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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

lacunosus,-a,-um (adj.A): “lacunose, full of hollows or gaps, cavities; full of holes; full of ponds or sloughs; covered with depressions, pitted with shallow holes larger than those described as alveolate” (Stearn); “covered with depressions or perforated with holes” (Fernald 1950); “with deep holes or pits” (Stearn 1996); "With lumina irregular owing to deeply porose cell walls, or appearing perforate; sometimes used to refer to cells with very thick walls causing the lumina to resemble depressions or blank spaces" (C&A); (bryophytes) “perforated with holes; e.g. the surface of various thalloid liverworts” (Magill 1990); (fungi) (of the pileus or stipe) covered with pits or indentations” (S&D); pitted, (folium lacunosum) = when the raised places between the veins are on the under surface, so that the upper surface appears pitted (Willd.) [> L. lacunosus,-a,-um (adj.A), full of holes, ponds or sloughs; full of hollows, gaps or cavities]; cf. spongiosus,-a,-um (adj.A); cf. porose; see pitted;

- siliqua triangularis, pyramidata, rostrata, crassa, intus suberosa et lacunosa, basi utrinque cornuta (B&H); silique triangular, pyramidate, rostrate, thick, corky within and full of cavities (lacunae), horned at the base on both sides.

- siliqua parva, compressa, crustácea, superficie lacunosa (B&H), silique small, compressed, with a thin crust, with the surface pitted.

- albumine aequabili v. extus lacunoso (B&H), with the albumen even or the outside pitted.

- Cladonia lacunosa; lichen] similis unciali, podetiis turgidis elongatis (altitudinis saepe 4-5-pollicaris) ramosis lacunoso-inaequalibus, axillis perviis vel passim foraminibus oblongis pertusis (Nyl.), similar to [Cladonia] uncialis, with the podetia turgid, elongate (often 4-5-inches of altitude) branched, unevenly lacunose [i.e. pitted], with the axils pierced through or everywhere perforated with oblong foramina [i.e. apertures].

- [fungi] pileus parum lacunosus (S&A), pileus somewhat lacunose.

- [fungi] stipite breviore (ceterum albicante-subtomentoso caviusculo passim lacunoso) (S&A), with the stipe shorter (otherwise whitish-somewhat tomentose, somewhat hollow or everywhere lacunose [i.e. full of cavities or pits].

- [fungi] Peziza alutacea. varr. a, communis; b. vesiculosa; c. undulata: Varr. omnes tres extus furfure tenui albido conspersae. In a, exemplis minoribus mixta majora nonnulla, plus minus difformia, basi intus rugosa, extus valde lacunosa: haec gradatim transeunt in [var.] b, monstrosam, saccatam, margine varie incisam, intus colliculoso-costatam saepe pustulato-vesiculosam (S&A), all three varieties sprinkled with a thin whitish scurf. In [var.] a, some larger mixed with smaller samples, more or less deformed [i.e. not typical in shape], inside at the base rugose [i.e. wrinkled], outside strongly deeply pitted: these gradually transforming into b, strongly aberrant [i.e. monstrous], saccate, on the margin variously cut into, inside [lumpy]-ribbed [i.e. with lumpy ribs], often pustulate-vesiculose [i.e. bladdery].

- [fungi] cupula exacte digitaliformis; basi obliqua, hinc plus minus ventricosa, nonnumquam versus stipitem sublacunosa (S&A), the cupula strictly finger-shaped, oblique at the base, from this place more of less ventricose, sometimes toward the stipe nearly lacunose [i.e. deeply pitted].

- [fungi] stipite sursum incrassato sublacunoso (S&A), with the stipe upwards thickened, somewhat lacunose [i.e. pitted].

- legimus enim fungillum rarissimum in ligni semiputridi superficie lacunosa olim serra truncata (S&A), for we collected the most rare fungillus one time on the surface full of cavities of half-rotted wood cut across with a saw.

- [fungi]stipes varius, nunc totus laevis, nunc satis lacunosus (S&A), stipes various, sometimes the whole is smooth, sometimes quite lacunose [i.e. full of pits or depressions.

- [fungi] stipite (in nostra tamen magis ac pluries) sulcato-lacunoso (S&A), with the stipe (however in ours to a greater extent and more frequently) sulcate-fissured.

- [fungi] pileus crassus compactus durus, saepe inaequalis hinc inde sublacunosus, the pileus thick compact tough, often asymmetrical here and there somewhat pitted.

- [fungi] stipes saepe cavus, lacunis variis saepius profundis obsitus (S&A), the stipe often hollow, beset with various more often deep cavities.

- [mosses] peristomii dentes 16 fusci profunde bifidi, saepe ad basin lacunosi, cruribus filiformibus articulatis varioque modo simul concretis (Mueller), teeth of the peristome 16, brownish-black, deeply bifid, often at the base lacunose [i.e. with gaps or holes], with the forks filiform, jointed, and at the same time grown together in various degrees.

- [mosses] perist. dentes plus minus perfecti erecti breves pallidi linea media longitudinaliter plus minus divisi vel lacunosi obtusati angusti (Mueller), the teeth of the peristome more or less perfect [i.e. complete], erect, short, pale, more or less divided lengthwise by the median line or full of holes, nearly obtuse, narrow.

- [mosses] peristomii dentes lanceolato-subulati vix lacunosi crebrius articulati, etc. satis superque distinguunt (Austin) the teeth of the peristome lanceolate-subulate, scarcely lacunose [i.e. full of complete gaps or holes], more closely articulated, etc. distinguished [them] enough and more than enough.

- [mosses] perist. dentes lanceolato-subulati trabeculati, inter trabes singulas medias lacuna s. fissura angusta pertusi, (Mueller), the teeth of the peristome [peristomii] lanceolate-subulate, trabeculate [i.e. with projecting cross-bars], between the middle individual cross-bar pierced through with a gap or split.

gibboso-lacunosus,-a,-um (adj.A): perhaps with swellings and also depressions on a surface;

- [fungi] lateribus hinc inde subgibboso-lacunosis laeviusculis, with the sides in different directions somewhat gibbous - pitted rather smooth.

- [fungi]) lateribus hinc inde subgibbos -lacunosis laeviusculis (S&A), with the sides here and there nearly gibbous [i.e. swollen on one side]-lacunose [i.e. appearing full of hollows], somewhat smooth.

lacunoso-perforatus,-a,-um (part.A): pierced through or perforated with holes or gaps;

- [mosses] peristomii interni dentes plerumque lacunoso-perforati sine ciliis interjectis (Mueller), the teeth of the inner peristome usually lacunosely perforate, without cilia in between.

lacunoso-rimosus,-a,-um (adj.A): “ (obs.) marked by irregular cracks and excavations” (Lindley). TO DO

lacunoso-rugosus,-a,-um (adj.A): “(obs.) marked by deep broad irregular wrinkles, as the shell of the Walnut or stone of the Peach” (Lindley). TO DO

NOTE: Dotted Duct: = Bothrenchyma (Jackson), which is composed of dotted or pitted ducts or cells (Jackson): ductus,-us (s.m.IV) lacunosus (adj.A), abl.sg. ductu lacunoso; vas lacunosum, abl. sg. vas lacunoso: see duct.

Cocculus lacunosus (Menispermaceae); Cladonia lacunosa (lichen); Helvella lacunosa, a mushroom with a deeply ribbed stipe with deep gaping pits.


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