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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Pratum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. prato: ‘meadow;’ also, a broad field or plain (Lewis & Short); a prairie, q.v.; a meadow is a grassland but only a pasture if cattle are allowed to feed on it; grassland; cf. campus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. campo: a flat spot, a plain, grassland, meadow,'of any open, level land, without reference to cultivation or use, an even, flat place, a plain, field' (Lewis & Short); Gk. = leimOn,-Onos, (s.m.II): “any moist grassy place, a meadow, mead; see lim-, limo-; see grassland; see meadow; see pascuum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. pascuo, ‘a pasture;’ see meadow;

- in campis apricis vel pratis arenosis terrae Arnhemicae (F. Mueller), in the open plains or sandy grasslands of Arnhem land (Australia).

- in nemorosis et pratis Europae fere totius (DeCandolle), in woodland [places] and grasslands of almost all of Europe.

- crescit in pratis paludosis turfosis (Hedwig), it grows in marshy, peaty meadows.

- in pratis subhumidis Jamaicae frequens (Swartz), frequent in the somewhat humid meadows of Jamaica.

- in Polytrichis pratorum paludosorum (S&A), on the Polytricha [i.e. a species of moss] of boggy meadows.

- in prato humidiusculo (S&A), in a somewhat moist meadow.

- amat species vulgaris pratorum ac pascuorum sicciora, gramine tenui vestita (S&A), the common species loves the drier places of meadows and pastures, [these] clothed with a thin grass.

- pratum irriguum, aut siccum, a meadow irrigated, or dry.

- in oleraceis et pratis Carolinae septent. (DeCandolle), in weedy places and meadows of North Carolina.

- pratorum viriditas, the verdure of meadows.

- in pratis, in meadows.

- praticola,-ae (s.c.I), dwelling in meadows.

- holotypus in prato aprico lectus, holotype collected in an open (i.e. sunny) meadow.

- virore pratorum, with the greeness of meadows.

- habitat in pratis pinquioribus cum Fest. elatiore, sed rarius obvenit, et magis locis montanis, quam declivibus crescit; it inhabits richer meadows with Festuca elatior, but it occurs more rarely, and it grows more in montainous places than down-sloping places.

- Hab. in pratis madidis Borreguils dictis in Sierra Nevada ad alt. circiter 8000' (Boissier), it grows in wet meadows called Borreguils in the Sierra Nevada at an altitude around 8000” [feet].

- patria: in pratis et campis incultis Ohionis et Alabamae Americae sept. (Sallivant), native place: in pastures and uncultivated grasslands of [the States of] Ohio and Alabama of North America.

- in pratis graminosis basalticis passim udis secus partes fluvii Victoria; superiores (F. Mueller), in grassy basaltic wet meadows everywhere along the upper parts of the river Victoria.

- loca diligit affinium more aprica graminosa, pascua, prata, versuras : at in dumosis quoque umbrosis hinc illinc invenitur, subgregarius , antecedenti contemporalis (S&A), it prefers, according to the ways of its relations, open, grassy places, pastures, meadows, ploughed places: and also in shady spiney thickets here and there it is found.

- in pratis dumosis prope Providence Hill et Macadam Range (F. Mueller), in spiny-shrubby meadows near Providence Hill and the Macadam Range.

- in pratorum umbrosis apricisve locis sibi seligit depressa humida gramine pingui vestita (S&A), in open or shady [areas] of meadows it picks out for itself low wet places clothed with a thick grass.


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