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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Iodine: iodum,-i (s.n.II), abl.sg. iodo; jodum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. jodo; [> Gk. ioeidEs, purple, violet colored > ion, the violet, + oeidEs, ‘resembling,’ from the violet-colored vapor sublimating off its shining blackish gray crystals (WIII)]; this is also the element Iodine, abbr. I;

- granulae iodo soluto madefactae vulgo colorem caeruleum ducentes, granules with dissolved iodine moistened commonly a blue color producing.

- chlor-zinc-iodine: chlorozincus,-i (s.m.II) ioduratus (adj.A).

- liquori jodi azurescens, turning blue with solution of iodine.

- staining blue with iodine: jodi ope azurescens (caerulescens, cyanescens).

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo coerulescens (Nyl.), the hymeneal gelatin turning blue in iodine.

- (lichens] gelatina hymenea iodo vinose rubens (praecedente coerulescentia) (Nyl.), the hymeneous gelatine a wine-colored red (the preceding turning blue).

- [lichen] thecae iodo coerulescentes, intensius apice ubi paries earum est incrassatus (Nyl.), the thecae in iodine turning blue, more intensely at the apex where the wall of these is thickened.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo dillute coerulescens (Nyl.) the hymenial gelatinturning pale blue in iodine.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo non colorata (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin not colored by iodine.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo non tincta (Nyl.), hymenial gelatina not tinted [i.e. turning color] in iodine.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo non vel vix (saltem leviter pro parte) coerulescens (Nyl.), hymenial gelatine not or scarcely (at least lightly in part) tinting [i.e. staining] staining blue in iodine.

- [lichen] medulla flava iodo e coeruleo obscurata (Nyl.), the medulla yellow, in iodine from a blue color darkened.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo non nisi interdum thecarum apice coerulescens (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin not except sometimes at the apex of the thecae turning blue.

- [lichen] fructus thecasporeus, gelatina hymenea iodo speciebus plurimis coerulescens vel aliis rubens (Nyl.), the fruit thecasporeous, the hymenial gelatin in many species turning blue in iodine or others turning red.

- gelatina hymenea iodo coerulescens, dein vinose rubens (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin turning blue in iodine, finally becoming a wine-colored red.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo intense coerulescens, dein violaceo- obscurata (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin in iodine intensely blue, finally violaceous-darkened.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo non tincta vel obsolete violaceo-colorata (protoplasma thecarum fulvescens) (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin in iodine not tinted or weakly violaceous-colored (the protoplasm of the thecae somewhat tawny [i.e. yellow-brown]).

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo vinose luteo-rubescens (praecedente coerulescentia obsoleta) (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin in iodine wine-colored yellowish-red (in the preceding scarcely apparent, turning blue).

- [lichen] gelatina thallina iodo sordide violacea dilute tingitur, siccata dein fulvo-rubens, quae rubescentia aqua addita evanescit (Nyl.), the thalline gelatin in iodine dirty somewhat violet dilutely [i.e. washed-out] staining, having dried finally turning fulvous-red, which reddening vanishes with the addition of water.

- [lichen] lamina tenuis thalli iodo tantum modo desiccata sanguineo-rubens, quae color aqua vel liquido qualicunque alio addito evanescit et desiccatione solum, iodo affuso, iterum adparet (Nyl.), the lamina of the thallis thin, with iodine, only a little dried out, blood-red-reddening, the color of which vanishes with water or any other liquid whatsoever and only by desiccation, with the iodine sprinkled on, does it appear a second time.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo eximie coerulescens, at in apotheciis junioribus, adhuc endocarpeis, ea non tingitur, et modo sensim, ubi initia thecarum adparent, circa thecas coerulescit. Idem in aliis speciebus hujus tribus observatur (Nyl.), hymenial gelatin in iodine exceedingly blue, but in younger apothecia, thus far endocarpean [i.e. a feature of the genus Endocarpon], this [i.e. gelatin] is not stained, and only gradually, when the initials of the thecae appear, stains blue around the thecas. The same thing in other species of this tribe is observed.

- [lichen] thallus plerumque ad maximum partem ab apotheciis obtegitur; lamina ejus tenuis iodo immersa desiccata sanguineo-rubens evadit (qui color ruber aqua vel liquido alio quocunque addito mox evanescit) (Nyl.), the thallus usually for the most part is covered over by the apothecium; its lamina is thin, when immersed in iodine, after being dried, the blood-red to red coloring disappears (which red color soon disappears with water or any other liquid whatsoever is added.

- [lichen] gelatina thallina iodo addito mox violacea tincta vel vinose rubéns, qui color siccitate disparet (Nyl.), the thalline gelatin with iodine added soon stains violaceous or vinosely reddening, which color may disappear on drying.

- [lichen] In Leptogio palmato substantia gelatinoidea thalli (lamina tenui) visa iodo saltem pro parte dilute vinose rubescit (Nyl.), in Leptogium palmatum the gelatinoid substance of the thallus (with a thin lamina) viewed with iodine, at least in part reddens a dilute wine-color.

- [lichen] gelatina hymenea iodo non colorata (nec substantia gelatinoidea thalli) (Nyl.), the hymenial gelatin in iodine not colored (nor the gelatinoid matter of the thallus).
iodine, pertaining to: iodicus,-a,-um (adj.A), jodicus,-a,-um (adj.A).


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