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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

partly (Engl. adv.), partially (adv.): in part, with respect to or affecting only a part rather than a whole; in some measure or degree; = partially (WIII); it is best to render by partim (adv.), ‘some’, ‘partly,’ ‘a part,’ partialiter (adv.), or by phrases as ex parte, in parte, pro parte [parte = abl.sg.]; per partes [acc. pl.], partly, partially; opp. omnino (adv.), completely, entirely; opp. totus,-a,-um (adj.A), the whole; see entirely, completely, q.v.; see slightly; see partial; see totus,-a,-um (adj.A);

- aliqua ex parte, in some part (the aliqua is ablative sg. feminine modifying parte); see aliquis, aliqua, aliquid (adj.) ‘some, any.’

- embryo exalbuminosus v. rarissime strato albuminis carnoso totus v. partim immerses (B&H), the embryo lacking albumen or very rarely with a fleshy layer of albumen all [i.e. the whole embryo] or partly immersed.

- per partes emendare aliquid, to emend something in part (partially).

- corona gynostegium exsuperans, hoc ex parte celans, corona surpassing the gynostegium, partially hiding this.

- costae trans latitudinem valvarem partim vel plene extensae, costae across the valve width partly or fully extended.

- bracteolis apicalibus tubum calycis omnino vel ex parte obtegentibus, with apical bracteoles completely or partially covering the tube of the calyx.

- rhizinis ramosis, partim deciduis, omnino papillosis, with rhizines branched, partially deciduous, completely papillose.

- corolla caerulea vel cyanea, saepe partim purpureo-suffusa, corolla caeruleous or cyaneous, often partially purple-tinged.

- plantae partim brunneolae ad purpurascentes, plants partially brownish to approaching purple.

- calyx 5-partitus, glandula 1 magna partim pedicello adnata (B&H), calyx in five parts, with one large glandule partly adnate to the pedicel.

- limbidio pervaldo, ex 2-4 stratis composito, partim bistratoso, with the limbidium very strong, composed of 2-4 layers, in part (partially) bistratose.

- Hiraea partim, Griseb. in Mart. (B&H), Hiraea partly Griseb. In Mart.

NOTE: abbreviations:

e.p. “ex parte: in part, partly; e.p., quoad spec. Jamaic. cit., in part, as to Jamaican specimen (species) cited” (Stearn).

p.p.: “pro parte: partly, in part; p. mag.p., pro magna parte, p.p. maj., pro parte majore, for the greater part; p.p.max., pro parte maxima, for the greatest part, almost entirely; p.p.min., pro parte minore, for a small part” (Stearn).

p.p. non typ.: partly but not including the type [Index Muscorum].

1. partly... partly; as well ... as...; both ... and...: qua...qua...; see qua (adv.);

- flores varicolores, qua purpurei qua flavi, flowers varicolored, both purple and yellow.

- folia qua plana qua navicularia, the leaves as well flat as boat-shaped.

- capsulis in eadem planta qua latis qua angustatis, with the capsules partly broad, partly narrowed.

- ordine diversa speciebus qua generalibus qua partialibus, with a diverse order with species as well general, as special.

- species in aliquibus locis qua inquilinae qua indigenae, the species in some places partly alien, partly indigenous.

2. partly this ... partly that ...; not only ... but at the same time: simul...simul...; see simul (adv.);

- sporis dimorphis simul vitalibus magnisque simul abortivis minoribusque, with spores of two shapes, partly living and large, partly abortive and smaller.

- species Australienses simul inquilinae in regione septentrionali simul indigenae in regione australi, Australian species not only alien in the northern region but at the same time native in the southern.

3. partim (adv.), ‘some’ ‘a part’ as a quasi substantive (Glare); partim … partim “giving more or less the sense of ‘one part … another part’ ‘some … others;’ in part this, in part that.

- partim et partim: partly one and partly the other.

- character floris masculi ex Fibraurea tinctoria deducimus, flores feminei partim ex illa partim ex specie Africana floribus umbellatis diversa, fructus ex F. hamatocarpa (B&H), the character of the male flower we derive [deduce] from Fibraurea tinctoria, the female flowers partly from that [i.e. species] partly from a different African species with umbellate flowers, the fruit from F. hamatocarpa.

- dehiscentia capsulae in speciebus nonnullis Capensibus v. Australiensibus partim septifraga partim septicida est (B&H), the dehiscence of the capsule in some species from the Cape of Good Hope or Australia is partly septifragous [i.e. breaking along the septum] partly septicidal [.e. splitting along the septum].

NOTE: the second ‘partim’ may be replaced by alius, nonnulli, etc.; see alius, alia, aliud (irregular adj.A): another, other (of several), another, i.e. different one; see nonnullus,-a,-um (adj.A), non nullus,-a,-um (adj.A): some, several; e.g. partim ... nonnullus, partly ... [but] some others ...].

NOTE: for representing partial conditions, quantities less than full or complete, or half of a volume or quality or to indicate incompletion or partialness:

In L. comp.: semi-, ‘half-’ semipellucidus, partly [i.e. half-] clear; partial-shade-loving plant: semisciophyton,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. sciophyto.

In Gk. comp: hemi-, ‘half-:’ hemiepiphyticus, partially [i.e. half-] epiphytic.

NOTE: the prefix demi- is an English prefix with the implications of semi-, and hemi-.

NOTE: the L. prefix 'sub-' added to an adjective implies 'somewhat' or ‘partially’ i.e. not fully or wholly: subrotundatus, not quite rounded, nearly rounded, as does the suffix '-iusculus,-a,-um' (adj.A) added to the stem: rotundatiusculus; somewhat or partially rounded; subvalvatus, partially valvate. This is also true for hyp-, hypo-: in Gk. comp.; see sub-, hyp-, hypo-.


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