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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

partial: partialis,-e (adj.B); “partial in botany usually means secondary, as partial involucre, Partial Peduncle, Partial Petiole and Partial Umbel; it is opposed to ‘general’” (Jackson), as the secondary branches in a paniculate inflorescence; “a secondary division; as in Umbellifers, where the umbels of the second degree bear this name” (Lindley); (in taxonomy as well as morphology) “of secondary rank” (Fernald 1950); opp. ‘general,’ i.e. prevailing; normal (Stearn 1996), opp. communis,-e (adj.B), common to all or to the whole; opp. universalis,-e (adj.B), q.v.; see special; see secondary;

- pedunculi generales pollicares, partiales paucilineares (F. Mueller), general peduncle one inch long, secondary [peduncles] a few lines long.

- pedunculi partiales 1-3-flori, bractea laterali suffulti, supra basin una cum pedicellis bracteolati, bracteolis saepissime glanduliferis v. ad glandulam reductis (B&H), secondary peduncle 1-3-flowered, subtended by a lateral bract, above the base bracteolate together with the pedicels, the bracteoles most often bearing glandules or reduced to a glandule.

- panículae terminales, pedunculi partiales basi bracteati (B&H), the panicles terminal, the secondary peduncles bracteate at the base.

- inflorescentia saepe paniculata, pedunculis partialibus umbellatis, the inflorescence often paniculate, with the secondary peduncles umbellate.

- fasciculorum rhachi nodosa sessili v. pedúnculo partiali incurvo breviter suffulta (B&H), with the rhachis of the fascicles nodose, sessile or shortly subtended by an incurved secondary peduncle.

- CHAR. Pec. [characteres peculiares] Fructific. [Fructificatio] monogamica; umbellae universalis partialisque planiusculae, in globum minime congestae (Necker), special characters: fructification monogamic; of the general and secondary umbell somewhat flat, least congested into a globe.

- panícula in axillis foliorum terminalium: pedunculis oppositis longis filiformibus; partialibus 3-floris, floribus approximatis, pedicellis brevissimis (Swartz), panicle in the axils of the terminal leaves: with the peduncles opposite, long, threadlike; secondary [panicles] with three flowers, with the flowers near one another, with the pedicels very short.

- pedunculis axillaribus terminalibusque oligocephalis, partialibus capitulo multifloro aliquoties v. multoties longioribus (F. Muller), with the peduncles axillary and terminal few-headed, the secondary [peduncles] several or many times longer than the many-flowered capitulum.

- petioli partíales saepissime 2- stipellati (B&H), the secondary petioles most often 2-stipellate.

- pedunculi partiales 1-3-flori, bractea laterali suffulti (B&H), secondary peduncles 1-3-flowered, subtended by a lateral bract.

general involucre: “that which is at the base of a compound umbel” (Jackson): involucrum (s.n.II) generale (adj.B), abl. sg. involucro generali.

partial umbel: also known as the radius,-ii (s.m.II), abl. sg. radio: a ‘ray;’ “in Umbelliferae, the partial umbel” (Stearn).

partial or secondary involucre, “that which surrounds a partial umbel” (Jackson): involucrum partiale, abl. sg. involucro partiale.

NOTE: ‘general,’ i.e. common to a genus, family, etc., ‘partial’ are ‘some’ members of a genus or family that depart from the ‘normal’ or ‘general’ or ‘typical’ character of the genus or family;’ generalis,-e (adj.B): ‘prevailing; normal’ (Stearn 1996); ‘mostly’ vs. ‘occasionally,’ generally vs. sometimes; ‘most’ or ‘mostly’ vs. ‘some’ or ‘a few;’ ‘primarily’ vs. ‘secondarily;’

- [Gitonophytum species] bractea, fructificationi subjecta, generalis & partialis; generalis polyphylla; partialis, monophylla; alia diphylla; tetraphylla & nulla (Necker), the bract, under the fructification, general [i.e. the normal for the genus] and partial [i.e. secondary in the genus]: the normal [bract] polyphyllous; the secondary [bract of some species] monophyllous; the others [in the genus] are diphyllous, tetraphyllous and none.

- [Hermas] bractea generalis, polyphylla; partialis , 2-phylla (Necker), the common bract [in the genus] polyphyllous; some are 2-phyllous.

- braclea generalis, polyphylla , minor , perfifiens, partialis , nulla. (Necker), the predominant [i.e. normal] bract is polyphyllous, smaller, persistent, in some [i.e. species], none.

- bracea generalis, polyphylla; partialis, 1-phylla plurifida (Necker), the typical bract is polyphyllous; in some 1-phyllous [i.e. monophyllous], many times divided.

- bractea, generalis & partialis: generalis, monophylla; alia, polyphylla, alia, oligophylla & nulla (Necker), the primary and secondary bract [type]: primary, monophyllous; some polyphyllous, others few-leaved and none.

NOTE: ‘common,’ shared, reciprocal: communis,-e (adj.B) may indicate ‘primary’ with ‘partial’ indicating ‘secondary:

Petiolus,-i (s.m.II) communis, abl. sg. petiolo communi: “the first and principal leaf-stalk in compound leaves; the secondary petioles are called partial” (Lindley), i.e. petiolus partialis,-e (adj.B), abl. sg. petiolo partiali.
partial, of or belonging to a part, affecting only a part: partialis,-e (adj.B), portionalis,-e (adj.B).

NOTE: it is best to render by adverbs, such as partim (adv.) or by prepositional phrases such as ex parte, in parte, pro parte; aliqua ex parte, in some part; see partly.

partial-shade-loving plant: semisciophyton,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. sciophyto.

Partial veil: “partial (or inner) veil, (of agarics), a layer of tissue joining the pileus edge to the stipe during hymenium development, which later may become an annulus or cortina; = velum (Persoon) (Ainsworth & Bisby).

- velum (s.n.II) partiale, abl. sg. velo partiali: partial veil.

- volva (s.f.I) partialis, abl. sg. volva partiali: partial veil.

- margo primo reliquiis volvae partialis albis appendiculatis armatus; the margin at first armed with the white, appendiculate, remains of the partial veil.


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