inner face more hemisphaeric, peltate or laminiform [i.e. blade-like].

- [moss] eius internum peristomum minime reticulatum est, sed e processibus liberis per paria approximatis constât. Hinc genus illud vitio laborat, (Brid.), its inner peristome is the least reticulate [i.e. not reticulate whatsoever], but is composed of free [i.e. not fused] processes close together in pairs. For this reason, that genus labors under a defect.

- [moss] peristomium interius e membrana vix exserta, obsolete sedecies carinato-plicata, apice fissa in [+ acc.] processus totidem angustos (DozyMoek), the peristome internally from a scarcely exserted membrane, weakly 16-times keeled-plicate, [the membrane] at the apex split into as many narrow processes.

- [moss] peristomium interius e membrana ad peristomii exterioris altitudinem dimidiam fere exserta, apice in processus sedecim lanceolato-acuminatos (DozyMoek), the peristome interiorly exserted almost to the half height of the exterior peristome, at the apex into sixteen lanceolate-acuminate processes.

- [moss] peristomium interius apice fissa in processus sedecim dentibus externis breviores iisdemque alternos (DozyMoek), the peristome interiorly split at the apex into sixteen processes, shorter than the outer teeth and alternate with them.

- [algae] Quae [sc. cellulae] quomodo formentur, utrum per processum divisorium, an per cellulam liberam cum utriculo matricali coalescentem, ulterius inquirendum est (Braun), which [sc. cells] in whatever way they may be formed, either through the divisor [i.e. place of division] of the process, or rather perhaps through a free cell coalescing with the mother [i.e. generative] utricle, is to be further investigated.

- [algae] Secundum distributionem Algarum unicellarium [sic], quam cl. Nägeli proposuit, Codiolum Protococcaceis accensendum est, i.e. Algis (stridissimus sensu) unicellularibus, chlorophyllosis, vegetatione terminali et ramificatione carentibus et propagatione per gonidia endogena, cytiogenesi libera orta, donatis. Ab his Pallmellaceas auctor eo distinguit, quod per cellulas processu divisorio ortas propagantur (Braun),

according to the distribution of unicellular algae, which the eminent Nägeli proposed, Codiolum is to be added to the Protococcaceae, i.e. to the unicellular, chlorophyllose algae (in the strictest sense), lacking terminal growth and branching, and provided with propagation by endogenous gonidia, [arisen free of cytiogenesis [= cytogensis]. According to these things the author distinguishes the Palmellaceae from that (i.e. Codiolum], because they are propagated by the cells having arisen [i.e. originated] from a divisory process.

Labiate process (diatoms): rimoportula,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. rimoportula, q.v.

Occluded process (diatoms): processus occlusus (part.A), abl. sg. processu occluso.

Strutted process (diatoms): fultoportula,-ae (s.f.I), q.v., abl. sg. fultoportula.

Processus,-us (s.m.IV) hymenii [gen.sg. hymenium), abl. sg. processu hymenii: “the aciculae of certain Fungals” (Lindley).

Processus endostomialis, abl. sg. processu endostomiali, nom. & acc. pl. processus endostomiales: (in mosses) endostome segment(s).

Processus germinalis, abl. sg. processu germinali, nom. & acc. pl. processus germinales: germinal processes “(obsol.) parts belonging to or proceeding from the germen or ovary” (Lindley).

NOTE: having hairlike or flagelliform processes, see -trichiate.


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