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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Membrane, a thin, soft, pliable layer, a skin: membrana,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. membrana, nom.pl. membranae, acc. pl. membranas, dat. & abl.pl. membranis [> L. membrana,-ae (s.f.I), the skin or membrane that covers parts of the body; the thin skin of plants, of snakes; parchment (i.e. a skin prepared for writing (Lewis & Short) > L. membranum, member]; see pellicle, an evident superficial membrane or epidermis; cf. hymen-, hymeno-: in Gk. comp. of a skin or membrane; membranous, skinnose; often in reference to a delicate membrane; cf. integument, skin, tunic; see epiphragm, indusium, hymenium, tympanum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. tympano; see wall; see skin; see tissue;

- membrana squamea chelydri, the scaly skin of [an amphibious] serpent.

- ad membranam peritrophicam larvarum Simuliidarum affixa, attached to the peritrophic membrane of Simuliidae larvae.

- quum e capsula disiungens ut pote membranam remanens e strato interno cellulorum compositam ad dentes peristomii affixam, when disuniting from the capsule, remaining as a membrane composed of the inner layer of cells attached to the teeth of the peristome.

- cellulae epidermales membranae capsularum incrassationibus noduliformibus localibus praeditae, epidermal cells of the membrane of the capsules provided with noduliform local thickenings.

- ciliis in membrana usque ad 1/4 dentium longitudinis exserta impositis, with cilia situated on a membrane exserted to 1/4 the length of the teeth.

- fauce nuda v. membrana annulari semi-clausa (B&H), with the throat naked or half-closed with an annular membrane.

- ínter cutem externam Leguminis, membranamque internam semina sparantem, liquor, syrupi consistentia & colore, continetur, graveolens, amarus, adstringens (Swartz), between the external skin of the legume, and the inner membrane separating the seeds, is contained a liquor, the consistency and color of syrup, strong-smelling, bitter, astringent.

- (alga) fila ex una basi plura, simplicia, curvata, rigida, coriacea, membrana crassiuscula. tenaci subopaca conflata (Agardh), the threads from many from one at the base, undivided, curved, rigid, leathery, fused with a somewhat thick tough, nearly opaque membrane.

- YMNODIPHYTUM [(H)Ymnodiphytum], a vocibus (h)ymnnOdEs, in modum membranae speciem respiciens & phyton planta derivatur (Necker), Hymnodiphytum, derived from the words hymnodes, respecting the external appearance in the manner of a membrane, and phyton, plant.

- plantae, i. e. quarum pars frucificans, membrana spathaceâ tegitur (Necker), planrs, that is of which the fruiting part is covered with a spathaceous membrane.

Epiphragm, q.v., “1. a membrane which closes the opening of the theca in Mosses; 2. a delicate membrane closing the cup-like sporophore in Nidularia” (Jackson): epiphragma,-atis (s.n.III), abl. sg. epiphragmate, nom. & acc. pl. epiphragmata; hymenium,-ii (s.n.II), abl. sg. hymenio; tympanum (s.n.II), abl. sg. tympano.

Membrane of the aperture, aperture membrane: membrana aperturae (= gen.sg. apertura), the membrane of the aperture, i.e. the part of the nexine of a pollen grain constituting the bottom of an aperture;

- membrana aperturae glabra vel granulata, membrane aperture smooth or granulate.

Basal membrane: in mosses, a membranous structure at the base of the inner peristome (endostome) of many mosses, often terminating in segments and cilia; less frequently used for the joined bases of peristome teeth;

- membrana basalis (adj.B) distincta, basal membrane distinct.

- peristomii dentes longissimi membrana basilari suffulti, the teeth of the peristome very long, supported by a basal membrane.

Gongyliferous membrane: membrana gongylifera (adj.A): the hymenium of Fungi.

Membrana peritrophica (adj.A): a chitinous tube within the cavity of the midgut of insects separating food from the lining epithelium;

- thalli in membrana peritrophica larvarum Chironomidarum affixi, thalli attached to the peritrophic membrane of Chironomidae larvae.

Lamella media (adj.A); lamella mediana (adj.A): the middle lamella, “the membrane or primary septum between any two cells” (Jackson).

Peridium, “an external coat or skin covering over the parts of reproduction, as in Lycoperdon. Also a membranous, dry receptacle, usually containing a large quantity of powder” (Lindley); (in fungi) “the wall or limiting membrane of a sporangium or other fruit-body” (Ainsworth & Bisby).

(Fungus): Membranosorus.


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