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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

peltate, “fixed to the stalk by the center, or by some point distinctly within the margin” (Lindley); shield-shaped, shieldlike, flat and attached by a stalk on the underside; “target-shaped, as a leaf attached by its lower surface to a stalk, instead of by its [bottom] margin” (Jackson): peltatus,-a,-um (adj.A), peltiformis,-e (adj.B); [> L. pelta,-ae (s.f.I), q.v.]; cf. palaceus; see shield-shaped; see shield, disc, dish;

- [Nymphaea] Herbae aquaticae, rhizomate submèrso, foliis saepissime peltatis (B&H), aquatic herbs, with a submerged rhizome, with the leaves most often peltate.

- folia ampla, saltem juniora peltata (B&H), leaves big, at least the younger peltate.

- carpellum 1, stigmate magno peltato (B&H), the carpel one, with a large peltate stigma.

- processu ad faciem interiorem plus minus hemisphaerico, peltato v. laminaeformi intra cavitatem intruso (B&H), with the process on the inner face more hemisphaeric, peltate or laminiform [i.e. blade-like], inserted within the cavity.

- drupae styli cicatrice nunc subterminali, nunc a basi parum remota notatae, endocarpio ad ventrem hemisphaerice v. peltatim intromisso (rarius plano ? [sic]) (B&H), the drupes marked sometimes with the subterminal scar of the style, sometimes from the base somewhat remote, with the endocarpium hemisphaerically or peltately inserted on the front.

- foliis subpeltatis, cordato - subrotundatis, emarginatis, tomentosis (Swartz), with the leaves nearly peltate, cordate-nearly rounded, notched [at the apex], tomentose.

- [Menispermaceae] columna staminea apice peltata (B&H), the stamineal column peltate at the apex.

- [Menispermaceae] Antherae circa apicem columnae peltatae sessiles (B&H), anthers around the apex of the column peltate, sessile.

- [Menispermaceae] antherae sessiles ad apicem peltatum rarius breviter lobatum columnae (B&H), anthers sessile at the peltate, more rarely shortly lobed apex of the column.

- [Tripterium peltatum] segmentis foliorum inferiorum peltatis.(DeCandolle), with the segments of the lower leaves peltate.

- foliis utriusque uniusve sexus peltatis (DeCandolle), with the leaves of both or of one sex peltate.

- foliis cordato-orbiculatis utrinque pubescenti-villosis, masculi peltatis , feminei palaribus, racemis masculis axillaribus geminatis pluribusve (DeCandolle), with the leaves cordate-orbiculate, on both sides pubescent-villous, of the male [sc. flowers] peltate, of the female palar [i.e. stake-like, without branches], with the male racemes axillary, paired or more.

peltatifidus,-a,-um (adj.A): peltatifid, “a peltate leaf cut into subdivisions” (Lindley).

peltato-digitatus “(obsol.) a digitate leaf with the petiole much enlarged at the setting on [i.e. attachment] of the leaflets” (Lindley).

peltate-radiate: peltate: fixed to the stalk by the center and extending out radially: peltato-radiatus,-a,-um (part.A);

- stigma sessile peltato-radiatum aut apice styli multilobum (DeCandolle), stigma sessile, peltate-radiate or with the apex of the style many-lobed.

peltiformis,-e (adj.B) “(obsol.) having simple [i.e. unbranched] veins arranged as in a peltate leaf.” (Lindley).

peltinervis,-e (adj.B), “having ribs arranged as in a peltate leaf” (Lindley).

perfoliate, “when the two basal lobes of an amplexicaul leaf are united together, so that the stem appears to pass through the substance of the leaf” (Lindley).

umbilicatus,-a,-um (adj.A), umbiliciformis,-e (adj.B): umbilicate, “the same as peltate” (Lindley); navel-like, having small central depression or hollow; also used by some authors in the sense of peltatus (Stearn).

NOTE: palaceus,-a,-um (adj.A): palaceous, margin-attached; "attached by the edge to its support, as the blade of a non-peltate leaf to its petiole or of a spade (pala) to its sleeve and handle" (Stearn); see palaceus,-a,-um (adj.A).


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