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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

Indusium, “the membranous cover that overlies or underlies the spore-cases of Ferns. (obsol.) the annulus of some Fungals” (Lindley); 1) an outgrowth of the leaf which covers the sori in many ferns, 2) in the Goodeniaceae, a cuplike fringe of collecting hairs surrounding the stigma, 3) the annulus in some fungi, especially when skirtlike, as in the genus Dictyophora; “the proper (often shield-shaped) covering of the sorus or fruit-dot in Ferns” (Fernald 1950); the indusium “cover; (of phalloids), a net-like structure hanging from the top of the stipe under the pileus” (Ainsworth & Bisby): indusium,-ii (s.n.II), abl.sg. indusio, nom. & acc. pl. indusia, dat. & abl. pl. indusiis [ > L. a woman's undergarment, tunic; underwear]; see pseudoindusium,-ii (s.n.II); see also tegumentum,-i (s.n.II) abl.sg. tegumento, nom. & acc. pl. tegumenta, dat. & abl.pl. tegumentis;

- (fern) sori indusiati; indusia hemiteliiformia, dorso costulam tangentia, sori indusiate; indusia like those of Hemitelia, at the back touching the costule.

- (fern) sori inframediani, secus costulam dispositi; indusia inconspicua squamiformia, the sori below the middle, arranged along the costule; the indusia inconspicuous, like a scale.

- (fern) sori supramediani, paraphysibus inconspicuis; indusia nulla, the sori above the middle, with paraphyses inconspicuous; indusia none.

- indusio crasso glanduloso evalvi indehiscente, verosimiliter pro toro continuato habendo (DeCandolle), with the indusium thick, glandulose, lacking valves, irregularly dehiscing, most likely taken for the prolonged [connected] torus [Aurantiaceae].

- arbores aut frutices fere omnes glaberrimae, in foliis, calycibus, petalis, stam. filamentis, fructus indusio et cotyledonibus glandulis vesicularibus oleo volatili foetis instructae (DeCandolle), trees or shrubs almost all very glabrous, provided with leaves, calyces, petals, filaments of the stamens, the indusium of the fruit and the cotyledons with vesicular glandules full of a volatile oil [Aurantiaceae].

- indusio praeter os brevissimo-ciliatum glabro, germine ovato biovulato paene unicellulari, seminibus plañís apteris (F. Mueller), with the indusium except for the very short-ciliate mouth, glabrous, with the ovary ovate, biovulate, almost unicellular, with the seeds flat, wingless.

- stigma ex indusio exsertum breviter bilobum. Cilia indusii indivisi alba. Filamenta glabra (F.Mueller), the stigma exserted from the indusium shortly bilobed. The cilia of the indusium undivided, white. FIlaments glabrous [Goodenia stenophylla].

- stylo pube brevi decolore hirtello, indusio praeter os breviter ciliatum glabro (F. Mueller), with the style hirtellous with a short, discolored pubescence, with the indusium glabrous except for the shortly ciliate mouth [i.e. opening] [Goodenia].

- stylus albo-villosulus. Indusium subviolaceum dense ciliatum praeter basin subglabrum (F. Mueller), the style white-villosulous. The indusium nearly violet, densely ciliate nearly glabrous except for the base [Goodenia].

- indusium leviter flexuosum. Antherae glabrae (F. Mueller), the indusium lightly flexuose. The anthers glabrous [Goodenia].

- stylo dense indusio parce albo-villoso (F. Mueller), with the style densely, with the indusium sparingly white-villous.

- stylus cum indusio 3mm longus, the style together with the indusium 3 mm. long.

Involucrum,-i (s.n.II), abl. sg. involucro: “the indusium of Ferns” (Jackson).

NOTE: flores auriculis ad basin labii superi conspicuis indusium ante anthesin includentibus, quae in Dampiera Linschotenii paracorollae nomine signabantur (F. Mueller), the flowers with conspicuous auricles at the base of the upper lip [labium], included [enclosed] before the period of flowering, which in Dampiera linschotenii are designated with the name ‘paracorolla’ [Goodenoviaceae].

NOTE: an indusium is a cover that is worn or borne underneath (i.e. within) an over-mantle, or below (under) a structure.

NOTE: membrane, a little skin; membranula “(obsol.) the indusium of Ferns” (Lindley): membranula,-ae (s.f.I), abl. sg. membranula.

NOTE: Buckler fern, a shield fern (Dryopteris), with round sori centrally attached to the vains, naked or covered by a reniform to orbicular indusium with a marginal sinus (Fernald 1950); the ‘shield’ is probably the indusium covering the sorus.


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