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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

praecox, gen. sg. praecocis (adj. B): compar. praecocior,-ius; superl. praecocissimus,-a,-um (adj.A); “appearing early in the year, or earlier than others related to it” (Lindley); precocious, developing early, 'ripe before the time,' premature; ‘very early’ (Stearn 1996); syn. praematurus,-a,-um (adj.A), q.v.; syn. praecoquis,-e (adj.B), praecoquus,-a,-um (adj.A); over-hasty, bearing flowers before the leaves; opp. senior,-ius (adj.B), the comparative of senex, q.v., old; opp. late; see early.

NOTE: the adjective derives from prae + coquo 'to boil beforehand; to ripen fully,' hence Avena praecoqua Litv.

- florescentia paulo praecociore (DeCandolle), with the inflorescence somewhat earlier developing.

- Hab. cum priore, hac ut videtur paulo praecocior (DeCandolle), it grows with the preceding [sc. species], than this, it seems, somewhat earlier [developing, flowering].

- stamina petalorum numero dupla toro inserta, alia petalis alterna libera praecociora, alia petalis opposita et cum iis basi coalita seriora interdum abortiva (DeCandolle), the stamens two times the number of the petals, inserted on the torus [i.e. receptacle], some alternate with the petals, free [i.e. not fused], [flowering or developing] earlier, some opposite to the petals and with them at the base fused, the older sometimes abortive

- a Rauvolfia. praecoci K. Schumann ex Markgraf habitu suffrutescenti differt, it differs from R. praecox by the suffrutescent habit.

- Vitis riparis var. praecox Engelm., early ripening, June-Grape; Agrostis praecox Salisb.; Syntherisma praecox Walter

- Imperata praecoquis Honda

- comparative, neuter: Dichanthelium praecocius; Hordeum praecocius; Panicum praecocius 'early maturing.'

- species pleraeque flores producunt dimorpbos, perfectos praecociores saepe steriles, aestívales minutos apétalos v. cryptopetalos fertiliores(B&H), many species produce flowers of two kinds, perfect early-flowering ones that are often sterile, summer (flowering ones) minute, without petals or cryptopetalous, more fertile.

- [fungi] invenimus speciem raram loco unico abietino umbroso cognatis praecociorem. Aug. Sept. (S&A), we discovered the rare species in one shady place, on Abies, earlier [i.e. in the year] than related [sc. species]. August. September

- [fungi] rarior in regionibus nostris praecoxque species aliquoties in sylvaticis sicciusculis, praesertim in pinetis viarum comes etc. reperta fuit. Julio, Augusto. (S&A), the species is rarer in our regions, and early-developing, it was found several times in forested places, rather dry ones, especially a troop in the Pineta [i.e. Pine associations] of road-sides, etc. In July, August.

- [fungi] loca amat graminosa humidiuscula pratorum aeque ac sylvarum, quae minime rarus passim colit praecocior praesertim — a Junio in Septembris finem. (S&A), it loves grassy, somewhat moister places equally of meadows as of woods, which [sc. places] it inhabits everywhere, the least rarely, chiefly earlier-developing - from June into the end of September.

- [fungi] praecociorem habuimus [var.B], ineunte Septembri (S&A), [the var. B] we have taken earlier, with September coming in [i.e. at the beginning of September].

- [fungi] caespites hujus hinc inde in nemorosis obvii truncos vetustos semiputridos praesertim betulinos incolunt, praecoces, vigentes Junio et seqq. usque in autumnum (S&A), clumps of this here and there encountered inhabiting in groves of woods, very old, half rotted trunks, especially of Betula, early-developing, flourishing in June and the following [months] to in autumn.

- [fungi] praecox crescit in sylvaticis acerosis, solitaria. (S&A), it grows early in needle-leaved [i.e. evergreen] forested places, solitary

Anemone praecox; Carex praecox; Eriophila (Draba) praecox; Helianthemum praecox; [fungus] Pratella praecox


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