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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

inter (prep. with acc.):

(of space): between (as between two objects), among (as among several or many objects), in the midst of, in the middle of, surrounded by; (of time) during, within, in the course of;

- inter manus, at hand.

- inter segetes et in vineis Gallise (DeCandolle), in the midst of the corn fields and vineyards of France.

- inter segetes et in aridis Aegypti (DeCandolle), among the cornfields and in the arid places of Egypt.

- (Cyperac.) caules teretes v. compressiusculi, inter nodos saepius cavi, simplices v. ramosi (B&H), stems round or somewhat compressed, hollow between the nodes, unbranched or branched.

- Inter Horkeliam, Ivesiam et Potentillam est planta hactenus non descripta California (B&H), between Horkelia, Ivesia and Potentilla the California plant is not described until now.

- inter Fontinalem Lescurii et F. disticham intermedia, ab illo recedit gracilitate, foliis remotis angustioribus; ab hoc statura majore (Austin), intermediate between Fontinalis Lescurii and F. disticha, from that [the former] it recedes by the slenderness, by the leaves remote, narrower; from this [the latter] by the larger stature.

- partes hymeniales inter cellulas conidiogenas interspersae, hymenial elements among the conidiogenous cells interspersed.

- inter species generis Cremospermatis ramis dorsiventralibus et foliis valde disparibus distincta, among species of the genus Cremosperma distinct by the dorsiventral shoots and strongly unequal leaves.

- Nectarium: margo lúteus, 4-partitus, germen cingens. Filamenta, ínter divisuras nectarii inserta, decidua (Swartz), Nectarium: the margin yellow, 4-parted, encircling the ovary. The filaments, inserted between the divisions of the nectarium, deciduous.

(of time): within, in the course of, during, 'at' or 'by;' = intra (prep. + acc.);

- inter haec; inter quae: ‘during this,’ ‘during which,’ = meanwhile.

- inter noctem, during the night, by night.

- inter anthesin, during anthesis (period of flowering), at anthesis.

- inter horam tertiam et quartam, within (during) or at the time between the third and fourth hour.

‘inter se,’ ‘inter sese:’ (a notation that includes both the singular and plural) means ‘between’ or ‘among themselves’ and is often associated with a plural object subjected to a common verb or adjective; it may also be translated as ‘together;’ associated with verbs of uniting or joining ‘themselves together’ or differing between themselves; between each other, to each other; reciprocally, mutually, among themselves, one another; 'se' is the acc. and abl. of sui, q.v.; usually translated in the plural;

- [fungi] sphaerulae inter se junctae videntur (S&A), the sphaerules appear jointed together.

- genera inter sibi similia, the genera similar to one another.

- genera inter sibi differentia, the genera differing between each other.

- appendiculis inter se adhaerentibus, with appendages adhering to one another.

- species 3, quarum 2 Novozelandicae inter se dissimiles, species 3, of which 2 of New Zealand are dissimilar to one another.

- genus vix magis a Buckinghamia differt quam sectiones Grevilleae inter se (B&H), a genus scarcely more different from Buckinghamia than the sections of Grevillea between themselves [to each other].

- viscidiis inter se prope continuis (prope contingentibus), with the viscidia almost touching each other.

- [mosses] congeneres inter sese affinissimi e foliis atque thecis hic et illic Timmias referentes (C. Mueller), the congeners [i.e. members of the same genus] are very closely related to one another, resembling in this and that the Timmias, from the leaves to the thecae.

- membrana hyalina in cilia numerosa filiformia nodosa valde appendiculata vel rugulosa, initio inter se anastomosantia, dein libera, producta (C. Mueller), hyaline membranes extended into numerous filiform, nodose, strongly appendiculate or somewhat wrinkled cilia, from the beginning anastomosing [i.e.reticulately joined] to one another, finally free [i.e. separate].

NOTE: intra (prep. with acc.) indicates 'within:' intra nodem, within the nodes, inter nodem, between the nodes.
inter (adv. rarely used): in between, in the midst.


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