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A Grammatical Dictionary of Botanical Latin

incumbent, “said of an embryo when its radicle is folded down upon the back of the cotyledons” (Lindley); leaning or resting upon, folded inwards and lying upon; (of cotyledons) “lying with the back of one against the radicle” (Fernald 1950); "used of cotyledons having the radicle resting on one side of a cotyledon instead of along the edge;” “lying upon or apposed to -- used either of cotyledons folded so that the hypocotyl is applied [placed in contact] to the back of one of them, or of an anther lying against the side of a filament but attached at only one point; superimposed, overlying, as in geologic strata” (WIII): incumbens,-entis (part.B) [> L. incumbo,-cubui,-cubitum, 3., to lie upon, recline or lean upon, to lie down onor upon]; see notorhizal; cf. accumbent, lying along or against another body, as cotyledons lying against the radicle along one edge;’ see procumbens,-entis (part.B); see conduplicate, folded together lengthwise along the middle; cf. appressus,-a,-um (part.A), which (as of leaves) implies lying closer and flatter against than ‘incumbent;’

- folia basi lobato-cordata, ampiexicaulia, lobis incumbentibus, ut caulis quasi perfoliatus (Swartz), leaves at the base lobed like a heart, amplexicaul [i.e. clasping the stem], with the lobes superposed, as though the stem were perfoliate.

- cotyledones incumbentes, cotyledons incumbent, i.e. cotyledons lying against the radicle along the back of one of the cotyledons.

- cotyledones accumbentes, rarissime incumbentes (B&H), the cotyledones accumbent [i.e. having their edges folded against the hypocotyl], very rarely incumbent.

- (fungus) Hysterium mytilinum. Mytili cujusdam aliaeve conchae valvas ambas sibi incumbentes egregie refert (S&A), it follows remarkably from both valves of a certain mussel or other shell-fish, lying upon itself.

- (fungus) membranam pellucidam, ex argenteo cinerascentem, planam, ligno incumbentem (S&A), the membrane pellucid, from silver to grayish, flat, resting on wood.

- (fungus) nunc pendula, nunc ligno incumbens ac subirrepens, sometimes pendulous, sometimes resting on wood and somewhat creeping into it.

- fructu oblongo, jugis filformibus obtusiusculis, stylis deflexis stylopodio incumbentibus eoque paulo longioribus (Boissier) [Umbelliferae], with the fruit oblong, with the ridges filiform, somewhat obtuse, with the styles deflexed resting on the stylopodium and somewhat longer than it.

- foliis peltatis, basi bilobis, lobis incumbentibns (DeCandolle), with the leaves peltate, at the base bi-lobed, with the lobes folded inwards [Nymphaea scutifolia].

- cotyledones plana, incumbentes, septo parallelae(DeCandolle), the cotyledones flat, incumbent, parallel to the septum.

- Cotyledones planae, incumbentes, interdum obliquae (DeCandolle), the cotyledones flat, incumbent, sometimes oblique [i.e. unequal-sided, or slanting].

- cum radicula dorso cotyledonum incumbit tunc cotyledones incumbentes ( o || ) dicuntur (DeCandolle), when the radicle rests on the back of the cotyledons, then the cotyledons are called incumbent [symbol:] ( o || ); see cotyledon.

- (moss) folia margine reflexa, siccitate dextrorsum spiraliter incumbentia (Mueller), leaves reflexed at the margin, in the dried state rightwardly [i.e. twisted to the right as viewed from the side] spirally incumbent [i.e. superimposed].

- (moss) folia caulina sicca erecto- incumbentia subappressa, madefacta patentia (Mueller), stem leaves, dry erect- somewhat superimposed [i.e. lying upon one another], nearly appressed; when wetted spreading.

- (moss) folia caulina erecto-patentia substricta, sicca apice incumbentia (Mueller), stem leaves erect-spreading, nearly straight, when dry incumbent [i.e. superimposed] at the apex.

- (moss) folia caulina sicca incumbentia, madefacta patentia (Mueller), stem leaves when dry incumbent [i.e. lying upon one another], when wetted, spreading.

accumbens,-entis (part.B): accumbent, “lying against anything, in distinction to incumbent, or lying upon” (Lindley).


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