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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

nimirum (adv.) [literally ‘not wonderful, not a subject of wonder or doubt’]: (affirming strongly an (indisputable) assertion) without doubt, doubtless, doubtlessly, no wonder; certainly, surely, truly, to be sure, of course, naturally; (often ironic when a dispute or difference of opinion is indicated) doubtless, to be sure;

- nimirum haec sententia auctoris falsa est, surely this opinion of the author is false.

- [fungi] duobus hactenus locis observavimus hancce speciem: in vaporario nimirum cortice et in abietinis montosis muscosis (Schlander Berg) (S&A), up to now, this very species observed in two places: of course, on vaporarium-bark [i.e. tanner’s bark, i.e. a ‘bark-stove’] and in mossy, montane fir- [sc. locis, places] (in the Schlander Berg).

- [fungi] sententia nimirum Todeana (II, p. 7), ostiola Macrostomarum mera mucilaginis in ipso expulsu induratae esse figmenta, multis, etiamsi non in omnibus speciebus ad naturae veritatem proxime accedit (S&A), doubtless the Todean opinion (II, p. 7), that the genuine ostioles of the Macrostomae to be a creation of the hardened mucilage in the discharge itself, by many, although not by all, the species, most closely approaches to the truth of nature. [H. J. Tode, German mycologist (1733-1797)].

- [fungi] semel tantum inventa, sphaerulas nimirum aliquot solitarias circa caespitulum centralem sparsas (S&A), encountered only once, the spaerules doubtless are somewhat solitary scattered around the central clump.

- [fungi] perithecium nimirum dimidiatum, postquam laxe aliquamdiu fungillo incubuit, prorsus jam solutum ac deciduum elytrum quoddam insecti coleopteri minuti nigri solitarium amissum hinc illinc haud inepte imitatur (S&A), when the perithecium is doubtless halved, after that it lies loosely in on the fungillus for a while, when at last entirely dissolved and deciduous on this side and on that, it not ineptly resembles a kind of minute black solitary fallen elytron of a coleopteron insect.

- [fungi] porro ostiolo quodam spurio? tuberculo nimirum subcentrali (in a., quidem ac X. fagineo etiam passim, sed minus distincte, obvio) instructa (S&A), next with a kind of ostiole, perhaps spurious, certainly provided with a nearly central tubercle (encountered in [var.] a, and also Xyloma fagineum here and there, but less distincly).

- [fungi] tota quanta nimirum cellulis scatet innumeris, variae magnitudinis ac formae (S&A), the whole truly so [much] packed with innumerable cells, of different size and shape.

- [fungi] ac circa arbusculae ramificationes haerente, truncus arbusti (filum nimirum crassius simplex supra descriptum) denudatus petiolum quendam stipitemve sistit (S&A), and clinging around the branch system of the small tree [or shrub with a tree-like form], the trunk of the arbustum [i.e. the tree-like shrub] (doubtless the filament is thicker than the simple [i.e. umbranched] one described above) when bereft of leaves it consists of a petiole or a some kind of stipe [i.e. stalk].

- [fungi] colore pulveris ab argillaceo nimis abludente, laete nimirum sulphureo - flavo (S&A), with the color of the powder highly different from argillaceous [i.e. clay-colored or yellowish-brown], without a doubt a bright sulphur-yellow.

- [fungi] quarum altera species complectitur frondicolas, in arborum nimirum herbarumve frondosarum foliis aliisque partibus succulentis degentes (S&A), the other species of which embraces the leaf-dwelling ones, living on the leaves and other succulent parts of trees or doubtless herbs.

- [fungi] crescit nimirum in foliis Polygoni Convolvuli passim frequens, Aviculariae parcior (S&A), it grows frequently everywhere on the leaves of Polygonum Convolvulum, more sparingly of Avicularia.

- [fungi] infra annulum pilei margini concolor est, albescens nimirum, sed fibris rubicundis badiisve plus minus variegatus (S&A), below the annulus of the pileus, it is the same color on the margin, whitish, to be sure, but more or less variegated with ruddy or reddish-brown fibers.

- [fungi] tempus servat Cortinariis succulentis plerisque solemne, vigens nimirum a medio Septembri ad medium usque Octobrem (S&A), ordinary weather preserves Cortinarius [i.e. species], and many succulent [species] flourishing of course from the middle of September to the middle of October.

- [fungi] duobus hactenus locis observavimus hancce speciem: in vaporario nimirum cortice et in abietinis montosis muscosis (S&A), we have observed this very species in two places to date: on a steam pipe [without doubt] on bark and on mossy, montane places where firs grow [Abies]

- [fungi] ludit nimirum per varios gradus inter rufum ac cinnamomeum, squamulis saturatioribus (S&A), to be sure it varies through different degrees between rufous and cinnamon, with the small scales deeper [i.e. in these colors].

- [algae] papillae majusculae, nigrescentes, certis intervallis {distantia nimirum diametro triplo longiore) positae (Agardh), the papillae are rather large, blackish, situated at specified intervales (the distance [i.e. gap], to be sure, three times longer than the diameter).

- [algae] in structura frondium quoque differentia; stratum nimirum gelatinosum, quod totam frondem investit, est in variis speciebus plus minus conspicuum (Agardh), there is also a difference in the structure of the fronds; of course, the gelatinous layer, which covers the entire frond, is in different specimens more or less conspicuous.

- [algae] opinioni illae Rothii, quae ramenta medio articulorum affixa statuit, non possum non accedere. Constat nimirum frons filo centrali articulato singulo, cujus ex articulorum medio verticillus ramentorum egreditur (Agardh), to that opinion of Roth, which proposes that the ramenta are attached to the middle of the articules [i.e. joints], I am unable to accede. Certainly the frond consists of a single central articulated filament, from the middle of the articules of which the verticil [i.e. whorl] of ramenta issues forth.

- [fungi] ad culmos Arundinis Phragmitidis hinc inde , plerumque gregaria : per quorum (vetustorum nimirum ac emortuorum) epidermidem, bullatim protrusam secusque rimas aliquot parallelas subflexuosas ruptam (S&A), on the culms of Arundo Phragmites here and there, usually colonial; through the epidermis of which (centainly the older and dead ones) protuded like a bubble.

- praeter causas a cl. Schradero allegatas imprimis etiam var. nostra [beta beta], colore pulveris ab argillaceo nimis abludente, laete nimirum sulphureo - flavo, beyond the reasons mentioned by the distinguished Schrader, especially also our variety (beta beta], differs very much from the clayey color of the powder, certainly by the bright sulphur-yellow [color].

- [moss] THECA figuram obverse ovatam, plus vel minus oblongam, habet, circumferentia nimirum cum convexitate operculi spectata (Hedw.), the theca has an obversely ovate shape, more or less oblong, the circumference doubtless observed with the convexity of the operculum.


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