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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Paries,-etis (s.m.III), abl.sg. pariete, nom. & acc. pl. parietes, gen. pl. parietum, dat & abl. pl. parietibus: wall, as in the partitions of a house, not of a city or outdoor area; see wall; “the inside walls of anything” (Lindley); see wall;

- laminae 1-6 seriebus e cellulis laevibus flavis parietes leniter incrassatos habentibus marginatae, laminae bordered by 1-6 rows of smooth yellow cells having weakly thickened walls.

- stamina quatuor, quinque, brevissima, parieti elyticulorum affixa (Necker), the stamens four, five, very short, attached to the wall of the florets.

- stamina nulla; antherae 4, parietibus superioribus sepali insertae (Necker) stamens none; anthers 4, inserted on the upper walls of the sepal.

- paries cellularis 1.0 - 2.0 um crassus, cell walls 1.0-2.0 um thick.

- trichomata ad parietes transversos constricta, trichomes at transverse walls constricted.

- zygosporae atque aplanosporae ab gametangiis per parietes cellulosos sporangii separatae, zygospores and aplanospores separated from the gametangia by the cellulose walls of the sporangium.

- ovula in loculis solitaria a funiculo basilari pendula v. apici v. parieti loculi affìxa (B&H), ovules solitary in the locules pendulous from a basal funiculus or attached to the apex or wall of the loculus.

- ovula in carpellis 1- 2, ab apice cavitatis pendula (funiculis parietibus adnatis) (B&H), the ovules pendulous in carpels 1-2, pendulous from the apex of the cavity (with the funicles adnate to the walls).

- prope Mediolanum ubi fontis parietem domus campestris cujusdam obducit (mosses; Mueller), near Milan where it covers the wall of the well of a certain rural house.

- ovarium placentis parietalibus v. septis a latere v. prope parietes placentiferis divisum (B&H), ovary divided by the parietal placentas or with septa from the side or near the placenta-bearing walls.

- semina ad parietes laterales carpellorum adfixa (DeCandolle) seeds attached to the lateral [i.e. side] walls of the carpels.

- pulpa in sacculis innumeris e parietibus ortis reclusa (DeCandolle), the pulp stored away in countless little sacks arisen from the walls.

- semina oblonga subcurva, arillata, parietibus fructus affixa (DeCandolle), the seeds oblong, almost curved to sulcate, arillate, attached to the walls of the fruit.

- (Diderma; a slime mold] hypothallo inconspicuo; peridio triplici, pariete externo cartilaginoso, dehiscente stellato, pariete medio calcareo, saepe ad externum connato, pariete interno membranaceo, saepe ad medium connato, hypothallus inconspicuous; with the peridium triple, with the outer wall cartilaginous, upon dehiscing, stellate, with the middle wall calcareous, often fused to the outer one, with the internal wall membranaceous, often fused to the middle.

- [lichen] thecae iodo coerulescentes, intensius apice ubi paries earum est incrassatus (Nyl.), the thecae in iodine turning blue, more intensely at the apex where the wall of these is thickened.

NOTE: paries,-etis (s.m.III) pertains to the walls of houses, whereas murus is the wall of a city. In botanical applications paries is used of the walls of organs in its sense of 'partition,' but murus for ordinary architectural structures; see 'partition.'

Intergerivus,-i (s.m.II), abl. sg. intergerivo: (sc. paries,-etis (s.m.III), a partition, party-wall; of the walls of wax in a beehive (Lewis & Short)[cf. L. intergero,-ere: to place between, interpose, insert (walls)].


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